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Employer of Record Mexico

Mexico is a country with a rich heritage and a rapidly growing economy. It also has a strong educational infrastructure with more than 200 universities; this makes it a good place for international teams and businesses to hire developers and other knowledge workers. Via is an excellent Employer of Record in Mexico that can help you deal with all the legal complications while hiring excellent workers. 

What are PEO and EOR?

Via can provide the services of both a Professional Employer Organization and an Employer of Record to international businesses and Teams. Both PEO and EOR primarily help international or global teams or corporations to make hiring and handling employees easier in many countries.

Global Hiring Problem

The Internet has revolutionized how we work. Previously you had to go to an office or work site to do your work; now, you can even work from the comfort of your home. Working from home is slowly becoming popular, and many companies have started hiring employees to work from home. 

So, ideally, you should be able to hire employees from outside your country, as physical location doesn’t matter when they will perform their duties using the Internet. But unfortunately, things are not so simple; international laws can be complex; every country has different labor laws. If you don’t fully understand intricate laws, you can easily make mistakes and have to pay heavy fines or incur other losses. 

A PEO or EOR can help you with this; they will deal with all the legal stuff and allow you to remain worry-free when hiring. 

Employer of Record Mexico

As mentioned before, VIA provides Employer of record service in Mexico for its international clients. Usually, if you want to recruit staff outside your own country, you need to have a local entity in that target country, something like a subsidiary, before you can hire legally. 

But if you use VIA’s Employer of Record service, you don’t have to establish a subsidiary to maintain your local presence. VIA will act as the Employer on paper for all employees you hire in Mexico, and it will help you deal with related tasks, Such as:

  • Help manage payroll, employment contracts, and employee benefits, including healthcare and pension plans, for the local staff.
  • Help navigate and file payroll taxes and deal with other HR tasks.
  • Help through the employee life cycle, from onboarding to offboarding, for all your local employees.
  • Help you Sponsor work visas and permits.

Professional Employer Organization

PEO service is slightly different than ERO; PEO doesn’t act as the employer-on-paper of your local employees. This means you need a local entity in Mexico; PEO only helps you hire and manage employees. 

How can VIA help you?

As mentioned before, VIA provides Employer of Record services; they help you deal with all the complicated labor and employment laws of various countries. Currently, they cover Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, the UK, and the USA; they have wholly owned subsidiaries in each of them. 

Their subsidiaries act as the local entities while you hire your employees. It’s like, you have a contract with VIA, and your employees have a contract with its local subsidiary in their country. So, you and your employees are connected through it; this brings a lot of advantages, such as:

  • You don’t need to spend time, effort, and money to create a local subsidiary in another just to hire some clients. This allows you to quickly hire new staff in a new country and spread your influence; it is especially helpful when testing new markets overseas. 
  • You don’t need to worry about local labor laws, as VIA has a skilled team with extensive experience in local labor laws for each country it covers. They can set you up so that you fully comply with local laws and help you whenever a problem occurs. 
  • VIA doesn’t interfere with your or your team’s work. You can manage your team however you like and keep all of your Intellectual Property; they just handle the paperwork. 
  • And you can use their platform to manage everyday local HR processes such as selecting benefits, approving payroll, managing PTO, issuing reimbursements, and managing onboarding and offboarding employees. 

VIA, Employer of Record Mexico, pricing

VIA claims to keep its pricing fair and transparent with no hidden charges. Currently, the price is $599 per month for every employee and $39 per month for every contractor, and that’s it. There are no setup fees, no foreign exchange or transaction fees, and no other fees of any kind. 

VIA also offers custom pricing for enterprises and teams bigger than 20; they likely get a discount as they have more employees. 

You can avail of these services by visiting VIA’s official website at via. work: you can find the pricing packages by clicking the “pricing” button in the header. 

How can VIA help you attract talent?

Employee benefits are one of the few key things that help you retain experts and talents. Contrary to popular belief, employee benefits are not extras or add-ons; they are not optional but must-haves if you want to build a strong and loyal team. 

So, if you provide better benefits than your competition, you can hire better employees. This might seem simple, as you just need to invest more money in employee benefits than your rivals. And if all your employees are from only one country, then it might be true. But if you have employees from multiple different countries, then it becomes complicated. Average Local benefits are different for each country, which means you can make a one size fits all package for all your staff. Because if you do so, you might spend more money than necessary and not get the expected result. 

VIA helps you ensure you provide a competitive benefits package by spending a reasonable amount of money. This can help you get the best talents in the market for your team at the least price. 

And via provide group discounts for companies that partner with it. You can select through a list of locally relevant benefits to ensure your team gets the best financial and health benefits. 

And finalizing and providing local benefits can be complicated, especially if you have employees in multiple countries. If you feel overwhelmed, you can consult the VIA specialists’ team; they can help you make better benefits decisions. The most popular and best benefits packages on VIA are as follows.

  • Workers Compensation
  • Health insurance
  • Dental and Vision
  • Equity
  • Pension and Savings Plans
  • Payroll advances and financial benefits

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is hiring remote Employees better?

When hiring someone from another country, asking them to work remotely is certainly more cost-effective as you don’t have to pay relocation expenses. And most remote workers can start working immediately after completing the necessary paperwork.

Can you hire someone living in another country?

Yes! You can; in many countries, you hire foreigners living abroad to work as remote employees; you just need to make sure you are in compliance with the local labor laws of your employee’s country. This means you need a local entity in the target country, and if you don’t have one, you have to cooperate with an Employer of Record, such as VIA.

Who do you sign a contract with when hiring Globally?

When you are cooperating with VIA, you or your company signs a professional service agreement with it, and your employees sign work agreements with its local entities in their respective countries.

How do you pay your employees and team?

VIA provides you with a single invoice that includes everything, including payroll, employment costs, and any employee benefits you select for your team.

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