8 Essential Tips When Buying Pearl Necklaces

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Pearl Necklaces

Pearl necklaces have been a staple in many jewelry collections for many years. When it comes to jewelry that never goes out of style, pearl necklaces are one of them. Anyone anywhere can have a pearl necklace for all occasions. You can buy pearl necklaces Australia and start your jewelry collection today. And this article will give you eight tips for purchasing pearl necklaces.

1. Style of Pearl Necklace

When buying a pearl necklace, the first thing to consider is the necklace style you want. Choose the style of pearl necklace that best complements the look you are going for. You can wear pearl necklaces to formal events or casual wear. Go for a minimalist look or a modern layered pearl necklace.

2. Necklace Length

Pearl necklaces vary from 16 inches to as long as 54 inches. The most common pearl necklace length is the classic 18-inch pearl necklace. Pearl necklaces 30 to 50 inches are often worn long or doubled up. Regardless, the pearl necklace length is a personal preference. Although shorter pearl necklaces are more common for casual wear, longer strands are best for formal wear.

3. Choose Between Natural and Cultured Pearls

There are two kinds of pearls used in jewelry, natural and cultured. These two are classified based on how they were grown. Natural pearls are grown in the wild without human intervention. Cultured pearls are grown by people who intend to use them in jewelry design. Natural pearls take longer to grow and harvest. That is where cultured pearls can meet the demand for pearls.

There used to be an abundance of natural pearls in the jewelry industry. However, natural pearls take longer to harvest, which is why natural pearl jewelry is rare nowadays. Most pearl necklaces in the market today are made from cultured pearls. Whether a pearl necklace is natural or cultured, it is still considered authentic. Natural pearls are just valued more since they are rare.

4. Type Of Pearl

There are four main types of pearls used in necklaces. Each pearl has uniqueness, size range, color, and price value. The Akoya and Freshwater pearls are the most popular pearls used in necklaces. On the other hand, the Tahitian and South Sea pearls, although lesser known, are considered exotic pearls.

The classic white pearls, popular among timeless pearl necklaces, are known as Akoya pearls. The typical Akoya pearls are perfectly round and have a bright surface with great luster. Freshwater pearls are not as round as Akoya pearls and have a softer glow on the surface. Tahitian pearls have a unique rainbow-like color and are not traditional white pearls. South Sea pearls can either be white or golden.

5. Size of Pearl

Pearl necklaces can be customized with either uniform-sized pearls or varying-sized pearls. Generally, pearl sizes range between 7.0-9.5 mm among the traditional pearl necklaces. Larger pearls are typically valued more than others. Deciding the size of a pearl necklace to buy can also influence the overall purchasing budget.

6. Pearl Grading Factors

When buying a pearl necklace, it is best to consider its quality to avoid getting ripped off. Among the different factors that affect the value of pearls are color, luster, shape symmetry, surface quality, origin, and size. The first pearl grading factor is color; a pearl is valued more if the color is natural and rare. When it comes to pearl luster, the sharper the light reflects off the pearl surface, the better.

The shape symmetry refers to the uniformity of the roundness of the pearl. Pearl necklaces with uniformly sized pearls may be valued more. Lesser inclusion means a smoother and cleaner surface, valued more in pearl necklaces. The origin and size of pearls also affect the value of pearl necklaces. Natural pearls are rarer than cultured pearls and therefore are priced more. 

7. Choose The Right Seller

Choosing the right seller to purchase pearl necklaces is vital; this can avoid overspending on lesser-quality pearls. Purchase pearl necklaces from sellers specializing in pearls with a reasonable return and exchange policy. Before purchasing pearl necklaces, it is best to research the seller and see if they are credible jewelers.

8. Set Your Budget

Knowing the style, type, quality, and seller before buying pearl necklaces can help set your budget. The pearl quality will give you a rough estimate of how much pearl necklaces are. You can also set your budget first and see what pearl necklace you can afford. Remember that each pearl type is priced differently.

Buy Your Pearl Necklace Today

Whatever pearl necklace you choose, whether it is minimalist or extravagant, pearl necklaces will remain iconic. Pearl necklaces will always be in style, so don’t hesitate to start your jewelry collection with your pearl necklace. Remember these eight tips for buying a pearl necklace to guarantee you get what your money’s worth.

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