Around the Mediterranean in 4 Luxury Locations

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The Mediterranean is one of the world’s most glamorous destinations. Not only is the weather fair year-round, but there’s often a backdrop of stunning blue sea for visitors to enjoy. Depending on the focus of your trip, you might travel in search of culture, fine cuisine, luxury shopping, and much more.

But where you head will depend on the season—or, at least, it should. That’s because the Mediterranean is home to dozens of unique opportunities, including mountain views, idyllic beaches, and plenty of gorgeous cities overlooking the water. And while it’s hard to go wrong in this region, it’s always best to plan ahead for the weather. 

Let’s explore the region based on its most famous and extravagant locations, along with which season it’s best to target each destination.

Spring: Monaco

Monaco is the pinnacle of luxury—not just in the Mediterranean, but worldwide. And while many visitors pencil it in during the summer months, Monaco is best seen during the spring. The weather is a bit milder, and spring is also when the Monaco Grand Prix takes place. With the speeding cars comes one of the world’s most exclusive party scenes. 

Those who don’t enjoy F1 might instead target the Casino de Monte-Carlo. It’s one of Europe’s most storied and famous gaming locations—and there’s no need to go all-in on poker or figure out how to split aces in blackjack. Many stick to roulette because it’s a bit easier to understand and exciting. If you’re totally new to the roulette board layout and numbers, then learn the ropes online first. No one will know you did a bit of studying before spinning the wheel at the Monte Carlo. 

Summer: Montenegro

For centuries, Montenegro has been a summer destination for some of Europe’s most prestigious rulers. As such, it’s a great luxury stopover that offers almost endless opportunities to book a summer villa. Places like the Sveti Stefan and Villa Minocer have set up shop in the nation’s rugged and rural hills.

Other resorts, like the Regent Porto Montenegro, are a bit more urban, offering access to docks and rows of sparkling yachts. That means you can cycle between mountain resorts and luxury shopping malls. If you want to step off the map a bit and rub elbows with some of Europe’s most glamorous travelers, look no further. Given this location is still a bit ‘off the map’, you don’t have to worry about the summer tourist rush.

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Autumn: Italy

Just like Monaco, many vacationers think about scheduling their Italian getaway during the summer months. Once again, the dry summer heat can be a bit much for those hoping to enjoy a passeggiata, so it’s best to travel in autumn. In fact, regions like Tuscany are known for their beauty during the cooler fall months. 

Luxury resorts dot the picturesque countryside, offering tons of different opportunities for visitors who want to rest and rejuvenate. Best of all, it’s harvesting time for the vineyards—and all of the summer bustle has died down. Along with other regions, like the nearby Amalfi Coast and Puglia, the lack of crowds makes the entire experience feel ultra-exclusive.

Winter: Cyprus

One key reason why travelers target the Mediterranean is its warmer temperatures, especially in the late autumn and winter. Locations along the Spanish and Portuguese coasts fill up with people looking to escape a cold northern winter. For this reason, consider jet-setting over to Cyprus during the coolest months. Once again, you’ll be able to avoid the crowds for a more meaningful experience.  High-class resorts dot the island’s beautiful beaches, including places like Paphos and Latchi. However, there’s a lot more than just the coastline in Cyprus. The country is home to some of the Mediterranean’s most unique history, which can be felt in its architecture, cuisine, and customs. You’ll be able to feel the confluence of Eastern and Western cultures as you enjoy different activities. Head a bit further into the hills away from Cyprus’s cities and you’ll be treated to picturesque villages and, unsurprisingly, vineyards.

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