Dozens of Chinese warplanes fly near Taiwan after US-Japan show of naval might

Time Of Info By TOI Team   January 24, 2022   Update on : January 24, 2022

Chinese airplanes fly near Taiwan

On Sunday, 39 Chinese warplanes flew into Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ). Experts believe the warplanes comprised 24 J-16 fighters, which are among China’s favored airplanes for testing Taiwan’s air defenses, ten J-10 fighters, and one nuclear-capable H-6 bomber.

The People’s Liberation Army aircrafts arrived a day after the US and Japanese navies place on a tremendous show of power in the Philippine Sea, assembling a flotilla and included two US Navy naval ships, two US landing ships, and a Japanese helicopter destroyer, which is basically a small aircraft carrier.

The drill also included two US guided-missile cruisers and five destroyers. The Philippine Sea is the territory of the Pacific Ocean east of Taiwan that is between the identity island and the US territory of Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands

Ten US Navy ships, including aircraft carriers USS Carl Vinson and USS Abraham Lincoln, took part in drills with Japan from January 17 to 22, ‘for effective deterrence and reaction,’ according to a tweet from Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force on Monday.

Taiwan is constantly threatened by invasion by China, which regards the self-governed, democratic island as part of its territory to be regained, by force if necessary.

The fourth quarter of 2021 witnessed a major increase in Chinese intrusions into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ), with the largest single-day being on October 4, when 56 Chinese airplanes entered the zone. Read more about Green Bay Packers.

The island’s defense ministry reported late Sunday that 39 Chinese airplanes had entered Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ), the second-highest number of intrusions on record, which it shares with October 2 of last year.

The Philippine Sea is situated from outside the first island chain, the seas of which are primarily controlled by China. According to Schuster, holding the US-Japan joint exercises are outside the chain revealed that there was no challenge to the Chinese territory.


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