World’s Top 10 Fastest Trains in 2023

Time Of Info By TOI Desk Report   February 12, 2022   Update on : January 6, 2023

World’s Top 10 Fastest Trains, ICE 3 train
High-speed electric multiple unit ICE 3 train, Germany. Photo collected from Vectron X4E, Flickr.

Due to the adverse impact of the global climate change, people now have brought a change in their habit of traveling on airways and reduced airway travel on short-haul routes. The people in Scandinavian countries are now traveling by speedy trains in internal movement instead of airplane. And these high-speed trains will be used for a distance of more than one thousand kilometers.

After the 1980, many countries in the world have spent tens of thousands of dollars to make the railway sector more speedy and comfortable than airplane. Meanwhile, many countries in Europe and Asia are engaged in working tirelessly to make the effort successful.

China, one of the world’s superpowers in terms of atomic power, has been working to bring 38,000 kilometers of way under railway connectivity. Its plan is to set up railway connectivity in every area. 

Work is underway to establish rail links in Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium, and England by 2030.

Africa first launched the high-speed train connection in 2018 and it has introduced a high-speed railway called Al Boraq from Morocco to Egypt.

Meanwhile, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Russia, India, Thailand, and the United States have undertaken initiatives to boost railway communications instead of airway.

These countries are going to build high-speed railways for their important easy travel. And the speed of the trains will be 250 kilometers per hour. You can also read more about the top 10 Scientific Innovations in 2021.

People of many countries in the world will get the opportunity to travel by the supper speedy train by 2022. Let’s take a look at some of the high-speed trains those are going to be launched in the current year.

Top 10 Fastest Trains in the World in 2023

1. Shanghai maglev

Shanghai maglev

High-speed Shanghai Maglev train in China

China currently has the fastest train in the world. China built the railway using magnetic levitation a German technology. The speed of this train is 460 kilometers per hour. Only seven and a half minutes will need to travel 30 kilometers way by the train. Now China is planning to increase the speed of the train to 600 kilometers per hour. 

2. CR400 Fuxing

CR400 Fuxing

China CR400 Fuxing High-Speed Bullet Train. Photo collected from Howard Pulling, Flickr.

It is among the world’s fastest and high speed train in regular service, having the operating speed of the train is 350 kilometers per hour. The train travels at the highest speed. China is hatching an effort to the speed of the train 420 kilometers per hour. China took technical assistance to build the train from Europe and Japan.

3. ICE 3

ICE 3 train

High-speed electric multiple unit ICE 3 train, Germany. Photo collected from Vectron X4E, Flickr.

ICE 3 or Intercity-Express 3, is a high-speed electric multiple unit train. The train made in Germany is run by Deutsche Bahn.

The speed of this train is 330 kilometers per hour. The Germans have been using this train for internal communication. At present, the horsepower of the machine of the electric train is 11 thousand.

4. TGV

tgv train

TGV Train

The TGV is an intercity high-speed rail service run by SNCF. The SNCF is a national state-owned railway company of France which was founded in 1938.  It began work on the building of the train from 1966 to 1974 and then presented the project to President Georges Pompidou who approved it.

The speed of this train is 320 kilometers per hour. This train runs between neighboring countries including Germany, Switzerland, and Spain.

5. JR East E5

JR East E5 Train

JR East E5 Train

Japan first came up with the idea of operating a high-speed train in 1964. The JR East E5 train is an outcome of the idea. It is the H5 series and related E5 series high-speed train built by Kawasaki and Hitachi, heavy industries in Japan. The speed of this Japan-made tent is 200 to 320 kilometers per hour.

6. Al Boraq

Al Boraq train

Africa’s fastest Al Boraq train. Duffour/Andia/Universal Images Group Editorial/Getty Images

Al Boraq is also one of the high-speed trains. Ti was launched in Morocco, an African country in 2018. The speed of the train is 198 to 320 kilometers per hour. The train has been named after the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam.

Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam travels by riding Boraq to Al-Aqsa Mosque where he leads other prophets and offers prayers here. And the train has been named in light of the spirit.

The train, the first of its kind in Africa, began its journey on November 15, 2018. King Mohammed VI of Morocco inaugurated the journey after over a decade of efforts of the ONCF, the national railway company of the country.

7. AVES-103

AVES-103 Train

High-speed AVE S-103 train, Spain. Photo collected from Escursso, Flickr.

AVES-103 is a certified top speed train in the world. Spain built the high-speed AVE S-103 train. The speed of the train is 193 to 310 kilometers per hour.

The train is used for the AVE service. RENFE, state-run railway company of Spain operates the train. Siemens constructed the train.

8. KTX

KTX Train

South Korea’s KTX Train. Photo collected from Wikipedia.

KTX is a bullet train built by South Korea in 2004. The speed of this train is 190 to 305 kilometers per hour. The modern and speedy train connects Korean cities just in a few hours and offers manifold suitable paths for Korea’s citizens and tourists.

The high-speed train is a great choice for speedy and comfortable journey for visitors.

The KTX-Sancheon and KTX high-speed trains are run by Korail, the Korea Railroad Corporation, branded as KORAIL. It is also the South Korea’s national railway operator.

The KTX offers two car class types –one economy class seats and other one is 1st class seats.

9. Trenitalia ETR 1000

Trenitalia ETR 1000 Train

Italian high-speed train Trenitalia ETR 1000. Photo collected from Márton Botond, Flickr.

It is a high-speed train operated by Italian state operator Trenitalia. It was an outcome of the efforts of a joint venture of Italian rail manufacturer multinational conglomerate Alstom and Hitachi Rail Italy.

Production work and design of the train were divided into two parts and distributed to the two partner companies. The speed of the train is 186 to 300 kilometers per hour. In 2016, Italy launched the first high-speed railway.

10. Haramain High-Speed Railway

Haramain High-Speed Railway

Saudi Arabia’s Haramain High-Speed Railway

In 2018, Saudi Arabia launched the high-speed rail. This train can carry 417 people at a time and its speed is 186 to 300 kilometers per hour.

The Al-Haramain Express Train will provide a new electric railway for passengers. The scheme plans to ensure a speedy, expedient, consistent, and secure way to travel from the holy cities of Makkah to Madinah.



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