Yep Search Engine Launched by Ahrefs, Invests $60M

Time Of Info By TOI Desk Report   June 4, 2022   Update on : June 4, 2022

Yep Search Engine

Yep is a Search Engine. It’s launched by Ahrefs that aims to compensate content authors with a 90 percent ad revenue profit share.

Search Engine Yep

Ahrefs launched on June 3, 2022, which is a search engine founded by(SEO Company).

Ahrefs has been quietly developing its own search engine, dubbed Yep, and has invested $60 million in it. It’s a totally unique adjuration, running its own search index, rather than relying on APIs from Bing or Google.

According to Yep, it employs a 90/10 profit split model, which implies that content producers will get 90% of the advertising income. On paper, income sharing seems to be a good concept, but there is no explanation as to how it would function.

The data gathered by the AhrefsBot web crawler since 2010 is what the search results are based on. You wouldn’t get any results on Yep Search Engine if you block your website from the Robotx.txt file. So you have to give permission to crawl your site to AhrefsBot through Robotx.txt.
Yep claims that it will use YeBot to crawl and index sites in the future.

Search Results Weakness

We put to the test, please check some weaknesses of Yep Search Engine.

Antediluvian Search Results:

AhrefsBot does not crawl websites for changed or updated material on a regular basis. If you look at our main picture, for example, you’ll note that the page was last edited in 2020 rather than 2022. Taking more than two years to find updated material may have a significant influence on the presentation of new content and website migration.

Local Search:

This is where Google outperforms the competition. If you’re searching for a product in your neighborhood, Google can help you find retailers that are nearby (relying on Google Maps). Yep’s local search is so bad that even putting your nation and city in the search keyword yields no results.

301 Redirects:

Yep does not respect permanent 301 redirects. It still shows outdated material. So it’s one of the old ways.

News Section:

Yep’s news section needs a lot of work or it will be removed. The news section’s search results have nothing to do with the search query.

Structured Data and Meta Tags:

Meta tags and structured data are ignored by Yep. The descriptions on the website are incorrect.

One advantage of Yep is that it is rather quick and has a simple design.

Finally, Yep’s strategy of avoiding domination by depending on search data from Google and Bing through APIs like as Yahoo, DuckDuckGo,, and others is a step in the right way. Time will tell, though, how competitive they can be.


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