5 Best Teenage Romance Movies

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Teenage Romance Movies

No one experiences love and heartbreak like the young adults or teenagers in sweet teen romantic films. It essentially is a genre that has the potential of lighting up souls and it never gets old because no matter at what stage of life we are, we can all clearly relate to those overwhelming thoughts of figuring life out and navigating romance.

These movies have been notorious for being silly. And to be very honest, sometimes they actually are, however at their core, they speak for the range of experiences of that particular age. Fortunately, as Hollywood changes for the better, we can expect more diversity to be included in teen romance films.

If you are also a fan of teenage romance movies and want to brighten up your weekends with a sweet dose of romance and comedy, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be enlisting the top five cute teen romance films that will surely end up winning your heart. So grab a cup of coffee and keep reading.

1. Clueless

The main character of this movie is a rich, social, and pretty girl named Cher who is super popular and overconfident about her abilities and personality. Seeing herself as an expert matchmaker, Cher first persuades two school professors into dating each other and then impulsively decides to give hopelessly clumsy new student Tai a completely different makeover. When Tai becomes more famous and social than her, Cher realizes that her cunning ex-stepbrother was actually right about how confused and misguided she was.

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2. Along for the Ride

This sweet teen romance movie narrates the story of a young, ambitious girl named Auden who decides to spend the entire summer before college with her father in the inactive, waterside town of Colby where she meets the love of her life. Eli and Auden enjoy a few carefree nights together and greatly enjoy each other’s company.

This movie is a perfect representation of teenage romance. If you are in the mood of watching a lighthearted movie with a sweet storyline, Along for the Ride must definitely be on your list.  

3. Candy Jar

The main character of this cute teen romantic movie is an introverted high school girl who unexpectedly falls in love with her rich debate class nemesis. This movie mainly highlights the intense rivalry between two ambitious debating champions, Lona and Bennett who initially hate each other and for all the right reasons.

They disagree with one another quite often and strive hard to prove each other wrong. However, soon this tension turns into something sweet and they both realize that they share more in common than they actually thought. Candy Jar is truly a very cute and heartwarming movie.

4. All the Bright Places

This movie is based on the novel by Jennifer Niven who very beautifully explains the concept of mental health and its effect on relationships. This movie revolves around two teenagers namely Finch and Violet who run into each other on top of their school’s bell tower.

They both are done with life and its challenges and so decide to jump off. However, things take an unexpected turn when they both start sharing their experiences and eventually save each other from doing so.

5. Tall Girl

When the tallest girl in school falls in love with a dashing foreign exchange student, she instantly becomes entangled in an astonishing love triangle and soon realizes that her insecurities have been holding her back her entire life. She finally decides to step forward and ignores all the self-doubts. She in fact adopts the attitude of self-love and becomes more confident in her skin.

She finally discovers the confidence to stand tall and embraces her true self. If you are feeling super low and are ashamed of who you are, watching this film will instantly boost your spirit and brighten up your mood.

Final Words

Romantic movies possess the ability to take you to a far-off world where there are no tensions and stresses of this world. Whenever you feel down or tense, just watch the films that we have mentioned in this article and bid farewell to all the depressing feelings.

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