How to Pick the Best Destiny 2 Carry Service

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Destiny 2 Carry Service

Destiny 2 is a popular online game developed by Bungie that proved itself with great content and lots of fun for many people. However, like any other MMO, this game is tightly related to experience, levels, items, and skills. As such, players must grind for hours, fight mobs, clear dungeons, and complete missions. That’s not always easy, and many look for assistance, the so-called third-party carry services. These come in many variants but essentially aim to boost people’s level, gear, and skills. This article will cover why people use such services, their benefits, and more. If you want to find out which is the best and why, read on!

Benefits of Using Destiny 2 Carry Services

If you’ve played Destiny 2, you know how challenging it can be. How difficult some encounters are, the difficulties of finding gear, and more. That’s because the game offers various demanding, time- and skill-wise activities. Therefore you may need help to dull the pain from grinding. Thus the benefit you may get are:

  • Can Solve the Issue with Impossible Missions or Dungeons

One of the best features of Destiny 2 is its difficult and engaging missions and dungeons. Such activities can be thrilling or tiring. If you are the second case, carry services can help you. By using such, you will avoid the daunting task of completing a hard quest or defeating a tiresome encounter. You won’t need to deal with team formations, communication, etc. Everything will be handled by a team of experts, sparing your time.

  • Perfect if You Need a Specific Gear

When you need a weapon or armor piece of a specific power level that is a rare drop, such services can be handy. Usually, to get a piece of rare gear, you’ll either need to do some challenging accomplishments or you’ll need lots of grinding. By using a Destiny 2 carry service, you can save time and easily get your required item.

Altogether we can say that by using Destiny 2 carry service, players can eliminate the need for grinding. This can be the primary benefit, saving you lots of time. You can focus on other in-game aspects or real-life activities by not spending days and weeks into try hard to get an item. 

Destiny 2 Carry Service

How to Get a Destiny 2 Carry Service in a Few Easy Steps

While various carry services are offered by any third parties online, the process of getting one is quite straightforward. All you need to do is start by:

1. Conduct a Research

Researching is the foremost step you must take to get the best Destiny 2 carry service. It’s required as you’ll need to find a trustworthy site. For that purpose, you can explore the internet for platforms that have:

  • professional site design
  • lots of menus, games, and carry service options
  • competitive prices
  • positive reviews

Looking at such factors and comparing them will allow you to pick a provider that suits you. Once you do, you just need to navigate to the Destiny 2 menu, find carry services, and customize the order per your requirements.

2. Discussing the Requirements

Usually, when selecting the carry services, you’ll see a menu that allows you to pick from a selection of raids. Sometimes, you’ll even find a customization option to set specific requirements. That happens by contacting the management team via a live chat or email.

It’s important to note that each has its base price. After you pick one, you can see options for customization, like adding the unlocking of secret chests, puzzles, or more. For more details or other specific requirements or prices, you can again contact the live chat support and ask them directly. Legit sites have 24/7 active ones that are always up to help.

3. Processing the Required Account Details

To get the most types of boosting and carry services in Destiny 2, you’ll need to provide certain account data. That usually includes your login credentials which will allow the carry team to play from your account and proceed with completing your order.

Note: Considering this step, it’s highly advisable to research and pick a legit platform. Beware of doing this step from third parties that are not legitime. Never contact solo boosters or other kinds of service providers.

4. Schedule the Carry Service Session

Another step to take is to schedule your carry service. That’s crucial because some raids occur at specific times, some weapons drop only during rest days, etc. That’s why setting a date with the pro player and the service managers.

5. If You Prefer Self Play

Some people prefer to join the carry by choosing the self-play option. It allows you to play your character with a team of experts who will carry the ride. Once you choose this option, you’ll need to discuss how the fights will proceed with the team, when and probably the team builds.

If you stick to these steps, you’ll be able to easily get a Destiny 2 carry service. Remember that you must look for a reputable provider. If you do, you’ll be able to easily achieve the goals you have in mind, be it a mission or a gear; they’ll be yours!


What’s the average cost of a standard Destiny 2 carry service?

The average cost depends on the goals you have in mind. The prices are different, whether it will be the King’s Fall Raid, Grandmaster Nightfall, or a Trial of Osiris carry. If we have to say, on average, the least you would pay will be around ten-plus dollars. If you add customizations or great difficulty, the raid price can jump.

Is my account safe during a Destiny 2 carry?

Yes, your account is safe as long as you rely on reputable service providers. Before you even start, they contact you to discuss the details about the usage of your account and the boost. Later they use VPN with a location within your country during the raid.

How long does a Destiny 2 carry continue?

It’s hard to mark a specific time as there are many factors like, what’s the raid, are there other requirements, and so on. But, usually, the carry service can take as little as 20 minutes to a few hours.

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