5 Super Cute Blonde Short Hairstyles For a Sexy New Look

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   December 30, 2022   Update on : January 21, 2023

Blonde Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyles are so much fun! And what’s even more fun is a sexy blonde look! Are you tired of your darker tresses? Do your longer locks need a trim? Why not try one of these short blonde haircuts for a sexy new look this year?

Long hair can really be a burden. Sure, it’s sexy and stylish, but it becomes a huge mess of knots and tangles after a while. You should give your hair a much-needed break. Cutting your hair short can give it new life and help repair some of the damage you have done over the years.

Following are some other reasons you should trim those tresses:

  • Short hair is cooler during the humid summer months.
  • Short hair is easier to manage.
  • Short hair is less prone to breakage, knots, and tangles.
  • Short hair can add bounce to your curly locks.
  • Short haircuts can still be worn in an updo or half updo if you get the right cut.
  • A shorter hairstyle will help add fullness to thin or fine hair.
  • Short hair is a great way to remove dead weight from thick tresses.
  • Short hair can be washed less often.
  • Short hair is sexy and sassy and can give you a new look on life!
  • You can experiment with all sorts of colors and styles with shorter locks!

Have we convinced you to chop off those locks yet? We think a shorter cut will boost your self-esteem and make you look and feel years younger!

Now, let’s talk about blondes! Do they really have more fun? Have you always wanted to find out? If you have dirty blonde hair and want to go lighter, you can opt for an all-over platinum blonde or simply get some soft blonde highlights blended in with your natural color. If you have darker hair and are ready for a change, there are plenty of ways to go blonde! You can bleach your hair and go pale blonde or opt for a stunning balayage or ombre effect. There are dozens of cute styles for short blonde hair.

Check out our top 5 looks for short hairstyles for blondes and get ready for a sexy new style!

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5 Super Girly Short Hairstyles For Blondes

  1. Braided Crown and Brown and Blonde Balayage Shoulder Length Wavy Hairstyle

This pretty braided updo is so pretty and chic if you love braids. The Bohemian style braid looks fancy, but it’s very simple and looks even prettier with some thinner twists added in,

And we think the golden blonde and light brown balayage tones only add a ton of depth and dimension to this pretty updo. Let the rest of your tresses fall into curly waves for a super chic and carefree vibe.

  1. Side Swept Platinum Blonde Wavy Choppy Asymmetrical Short Bob

Asymmetrical short bobs are so fun as they give off a carefree vibe that says you don’t take yourself too seriously. As well they can be feminine and playful. This choppy bob with layers throughout adds a lot of fullness to any hair texture. As well, the bounce curls will make your hair look fuller. And if you want a multi-tonal look, as for darker roots and undertone and pretty pale blonde highlights on top. You can style this look in a totally casual manner by brushing it over to run side and letting your curly tresses fall wherever they want. This look is so youthful and fun that you’ll feel like a younger version of yourself.

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  1. Platinum Blonde Beachy Waves with Side Swept Fringe

Are you ready to go all out, blonde? This striking shade of the palest blonde is not for the faint of heart. If you think you’ve got what it takes to rock white blonde locks, this short, shaggy wave is right up your alley. Style your bangs to one side to add body to this super sexy short style. And rock those beachy blonde waves like the blonde goddess you are inside!

  1. Blonde and Brunette Balayage Curly Half Updo for a Romantic Flair

If you are looking for a feminine and chic style for a formal event such as a wedding or dance, this style is very girly and glam. Ask your stylist for a short bob with a dark base and soft blonde highlights throughout. If you want to wear it back, you can pin chunky random pieces with hairpins and adorn them with flowers for a dainty look and feel. Lave some loose curly tendrils down to frame your face. This style is so girly and chic that you’ll feel like you’ve returned to another century!

platinum blonde waterfall braid hairstyles

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  1. Platinum Blonde Waterfall Braid for Short Hair

Another great look for those who love braided hairstyles is this waterfall braid. Waterfall braids are great as they can be worn with most hair textures and lengths. And they might seem hard, but they are actually pretty easy. Just follow any online tutorial on how to do a waterfall braid. Braid your bangs and let your hair cascade into soft waves above your shoulders. And to make it even more fun, go for the palest shade of light blonde for a striking look that’s soft and chic.

Are you ready to try one of these short hairstyles for blondes? If you think you are ready to go blonde and chop those trees, one of these styles will work for you! So get out there and take the chance on a sexy new style!


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