Farm Fresh Every Day: How to Pick the Right Ready-Made Chicken Coop

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Chicken Coop

Backyard chicken farming has gained popularity as more people discover the joy and benefits of having fresh eggs right at their doorstep. It’s a rewarding venture that brings a slice of farm life into your everyday routine.

This article from InTheMarket aims to guide you through the process of selecting the right ready-made chicken coop for your backyard farm. From size and design to added features, we’ll help you make an informed choice that suits both your needs and those of your feathered friends.

Advantages of a Ready-Made Coop

Choosing a ready-made chicken coop comes with several advantages that can make your venture into backyard chicken farming smoother and more enjoyable.

Time Efficiency

One of the most significant benefits of ready-made chicken coops is the time efficiency they offer. These coops are designed for quick and straightforward assembly, often requiring only basic tools. This allows you to focus more on caring for your chickens and less on construction tasks.

Quality Construction

Ready-made chicken coops are typically designed and built by professionals who understand the specific needs of chickens. This means they often come with features like proper ventilation, secure nesting areas, and predator-proof designs. These elements contribute to a safer and more comfortable environment for your chickens.

Types of Ready-Made Coops

Ready-made chicken coops come in various sizes to accommodate different flock sizes and available space. Here’s how to choose based on your specific needs.

Small Coops

Small coops are ideal for those just starting out or with limited space. They are designed to house a few chickens and often include basic features like nesting boxes and a small run. These coops are best for small flocks that don’t require much room but still need a secure and comfortable environment.

Medium Coops

Medium coops offer more space and usually come with additional features like multiple nesting boxes and larger runs. They are suitable for medium-sized flocks and can comfortably accommodate more birds without compromising on their well-being.

Large Coops

Large coops are designed for those with ample space and larger flocks. These coops often come with advanced features like separate roosting areas, multiple runs, and enhanced security measures. They provide the space needed for larger flocks to roam freely and comfortably.

Essential Features to Consider

When selecting a ready-made chicken coop, there are several essential features that should be on your checklist. These include proper ventilation, security measures, and well-designed nesting boxes.


Proper ventilation is crucial for the health of your chickens. Good airflow prevents moisture buildup, which can lead to respiratory issues and the spread of disease. Look for coops with strategically placed vents or windows that can be opened or closed as needed.


Security is a non-negotiable feature in a chicken coop. Your coop should be designed to protect against common predators like raccoons and foxes. Look for features like lockable doors, sturdy wire mesh, and predator-proof latches.

Nesting Boxes

Nesting boxes are where your hens will lay their eggs, so they need to be comfortable and secure. Ensure the coop has enough nesting boxes for your flock and that they are designed for easy access, both for the chickens and for you when collecting eggs.

Material and Durability

The material of your chicken coop not only affects its appearance but also its durability and functionality. Here’s what to consider:

Wood vs. Metal

Wooden coops offer a natural look and good insulation but may require more maintenance to prevent rot and pests. Metal coops are generally more durable and easier to clean but can get hot in the summer. Your choice will depend on your maintenance preferences and the climate in your area.

Weather Resistance

Regardless of material, your coop should be built to withstand various weather conditions. Look for features like water-resistant finishes for wooden coops or rust-resistant coatings for metal ones. Proper roofing is also essential to keep the interior dry.

Additional Amenities

Beyond the essential features, some additional amenities can enhance the comfort and well-being of your chickens, as well as your own convenience in caring for them.

Roosting Bars

Roosting bars are more than just a place for chickens to sleep; they also contribute to their overall health by keeping them off the ground, away from potential parasites. Make sure the coop you choose has adequate and well-placed roosting bars.

Feeders and Waterers

Some ready-made coops come with built-in feeders and waterers, while others have the option to attach your own. This convenience can make feeding and watering more efficient and help in keeping the coop clean.

Budget and Where to Buy

The final step in selecting your ready-made chicken coop involves understanding your budget and knowing where to make your purchase.

Cost Considerations

The cost of a ready-made chicken coop can vary significantly based on its size, material, and features. Small coops may start at around $200, while larger, feature-rich coops can go well into the thousands. Knowing your budget can help you narrow down your options.

Retail Options

You can buy ready-made chicken coops from a variety of sources. Local farm supply stores often carry a range of options, while specialized online retailers may offer a wider selection, including customization. Always check customer reviews and ratings when considering an online purchase.


Selecting the right ready-made chicken coop is a multi-faceted decision that involves considering the size of your flock, essential features like ventilation and security, and additional amenities for enhanced comfort. Material choice and durability are crucial for long-term use, while your budget and shopping options will finalize your selection. By taking these factors into account, you’re well on your way to enjoying fresh eggs every day from your own backyard farm.

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