Foo Fighters drummer T. Hawkins has died at the age of 50

Time Of Info By TOI Desk Report   March 26, 2022   Update on : March 26, 2022

Foo Fighters drummer T. Hawkins

Oliver Taylor Hawkins, the mega-platinum Foo Fighters’ long-serving drummer, has passed away at the age of 50 years old at the time. Hawkins’ death was announced by the band late Friday night in an online release. It did not give a reason for his death, but described it as a “tragic and untimely loss.”

The band announced in a statement that “his musical passion and contagious laughter would remain on with all of us forever.”

According to the band’s website, the band was supposed to perform in Bogotá for the Festival Estereo Picnic on Friday, followed by Lollapalooza Brasil on Sunday.

Apart from Romeo Reyes, who went from El Salvador to Bogotá to attend the event, the performance was canceled just as people were assembling around 11 p.m.

Oliver Taylor Hawkins, was born in Texas in 1972, but grown up in California, where he made his debut in music in the 1990s. In 1995, he entered Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill tour after drumming for the experimental band Sylvia and rock vocalist Sass Jordan.

He starred in several of Morissette’s music videos and went on tour with her once more. When drummer William Goldsmith departed the Foo Fighters, leader Dave Grohl contacted Hawkins to seek for a recommendation. Hawkins stepped up as a volunteer and joined the rock band in March 1997.

Hawkins is a multi-instrumentalist who has contributed vocals, guitar, and piano to a number of Foo Fighters songs. He is most known for providing lead vocals on “Cold Day in the Sun,” a song he penned that became a fan favorite during live performances.  Hawkins’ have wife, Alison, and their three children. You can also read more about Betty White Died.

The Foo Fighters will be among the acts performing at the 2022 Grammy Awards on April 3. The band has been considered for a Grammy for biggest rock performance for and also many band members, including Hawkins, have been nominated for songwriters awards for “Waiting On A War.”


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