7 Features of British Lifestyle

Time Of Info By Imran Ali   November 3, 2022   Update on : November 3, 2022

British Lifestyle

British people are well known for their traditional culture and moral values. You can easily distinguish a British person and a non-British person if you see the tradition and culture of the United Kingdom (UK). The food habit, fashion, lifestyle, parks, café, pubs and theaters made Britain especially London extraordinary than others. However, London is famous for three ‘Ws’. They are W for work, W for women and W for weather. But, actually the main features of Britons are their lifestyles. The UK is a multicultural country where all beliefs and religions are welcomed. The original Britons are very different and well-cultured. The country is a peaceful place to live in. There is hardly any chaos or riots in UK. People live there happily. Let’s see what made the place so acceptable and different than other countries.

Here are some features of the lifestyle of the people of UK.

  1. Mannerism:

The British people are very well-mannered by nature. They are famous for their discipline and politeness. The traditions of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland and the impact of the British Empire are reflected in the way of talking and lifestyle of the British people. They know the basic etiquette. They always say please when they ask someone for something. You will never see a British person asking about your salary, weight, wealth, etc. They believe that- ‘Courtesy begets courtesy.’ They maintain the queue when it is needed. They won’t hesitate to seek apology from you if they have done any mistake. If you want to see the real courtesy, you must see a British person and observe his/her manner.


The clothing culture of Britain is certainly a central feature of British life. There is no hard rule by them but they are very adaptive as they dress differently in different weather and places. Generally the Britain’s clothing has a Western influence. You can see the people around you are wearing jeans and T-shirts. But, don’t be astonished if you see many are wearing formal dresses. Although Jackets, jeans, leggings, T-shirt and long court are common, suits are also widely worn as it is considered as one of the traditional one in UK. You will often see the teenagers and youths in a casual-smart look. Overcoats and boots are very common during the winter season. The fashion of UK is very up to the mark as they have a decent sense of dressing.

Fondness of tea, coffee:

Most British people like to start their day with a hot coffee or tea. It is believed that the coffee boosts their energy to start the day with a magnetic liveliness. Costa, Starbucks, Café Nero or some other coffee shops get busy early in the morning as the Britons are fond of teas and coffees. Many people take a tea or coffee in a takeaway cup and go to his/her workplace. Moreover, reading newspaper with a coffee at the dining area of a coffee shop is a very common scenario for a British person. Many others have coffee at different times of the day.

Spending time at pubs:

Britons love to spend time at the pubs as they can drink like a thirsty camel. However, many people sit in a pub with a beer and some snacks. Friends often get together at the pubs to be tipsy and gossip. The English breakfast is very famous at the pubs where the British people often visit to have their breakfast or brunch. Pubs get busy when they are visited by the British people after work and at the weakened. Pub is a place for social gathering, relaxation and drink alcohol. It is very common among the British adults to visit pubs regularly. It is a part of their lifestyle.

Food habit:

Normally chicken, beef, pork, lamb, and fish, served with potatoes, other vegetables, etc. are considered as the staple food of the British people. Fish and chips are among the top most favorite food among the British people. Roast, steak, kidney pie, bangers, mash and shepherd’s pie are traditional British foods. As the region is a multicultural one, so the Indian, Arabian and Turkey cuisines were also included in the favorite list of the Britons. Rice or Pasta dinner is also favored by many Britons. The traditional English breakfast consists of eggs, bacon, sausages, fried bread, baked beans and mushrooms. Moreover, fruits and vegetables are very common in the daily routine of British people. They eat and drink healthy.


British people are very friendly to any new person. They welcome people without considering color, race, age, gender and so on. This attitude of Britons made the country multicultural. People from all over the world feel safe there. UK confirms a peaceful and friendly atmosphere for all. Brits have a very good sense of humor. They handle difficult situation very easily with the good sense of humor and their friendliness.

Individual liberty:

British people love freedom. They don’t like to be guided by anyone as they like to take their own decision. They love their individual liberty. British people enjoy the right to believe, act and express themselves freely. This feature has made them believe in themselves. Most British people are very creative and passionate about their work as they think freely.

There are so many features of British lifestyle which made them different than others. However, their lifestyles are ideals to many others across the world. Most people like to follow their lifestyle as they are considered as very decent.


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