8 Tips to Increase Your Tolerance Level

Time Of Info By Imran Ali   November 17, 2022   Update on : November 17, 2022

Tolerance Level

International Day of Tolerance is observed on November 16. Tolerance is a congenital, religious, cultural, and human concept, and the spread of its value creates peace, love, and harmony, whether between states or people or even among the people of the same country. Tolerance and forgiveness are two great qualities of human beings. You need to practice a lot if you want to become tolerant. No one likes a short-tempered person. Tolerance can bring peace and harmony to a society. Your capacity to deal with the unpleasant is a sign of tolerance. The atmosphere and your surroundings can play a vital role in being tolerant toward others. Tolerance teaches us how to deal with problems in difficult situations.

Here are some tips to increase one’s tolerance level:

  1. Be patient:

You should act patiently to deal with any problematic situation. It is unwise to react impulsively, as you can miss a good opportunity in your unnecessary rush. Tolerance gives us a better and more peaceful life. One can practice patience to increase his or her tolerance level.

  1. Mediation:

We remain very busy all the time with our daily job. We hardly make time to do meditation, which is the key to being tolerant of others. Mediation gives us the lesson of being calm. We get positive energy from meditation. Meditation will bring you peace of mind and body. It helps boost your tolerance level.

  1. Adaptation:

You should not be very rigid on any particular issue. Things will become easier if you can adapt to new things in life. Stubbornness brings nothing but damage to human beings. You need to adjust things to be more tolerant.

  1. Knowledge:

Knowledge is power. Our capacity to bear uncertainty can be enhanced by learning about it and comprehending how anxiety functions. One’s education and knowledge give him or her the ability to be tolerant in any challenging situation.

  1. Respect:

You must respect others around you, as it teaches you to be tolerant of the other people around you. Focus on respecting someone else’s right to think for themselves and to believe what they want when you disagree with their viewpoint. Don’t disrespect anyone’s thoughts, even if you don’t agree with them.

  1. Change your perspective:

You must change your negative thinking into positive thinking. If you face any difficulties in your life that are intolerable, think of any good memories. You must adopt a positive attitude rather than a depressing and discouraging one. It is very important to enhance your tolerance level.

  1. Control your ego:

You should keep your ego at a healthy level. It shouldn’t be so high that you exaggerate how important you are or so low that you let others downplay it. You must know when and how you need to control your ego. It will help you be more tolerant toward others.

  1. Be practical:

You should think practically instead of emotionally. A practical person has a good sense of priorities. Confidence and the ability to make rational decisions will make you prudent in life. You should brush aside the emotions, anger, and anxiety. Thinking practically will help you to be more tolerant toward others in real life.


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