Maximizing Sleep Quality on a Budget: Select Affordable Bedding Brands

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Affordable Bedding Brands

The average person spends between seven and nine hours a night asleep – and even more daylight hours in their bedroom dressing, relaxing, or participating in hobbies. So if this part of the home isn’t one that sparks joy and serenity, the odds are you won’t look forward to retiring there at the end of the day. Whether you struggle with regular insomnia or just want to learn to love your bedroom again, a design upgrade can be just what you need. Fortunately, Latest Bedding offers a wide selection of luxury comforter sets and home decor accessories to help your space look its best. And because the brand offers designer lines on a budget, shoppers don’t have to choose between enjoying the best-quality bedding and protecting their wallet. Keep reading to learn more about the effect of bedding on sleep and discover some of the stunning styles currently available in our online shop.

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How Bedding Impacts Sleep

You probably know that the age and quality of your mattress can have a profound effect on your ability to sleep, setting you up for success or failure throughout the work day. However, you might not be aware that other bedding items also have the potential to impact rest. Here are just a few of the factors contributing to how quickly you drift off when your head hits the pillow:


Because sheets and blankets come into regular contact with your skin, it’s crucial to choose pieces that are pleasing to the touch. After all, rough or heavy bedding can cause unpleasant side effects like rashes, acne, and skin irritation and even lead to hair loss. The result is that you toss and turn rather than resting easy. Moreover, low-quality blankets tend to be more prone to rips and pills. It’s hard to get cozy if your bedding scratches at your skin every time you switch positions. For best results, choose pieces that are made from premium materials and manufactured to last.


It’s a scientifically proven fact that the body experiences a temperature drop in preparation for sleep. To that end, bedding that’s too warm or stifling can make it difficult to fall asleep and stay that way. For the coolest and driest night’s rest, we recommend choosing Egyptian cotton sheets featuring a thread count between 200 and 800. Soft, smooth, and exceptionally breathable, these sheets allow heat and moisture to pass through. Breathable bedding is particularly essential for hot sleepers and anyone prone to night sweats. In some cases, individuals may opt to purchase two or more sets of bedding, using one for the cold weather and one when things are a bit warmer.


Of course, it’s not just practical factors that influence our ability to rest. Aesthetic elements like color, print, and pattern also impact how your bedding makes you feel. Not only do certain shades affect our mood, causing us to experience happiness, excitement, confidence, or serenity, but they can also lead to better sleep. In particular, cool colors like blue and green are associated with rest and relaxation. Perhaps due to their connection with sea and sky, these colors are known for helping individuals feel safe and calm. If you’re struggling to fall asleep at night – and waking up exhausted come morning – changing the color of your room or bedding may just be the solution.

Premium Bedding Brands at Latest Bedding

Unless you’re independently wealthy, the odds are you have a certain amount of money a year budgeted toward bedding and decor and can’t afford to go over based on a whim. While no one wants to sacrifice when it comes to quality, customers often think they have little choice when it comes to outfitting their homes. Fortunately, Latest Bedding carries top bedding brands for a lower cost. So shoppers can enjoy the materials and styles they love without breaking the bank. Here are just a few of the brands currently available in Latest Bedding’s online shop:

Bebejan product


One of the most popular bedding collections at Latest Bedding, Bebejan offers Australian bedding styles at prices that won’t break the bank. The brand has built a reputation for providing premium comforter sets crafted from 100 percent cotton. Soft and cooling, these bedding products are ideal for those residing in warmer climates as they won’t cause sleepers to overheat. Additionally, Bebejan comforters are reversible, offering plenty of versatility. Simply flip your comforter over when you feel like a change. Collections typically include two matching pillow shams and a bed skirt, though some come complete with throw pillows and bags for storage.

Waterford product


Founded in Ireland in 1783, Waterford has long enjoyed a reputation as a top supplier of crystal and barware. However, in recent years the brand has become a popular source of bedding products as well. Those seeking a more luxurious sleep experience will likely appreciate Waterford’s high-end fabrics and simple yet elegant designs. Customers can choose from an array of hues, including plenty of pleasing neutrals that go well with any bedroom.

Ann Gish Product

Ann Gish

Ann Gish’s home furnishings store may be based in the Flatiron district, but it’s not just New Yorkers who appreciate this luxury bedding brand. Around since 1991, Ann Gish is beloved for using premium fabrics and silks in its elegant designs. The result is a product line that’s been featured in film, TV, and broadway productions, as well as plenty of high-end homes around the world. Latest Bedding customers can select from an assortment of Ann Gish products, including duvet covers, coverlets, and throws.

J Queen Product

J Queen

Brands like J Queen prove that luxury and affordability can go hand in hand. Created in 2099, J Queen has earned a reputation for supplying premium comforter sets and accessories at prices that are accessible to most families. Additionally, the brand stocks an assortment of styles. Whether you prefer classic looks or contemporary, modern or beachy, the odds are good J Queen has something perfect in store. And because these bedding items are built to last, you can rest assured you’re making a strong investment in your future comfort. There’s a reason J Queen sets are referred to as functional art.

Croscill Product


Reputation is everything in the bedding world. The good news is Croscill products have been around since the 1940s, proving it’s a brand customers can trust. Originally supplying window curtains, the company now offers a wide assortment of bedroom decor in styles ranging from boho to coastal, cottage to cabin. And because the line includes comforters, pillows, shams, and other pieces, shoppers don’t have to worry about visiting multiple stores to find what they need. When you outfit your room with Croscill, you can rest assured that you’re creating a stunning space you’ll love to retreat to at the end of the day.

