Amazing French Tip Nail Designs

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French Tip Nail Designs
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The French tip nail designs are timeless and cute manicures that have no signs of getting out of fashion. There is the traditional French nail design that is liked by most people, but this is just one of the limitless ideas. You can always develop a personalized idea as long as you or your nail artist is creative enough.

Your manicure is part of your outfit and should therefore represent your personality and fit your lifestyle. You can wear the different ideas of the French manicure alternatively until you find something that eventually works for you. Below are some cute French tip nail designs.

  1. Black French Tips

Ideally, the traditional French tips are done using white polish. If you like your manicure dull, you can try this amazing idea where instead of white polish, you use black polish. Black is a bold color that gets attention to your manicure without giving a dramatic finish.

With the black French tips, you can choose to have the nails long or short, depending on your lifestyle. You can use clear nail polish for the base coat if you want a simple design and create highlights on the black tips.

You can also use a white basecoat as long as the tips are done in black. Black and white are perfect color combinations that can’t go unnoticed.

  1. White French Tips

These are the ideal traditional French tips that are a common option for people who don’t like trying new things. This traditional idea of French manicures never gets out of fashion, even if sometimes people love trying what is new.

This idea is suitable for all occasions, and you can try it on both long and short nails. For ladies who prefer what is classic and don’t like modifications to the original form, this is the best option.

White French Tips

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  1. French Tips Acrylics

Most ladies think that the idea of getting a manicure appointment is to get long nails. Getting your nails to grow really long can be an exhausting process that most people don’t like since it requires extra maintenance to prevent breaking.

If you don’t have the patience and the care it takes to grow natural nails long, you can opt for acrylic nails. Acrylic nails French tip nail designs are the solution if you want to try really long nails. For this idea, you need to visit a nail artist because the nails are almost impossible to do by yourself in the comfort of your home.

You can have the French tips done in different types of art, such as cute floral art, since the long nails give a wide surface area to try the art that you may like. You can have the base coat done in any color of your choice, but in most cases, nude is the most popular option.

French Tips Acrylics

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  1. Short French Tips

This is the ideal option if you like something simple and practical. It is a popular option since most people don’t like the limitation in activities that comes with super long nails.

For this design to be cute, you will need to do a thin white line at the tip since short nails don’t offer a big surface area to work with. Some people assume that the French manicure is only supposed to work with long nails, but this is not the case. You can choose any length you want to work as long as it is comfortable for you.

For this design, you don’t necessarily use white polish for the tips. You can use any other color of choice as long as you coordinate it well with the color of the basecoat.

  1. Pink French Manicure

This is the ideal option for lovers of pink. You can use any shade of pink on top of a less bright-colored basecoat. Pink French tip nail designs give your manicure a feminine touch and are also beautiful.

For this idea, you can shape the nails square, oval round, or coffin as long as you do the tips using pink color. You can get the nails in any length you like, and you can spice up things a little more by doing art in one of the nails or several nails alternatively. You also keep reading about 5 super cute blonde short hairstyles.


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