6 Reasons Why More Marriages are Failing

Time Of Info By Imran Ali   August 13, 2023   Update on : August 13, 2023

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It is believed that the marriage gives completeness to a relationship. It gives the assurance of trust, commitment, love, care, and so on. One gets the legal and formal recognition of a relationship with his or her partner. Many positive effects of marriage can change one’s life. Despite having several positive vibes of marriage in your life, you may feel disturbed or restless in your married life. Many people get fade up with their married life and consider it as a curse to their life. There are some reasons why more marriages are failing nowadays. Let’s see some reasons behind it.

Lack of love:

One of the key reasons for marriage failure is a lack of love. If there is no or little love in a married relationship, it will slowly but surely fail. Any relationship can hardly exist without love. It is the base of marriage. You must love your partner and express it to him or her. Can you remember when you say last – ‘I love you’ – to your partner? It is very essential in your married life. You must recall your sweet memories and love each other unconditionally. Otherwise, you will have to wistfully regret saying – gone are the days. Hopefully, you will understand before it’s too late.

Lack of care:

Care is also one of the most fundamental factors in a relationship, especially in a marriage. It is very common and expected that you will care for your partner and you will get the same in return. Although it is unconditional, it comes naturally from both the end. A woman desires the most to get a caring husband rather than anything else. The same feeling comes from a husband as well. A caring husband or wife is a blessing to the opposite partner in married life. Presently, most marriages are hampered due to the lack of care. Taking care of each other refers to your commitment and concern for each other.


Gaining your partner’s trust is very crucial in your married life. There should not be any place in your relationship for infidelity. It is appreciable if you tell your spouse that you’re thankful for having him or her in your life. However, it is more important to mean it and act accordingly. You should never intend to cheat your partner. Trust is like a flower vase made of glass. It takes time to build it but it can be broken forthwith. You must be loyal in your married life if you don’t want to ruin it.

Lack of communication:

Communication is very important for the married life. The more you communicate with your partner the more you know and let him or her know you. You should not be introverted at least in this particular issue. You must be an open book to your partner. If you hide so many things from him or her, there will be more likely a misunderstanding between you and your partner. You should communicate with your spouse clearly and openly.


All relationships mainly exist due to a firm commitment. You should be committed and loyal to your spouse in every situation. Love and mutual respect are built on commitment. Forgiveness, sacrifice, and compromise are required to be committed in your married life. Recently, most of marriages did not last long due to the lack of commitment between the partners. From the commitment, a person gets assurance and trust from his or her spouse. You should be committed to your spouse building a relationship of love and faith. It will give you the guarantee of togetherness.

Bad sex life:

Sex can be a sensitive and vital issue in marriage. A bad sex life can hamper your married life. Normally, your spouse will desire pleasure and a good sex life from you. You should try to spend quality time together. A married couple should be active and enthusiastic to create special moments and a decent sex life. They can consult with an expert if needed to get rid of any jeopardy regarding sex as it can affect married life very badly. You should focus on foreplay, sharing fantasies, liking and disliking of your spouse, etc.

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