Donna Sharp Product

Donna Sharp

A fifth generation quilter, Donna Sharp has been supplying beloved bedding products since the 1980s. Today the company is renowned for its quilts, many of which feature rustic patterns that look as natural in a log cabin as they do a master bedroom. At once strong and durable, these beautiful quilts come in an array of on-trend colors. They’re a great choice for shoppers seeking a cozier look in this part of the home.

Pine Cone Hill Product

Pine Cone Hill

Those seeking special bedding options, including hypoallergenic and luxury collections, may want to look into pieces by Pine Cone Hill, one of the newer additions to the Latest Bedding family. Crafting quality home decor since 1994, this brand has a 30-year record of excellence. Whether you’re looking for cotton or linen bedding, down duvets, decorative pillows, or towels, Pine Cone Hill is ideal for those seeking superior products.

Ted Baker Product

Ted Baker

British fashion aficionados have long known that Ted Baker is a cut above. Offering a wide selection of menswear, womenswear, and accessories since 1988, the brand is also beloved for its unique bedding products. Celebrating life’s most joyous moment, Ted Baker pieces showcase desirable elements like digital printing and are machine washable. Check out the Latest Bedding to see some of the most exciting Ted Baker comforter sets currently available for purchase.

Togas Product


Greek-brand Togas has been a pioneer in textiles and home decor since the early 20th century. Known for creating beautiful bedding products featuring silk, cotton, and stonewashed organic linens among other elements, the brand can be found in some of the world’s finest homes and businesses. Customers can visit Latest Bedding to shop an array of Togas duvet covers and more.

Lili Alessandra Product

Lili Alessandra

Founded out of a true love for fabric and textiles, Lili Alessandra showcases European elegance in all its creations. Latest Bedding’s Lili pieces are beloved due to their use of mixed fabrics and handcrafted designs. Whether you’re looking for premium bedding or decorative pillows, we’re confident there’s a piece by this designer to spark joy.

Top Luxury Comforter Sets

The best luxury comforter sets marry form and function, featuring top-quality materials and the latest colors and styles. Whether you lean toward tried and true neutrals or prefer bolder hues, these products are sure to elevate a bedroom while keeping you relaxed and cozy. Here are some of the trending designer comforter collections currently available from Latest Bedding:

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There’s something special about flowers in the bedroom. Not only are floral prints romantic, but they’re also a great way of bringing the outdoors in. If you want to get more rest, we suggest trying out this Bebejan Bloom Purple Comforter Set. Crafted from 230 thread count 100 percent cotton, this collection features a reversible comforter with exploding blooms in plum and amethyst on the front and a neutral pattern on the back. Additionally, shoppers receive two reversible pillow shams, an embroidered decorative pillow, and a printed pillow. A bonus bag finishes off the set. Customers can purchase this set in size queen or king and launder it in the machine.

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Love all things elegant? If so, the Lysander Platinum Comforter Set may be exactly what you’re looking for. Made by Waterford, this collection boasts a classic Jacobean pattern in shades of gold and platinum over a frosty linen backdrop. It comes with two standard shams, which reverse to a linen color, and two grey Euro shams featuring a silver sculpted stripe and multi cord trim. A textured jacquard box pleat bed skirt finishes off the collection and keeps that unsightly area under the bed away from public view. Want to give your room a few finishing touches? Waterford offers a set of three matching throw pillows to complement your comforter collection.

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Those seeking a more relaxing night’s rest may be drawn to the calming beauty of the Surano Celadon Green Comforter Collection. Manufactured by J Queen, this four-piece set comes complete with an oversized comforter in celadon and green. Thanks to the unique finishing process, the bedding piece gives the appearance of an applique technique. It’s accompanied by pillow shams with hidden zippers and a tailored bedskirt with ¼-inch chenille piping. We suggest picking up a few additional Surano pieces like throw pillows and window treatments to finish off the look and turn your room into a sanctuary.

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Hot sleeper? The odds are you’ll stay cool and cozy under one of Latest Bedding’s cotton quilts. Made from 100 percent premium cotton, this set is sophisticated thanks to the neutral color palette. Made from a series of woven plaids, the set features ivory, taupe, and grey among other hues. Classic and homey, the bedding set includes geometric quilting for a more modern feel. It comes with two matching shams and is available in sizes queen and king.

5% discount code will auto-apply at check out.

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If you’re a bedding shopper on a budget, you may want to switch out a couple elements rather than redoing your room from scratch. That makes this Croscill coverlet a great option. Available in sizes queen and king, the Gema Set is garment washed to enhance the material’s natural softness. Made from 100 percent cotton with cord quilting, it’s machine washable for convenience and light enough to work well for all four seasons. Add it to your all-white bedroom or pair it with other neutrals for a look that’s as fresh as it is sophisticated.

Discover the Secrets to Style

Big box stores and boutique bedding shops have long convinced shoppers that designer products have to come with an outsized budget. The end result is that many of us are going to sleep at night in bedrooms that don’t meet our needs with regard to style, comfort, or both. Founded with the belief that everyone deserves access to Latest bedding and accessories, Latest Bedding stocks all the top bedding brands, including J Queen, Waterford, Ann Gish, Bebejan, and Donna Sharp, among others. Additionally, the company offers free standard shipping 365 days a year, so you don’t have to wait around to start sleeping easier. Ready to love your bedroom again? Shop online today and discover the difference great sleep can make in your routine.

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