Fast and Luxurious – 7 Top Supercar Rental Options in Dubai

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Supercars are some of the most exciting vehicles in the world. From their design language to the actual performance, these machines are all about wowing the user. Also, the supercar segment is contested a lot more these days than ever before. However, owning these fancy cars is becoming more difficult every year. However, supercar rental Dubai service is available whenever planning a vacation in the city.

Also, car rental companies make these exotic cars available for residents in the city and also tourists from around the world. Renting these exotic machines, you will be able to enjoy the whole feature set on offer. However, even renting these amazing machines will not be cheap at all. Several thousands of Dirhams per day will have to be spent on the best of them. Here are a few of the best supercars to rent:

1: Ferrari SF90 Stradale Rental in Dubai

Starting off, we would suggest the powerful and elegant Ferrari SF90 Stradale rental in Dubai. The hybrid supercar boasts a horsepower figure near the 1K mark. And yes, it delivers on that proudly as well. With that much power, it is no car for first-time supercar drivers. Rent the SF90 Stradale only if you have the right skills for it.

Also, the Ferrari SF90 Stradale comes with the brand’s leading luxury features as well. It is the perfect supercar rental option for amazing trips with your partner or friend. However, like any major supercar, storage will always be limited.

2: Rent the Amazing Audi R8 Spyder in Dubai

The Iron Man car, Audi R8 has always been a staple of sports luxury. Rent the Audi R8 Spyder to enjoy its top-down fun. From its looks alone, the Audi R8 Spyder is one of the best sports cars on the planet.

Also, the Audi R8 is one of the most luxurious sports cars as well. Additionally, the R8 Spyder is available at comparatively lower prices than other similar competing cars. It will provide a great value-for-money experience and a picture-perfect car for every occasion or event.

3: Make Your Dream Come True with McLaren 720S Rental

From video games to the best movie appearances, McLaren sports cars have made an image for themselves. These are dream supercars for enthusiasts around the world. This year, on your Dubai vacation, why not rent the amazing McLaren 720S?

The beautiful and powerful 720S is one of the top models from the British sports car brand. It is a fast supercar and should always be driven with extreme care. Also, the McLaren 720S is one of the more expensive supercars to rent in Dubai as well. However, the money you spend will be well justified by the overall experience of the car.

4: Luxurious Rolls Royce Dawn Hire in Dubai

Fancy super sports cars like McLarens, Ferraris, and others might not be the cup of tea for everyone. Some people still want their luxury with a supercar exotic experience. The Rolls Royce Dawn is the perfect option for such preferences. It has a powerful engine that can run the car very fast. Also, the luxury features of the iconic Rolls Royce brand are evident everywhere as well.

Storage space is intelligently integrated with smaller compartments all around the car. Also, the Rolls Royce Dawn is a convertible supercar. It is perfect for honeymoon vacations and taking amazing 360 pictures of the orange Middle Eastern sunset.

5: The Amazing Bentley Flying Spur Rental

Staying on the British supercar genre, the Bentley Flying Spur is one of the best options. Whether you want luxury, fast performance, or that iconic road presence, the Flying Spur delivers it all. It is one of the best luxury cars with a fast performance and high horsepower.

Also, the Flying Spur has the Bentley DNA. It is no small or very low-to-the-ground car at all. A short look at the car and you will be able to tell it’s a Bentley. In our opinion, it is the perfect car for honeymoon vacations and weekends with your loved ones. Bentley cars are very much like Rolls Royce in more ways than one. These are luxury cars that are made to perform on the road as well.

6: Lamborghini Huracan Rental in Dubai

From the good old days of supercar evolution, Lamborghinis have been the dream cars for enthusiasts. These Italian beasts provide some of the most exotic experiences. Get the Lamborghini Huracan rental in Dubai in your favorite color to truly enjoy the supercar genre. These supercars are equipped with the latest tech and the most powerful engines.

Also, the Huracan is Lamborghini’s finest modern supercar as well. It has come a long way from the Countach and Aventador era. There is a lot more attention to luxury for the driver and passenger as well.

7: The Majestic Porsche 911 Turbo Rental

Porsche 911 Turbo is one of the fastest supercars in the world. The British speedster is equipped with a lot of goodies in the luxury department as well. As long as you don’t expect luxury features comparable to those of a Rolls Royce, the car will not disappoint.

Whether you rent the car for a track day or a city drive, the 911 Turbo will offer a great experience. However, it is no car for the fainthearted or the ill-trained at all. Rent it only if you have good grips with supercars and Porsches in particular.

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Top Reasons to Rent Super Cars in Dubai

  • Make your supercar rental dream come true
  • Explore the city with a friend or partner
  • Impress your friends or colleagues with a supercar
  • Attend a wedding with the ultimate supercar
  • When visiting Dubai on a honeymoon trip

Bottom Line

Supercars have been the dream cars for many people around the world. Make your trip to Dubai or a local vacation much better with your favorite supercar hire service. The city offers a wide range of supercars that are available for tourists and residents.

However, most rental companies will have an age limit restriction of 25 years for these fast cars. Also, a valid driving license is required with some other documents. Rent a supercar on any weekend to make your time so much better.

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