Creating a Video Marketing Strategy: How to Get Started

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   February 27, 2023   Update on : May 10, 2023

Video Marketing Strategy

Whether you are a professional streamer or an aspiring video creator, you can create and edit videos and publish them easily using the right online video editor tools. There is no need to be intimidated by the idea of editing videos online. You can edit your videos online for free using reliable video editor platforms without breaking the bank.

In this article, you will learn about how to start becoming a video creator and make videos, the essential tools for video editing in 2023, and the 5 best tips for creating a video marketing strategy. Also, you will learn that you can start filming aside from the usual landscape or portrait mode on your device and rotate video online and change your portrait or vertical video to a landscape type of view to your video.

How to Start Making Videos

Step 1: Select a topic and research it.

If you think you have an idea or an interest you want to share with an audience, check out and watch other videos on YouTube that are related to your topic. Watching about 5 or more videos about your niche allows you to get more ideas and improve your existing one and you can also take note of the structure, style, length, and type of view (landscape or portrait mode), intro and outro, call to action used (like, subscribe or both), captions and titles used, etc.

Step 2: Plan ahead and determine your goal.

Just like writing content, creating a video entails planning or preparing for an outline. Before coming up with an outline or storyboard you need to determine your goal. Know the objective of creating your video/s for your audience. Does your video aim to increase awareness? Choose a goal for your video and stick to it if you want to share information or simply entertain the viewers.

Step 3: Research your keywords and be creative in your titles.

Creating catchy titles is very important to attract viewers so it is essential to use relevant keywords on your title and to ensure people are interested to read your title, make it a clear and concise headline. There are several tools online to help you generate ideas for your title.

Google Trends is a tool for keyword research to analyze search queries. It is a way to check if a topic is trending in a particular target location. You can use this to check if your topic is highly searched online. can check the readability score of your title, SEO score, and sentiment. is a tool to help you generate topics and subtopics based on what people talk about online.

Portent’s Idea Generator is a tool to help you structure your title to make it more catchy and enticing to viewers.

Creating catchy titles using creative and relevant keywords is one thing, but coming up with an aesthetic thumbnail and blue background also affects the viewer’s response by attracting attention and being more likely to have more views. Hence, it increases the click-through rate.

Step 4: Prepare your equipment to start filming.

Prepping is a must before jumping into the stage. This ensures you have the tools at hand necessary to start filming smoothly. Get your essentials:

  • phone (iPhone or Android) or DSLR camera
  • external microphone
  • lighting (indoor or outdoor or artificial lighting)
  • tripod (for securely carrying your phone/camera anywhere you go filming)
  • online video editor software

Step 5: Start filming and have fun.

Hit record and start filming. Enjoy what you’re doing and be natural. Talk to your audience as if you’re speaking to a friend and don’t be scared of making mistakes. Sometimes even if you’re reading a script, you still tend to make mistakes. Don’t worry because this is the purpose of video editing software. You can edit your work afterward and even insert transitions or make animations.

Step 6: Publish and repurpose your content

Publish your video and wait for the results–this is the most exciting part. Since content is king, ensure you reuse such quality content by sharing it to your various social media platforms: observe relevant videos of your niche and take note of what time they post and where they post their content aside from YouTube–is it Tiktok? Instagram or Facebook?

Essential Tools for Video Editing in 2023


An online video editor with a user-friendly interface and it allows you to rotate the type of view if you prefer a landscape view for your video. It is easy-to-use software and all you need is a stable internet connection and a web browser.

2. InVideo

InVideo is a cloud-based free online video editor that allows users to create professional-quality videos incredibly easily for various purposes such as marketing, social media, presentations, and more. It provides a range of easy-to-use features and tools and an intuitive user interface, to make the video creation & editing process efficient and accessible to users with different levels of expertise.

3. PowerDirector

This video editing software is recommended for beginners because of its intuitive, drag-and-drop templates features, and easy tutorials that will help you create high-quality videos.

4. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

This video editing software is the best tool for adding or photo-editing face effects for adjusting brightness, skin tone, and face width. Recommended for beginners for its flexible user interface and advanced editing features; however, it is only compatible to use with Windows.

5 Best Tips for Creating a Video Marketing Strategy

A video marketing strategy is important in planning your video content. A good video marketing strategy will help you achieve your goal to engage your audience.

●     Set your goals and know your target audience.

●     Be consistent with your branding and the message you want to impart must be clear.

●     Collaborate with influencers but spending should be within the budget.

●     Conduct A/B testing and take note of which campaigns are working and not.

●     Use insights and metrics to measure the success of each campaign–take note of which videos have a high engagement rate, many view counts, play rate, and sharing across social media platforms.


The guide to getting more views is to consider the search intent or what your audience might want to know more about. Preparing for your video marketing strategy prior to creating your videos is a good strategy to achieve your desired marketing goal: brand awareness, engagement, or increase sales.


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