The Benefits of Temperature-Controlled Shipping

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Temperature-Controlled Shipping

In business, getting goods from point A to point B is a critical part of daily business operations. Shipping is not always a matter of safely loading items into a truck and transporting the products to where they need to go. Sometimes special care and equipment, such as temperature-controlled shipping is needed. Temperature-controlled shipping is a valuable tool and is critical for many industries.

Temperature-Controlled Shipping Explained

The most commonly used type of temperature control used in shipping is refrigerated shipping. It is used to protect sensitive items such as medical drugs and food from humidity and heat. Cold temperatures are used to keep the shipments safe from spoilage. Refrigerate trailers are complex tools making use of a thermostat, refrigeration, an air devilry duct, a fan, and tight sealing to prevent any leaks. Temperature-sensitive items are also specially packaged in insulation and with ice packs, dry ice, and other methods designed to keep these items cool during transportation. Due to upkeep expenses, many companies outsource their shipping needs to third-party experts for transport. However, some companies do maintain their fleet.

Items That Make Use of Temperature-Controlled Shipping

There are many types of items that need shipping with refrigeration due to temperature sensitivity. Heat and humidity can spoil or damage certain items. Items shipped via refrigerated shipping include the following.

  • Fruits and Vegetables: When shipped without refrigeration, produce will ripen or wilt too quickly, often before it reaches its final destination. Ripening fruit can heat up very quickly without proper refrigeration and keeping these items cool keeps them fresh.
  • Animal Products: refrigeration is key for shipping eggs, meat, milk, and other animal-based products. These types of goods can be highly sensitive to heat and temperature changes and have to be shipped at exactly the right temperature.
  • Pharmaceuticals: many medical products such as vaccines require refrigeration or freezing and also consistency in these exact temperatures when being transported. Too much heat or temperature fluctuations can render medical products unusable and, in some cases, dangerous.
  • Beauty Care Items: much like medical products, certain types of beauty products can become damaged or go bad if exposed to high temperatures.
  • Candles: candles need to be kept at certain temperatures because, without refrigeration, candles can very easily melt in the heat. While candles do not have to be frozen for safe transport, they do need to be kept cool.

Best Practices

Temperature control shipping can be an involved process using specific equipment. Many companies need temperature-control shipping but don’t have the resources to maintain a crew of such specialized equipment. In addition, the shipping process can be complex, requiring pre-chilling and consistent temperature to avoid any spoiling or damage to your items. By working with third-party experts, you have access to experienced professionals who can help you improve your shipping process. There are different approaches you can take to refrigeration, such as cycling or continuous cold air, and also proper packing and the best stacking patterns to keep your goods safe and properly chilled.

Final Thoughts

Temperature-controlled shipping requires careful planning and forethought to ensure everything goes as expected. This also extends to the types of goods you ship as produce and some other types of items are only available during certain seasons or other times of the year. With strict timelines being an issue, professional assistance can help make your business activities more efficient and reduce waste. By using temperature-controlled shipping, you can extend the life of your products, get them to your clients safely, and improve the reach of your sales market. If you are interested in adding temperature-controlled shipping to your supply chain, it is often a good idea for you to do so.

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