5 Safety Tips for Earthquake

Time Of Info By Imran Ali   February 10, 2023   Update on : February 10, 2023

Tips for Earthquake

An earthquake is a weak to violent shaking of the ground created by the sudden development of shaking materials underneath the earth’s surface. The magnitude of an earthquake shows how much dangerous it is. Earthquake causes ground shaking, Tsunamis, landslide, fire, building collapse, and so on. There are many bad effects of a quake. It is such a natural calamity, where people become helpless. Chile experienced the most powerful earthquake (magnitude 9.5) ever in 1960. The edges of the Pacific Ocean are the most risk-prone areas for earthquakes. An earthquake does not last for more than 10 to 30 seconds. But the aftermath of an earthquake can be very disastrous. By preparing for natural earthquakes we can reduce the risk of casualties.

Let’s see five safety tips for an earthquake.

1. Stay in an open area:

You should avoid staying under any big trees or near any walls, buildings, or establishments. An open field can be a good choice to stay in for a while when you experience an earthquake. You should get down low on the ground and wait till the shaking stops. If you are outside of your home during the earthquake, stay at a place where you won’t be hit by any big structure or tree.

2. Prepare for an earthquake:

If you are staying in a risk-prone area, you should have some preparations for an earthquake. Don’t forget to keep a fire extinguisher, first aid kit, a battery-powered radio, a flashlight, and extra batteries at home. Keeping heavy objects on shelves can be dangerous during earthquakes. So, you should be careful about this matter. Don’t use a lift during an earthquake. If you are driving a car, stay inside and stop the car till the quake ends.

3. Stay inside:

If you are inside your room during an earthquake, don’t rush to go out. Try to take shelter under any heavy furniture or substance such as a table, desk, bed, or any solid furniture. You should cover your head to keep yourself safe from any falling objects. Many people think that staying under a tree is safe. But it is not. Tree branches can fall on you or trees can be uprooted and hurt you.

4. Don’t run or walk:

It is very difficult to walk or run during an earthquake. There is a possibility of being injured if you walk or run on shaking ground. Any object can fall on you if you keep moving. It is wise to stay under heavy furniture. Seek out a safe place without being panicked. It is suggested to move a few steps to a nearby safe place if possible. Don’t run here and there as it increases the risk of being hurt.

5. Avoid these things:

Stay away from glass, windows, and doors. Try to take shelter in a corner of your room. Avoid taking shelter in the kitchen. Don’t stay near any sharp objects. Switch off the gas and electricity line, if possible. Don’t panic and run to and fro. Don’t stay close to moveable items. Try to avoid using matches, candles, or any flame.



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