CapCut Creative Suite’s Online Video Editor: Let’s Unlock This Gem!

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   November 16, 2023   Update on : November 20, 2023

CapCut Video Editor

All of us make videos throughout over lives but forget to make them stand out from the crowd. In our everyday lives, we see so many videos that instantly go viral but we never think of creating such a video. Those videos that go viral within seconds bring so many benefits for their owner/editor that you will learn later. However, the question is which editor to choose to make such a video that speaks for itself and brings greater profits?

So, the answer is to use CapCut creative suite to make incredible edits to your photos and videos. This suite which includes an online video editor, an online photo editor, lots of free personal/commercial templates, and a creative cloud, creates viral content. Later in this article, you will learn the perks of using this incredible editor to edit your photos and videos using it. So, let’s begin.

Why Use An Online Video Editor?

The most fundamental reason to use an online video editor is that it helps in drafting impressive masterpieces. An online video editor like CapCut creative suite not only allows you to make simple edits, but it supports making professional-level dramatic transformations. Such videos with dramatic transformations help in attracting more people with greater engagement and more profits. Moreover, you can make your videos speak a thousand words by making them look more aesthetically appealing and catchy. Besides, a professionally created video is the best tool to make your voice reach the world. All of these factors make it necessary to use an online video editor as a CapCut creative suite to enjoy these perks.

How to Use CapCut Creative Suite’s Online Video Editor?

Using CapCut creative suite’s online video editor is not a difficult or professional-level task. Instead, it is one of the most basic and easiest things that you can do within seconds and without any prior editing skills. Yes, this AI-based online editor makes editing videos so much easier, joyful, and quick with the following steps.

1. Create Free Account

First, it requires you to create your free user account for the CapCut creative suite ( When you visit this URL, you will see the signup for a free button at the top of the page. Click on it, fill in only the required fields without talking about your financial information, and submit the form. Verify your account and sign in to it using your registered credentials.

2. Upload any Video

Once you are on the CapCut creative suite, click on its online video editor. The new workspace will load on your screen with the upload video button. Drag and drop any video here or upload it manually using this upload button. Also, look at some of the sample videos in case you want to try the editor first with them. All of these are free to access, use, edit, and download.

3. Make Incredible Edits to the Video

After uploading the video, start editing it by using this online editor’s incredible video editing features. For example, you can click on the auto-captions generate button to create the auto-captions for your videos. Similarly, you may also click on the transitions and effects to make your videos look more professional. There are also background music options, background add/remove options, color adjustments, and much more. After making the edits, don’t forget to resize and compress your video with CapCut’s video compressor for free.

4. Export it to Your Device

In the end, finally, export and download your video to your device. As this video doesn’t contain any copyrights or watermarks on it, feel free to share it on any other site or social media. Edit more videos using this incredible CapCut creative suite’s online video editor and surprise others through your creativity.

Perks on Using CapCut Creative Suite’s Online Video Editor

After learning to use this suite, let’s also have a look at some of its perks.

● Lightweight, Yet Powerful

This CapCut creative suite is not only powerful but also very light for your device. As it is an online editor, it doesn’t overburden or heat your device’s CPU. All you need is to open any browser on your device and start using it for powerful edits.

● One-Click Background Remove

The most mesmerizing thing to notice here is that it allows you to enjoy removing your video’s background with just one click. Yes, you don’t need to go through any lengthy or hard steps but just click on the remove background button and it does this for you.

● Manual/Auto Captions

Here, you can also add captions to your videos either manually or by the editor’s one-click auto-captions button. The AI algorithms behind this editor automatically add captions to your videos on your command.

● Text Effects

To make your videos more interactive and meaningful, must use the text with effects in it. It helps the readers to better understand the video and enjoy watching it again and again.

● Add Audio

Besides, you can also add audio or any background sounds to your videos to make the viewers enjoy watching them.

● Transitions and Filters

Last but not least, there are tons of transitions, filters, and other elements to give a professional touch to your videos.


Using CapCut creative suite’s online video editor’s features and tools, you can make dramatically impressive videos. These tools and features don’t only uplift a video’s beauty and charm but also make it go viral. So, must give it a try and see the magic through your eyes.


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