Buffalo Shooting 10 Dead and 3 Other Injured: Live updates

Time Of Info By TOI Desk Report   May 15, 2022   Update on : May 15, 2022

Buffalo shooting

Officials said a white shooter dressed in tactical gear and driven by hatred murdered 10 people and injured three others Saturday afternoon in a Buffalo, New York, supermarket.

A shooter entered the Tops grocery on Jefferson Avenue in Buffalo on Saturday and began fire, killing thirteen people. According to investigators, he went from another part of New York state, driven by racial hatred, and identified his victim as being in a primarily Black area.

As per the Associated Press, the gunshot was streamed live for at least 2 minutes on the live stream Twitch before the service cut him off.

According to Gramaglia, the assailant originally shot four individuals outside the business, three of whom died. Inside the store, a retired Buffalo police officer fired bullets at the shooter, striking him, but the bullet impacted the attacker’s bulletproof vest and had no effect, Gramaglia continued. According to the commissioner, the shooter then murdered the security guard.

The footage shows the gunman, dressed in military garb, coming up to the front of the business with a weapon on the front seat, then exiting the car, pointing the rifle towards bystanders in the parking lot, and firing fire.

The grocery is located approximately 3 miles (5 kilometers) north of downtown Buffalo in a primarily Black neighborhood. The neighboring neighborhood is mostly residential, with a Family Dollar store and a fire station next to the market.

Many people were startled that the white 18-year-old suspect had been detained rather than shot. “If he had been black, he would have been shot,” claimed one man, who identified himself as Alias John and was standing close. They would not have given him the opportunity to surrender.

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On Saturday, US President Joe Biden reveled a statement. “The first lady and I are praying for the families of the victims, and our thoughts are with the people of Buffalo.”

“We also need to discover more about the rationale for today’s shooting while law and enforcement works, and we must do everything possible to put a stop to hate-fueled domestic terrorism.”


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