IFVOD TV: What is It? And Why Should We Use It?

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IFVOD TV is an online video streaming platform offering thousands of movies, drama series, and documentaries. It has both vintage and modern movies and series in its content library, and you can watch any of them for free. If you are tired of paying your cable or Satellite TV bills, you can consider using WWW IFVOD TV. It provides far more content than any traditional TV and for free.


It is an app-based video streaming platform, originally for Chinese viewers. It has thousands of Chinese movies and shows available to watch at any time. IFVOD TV was launched by IFeng, a Chinese company, in 2014. And it has been developing and growing since then. Now it has millions of regular users around the globe.

Through this app, you can access over 900 of the Chinese best TV channels, where you can watch your favourite shows uninterrupted. It will completely replace your traditional cable and satellite TV, allowing you to watch any of the top Chinese channels at no cost. Keep reading to know more about Apne TV.

Features of IFVOD TV

Following are the most advantageous features of this app.

1) Ease of access

This platform’s main advantage and source of popularity is the ease of access. If you want to watch your favourite movies and dramas aired on one of the best Chinese TV channels, you can do so without hassle. You don’t have to buy a TV set or pay for a cable or satellite connection.

You only need a smartphone and a strong internet connection to enjoy most of the top Chinese TV channels. It can save the cost of buying a TV set and the monthly subscription fee of a Cable or Satellite TV connection. Here is another movie source Movierulz.

2) Huge amount of Chinese video content

As mentioned before, IFVOD TV mainly focuses on Chinese content as a Chinese company launched it for Chinese people. So, it has a vast number of Chinese movies, series, and documentaries; there is so much content that you won’t be able to watch it all. Besides movies and dramas, you can watch the latest news and sports live because its 900+ channels are not all dedicated to films and dramas, some of them also cover news, sports, talk shows, and documentaries. keep reading about FMovies.

3) Huge variety

Although IFVOD TV has Chinese content, it also has a considerable number of movies and videos in other languages, especially English. This app has a huge variety of content suitable for all kinds of people worldwide. As we know, English is an international language, any content in English, whether video or audio, is understood by a significant number of people around the globe. Aside from English, it also has a lot of movies and series from different languages and countries. It is because of this diversity that IFVODTV has fans and users around the globe. Here is a source of movies JalshaMoviez.

4) English Subtitles

IFVOD TV has English subtitles for all of its Chinese films and dramas. It allows everyone who likes Chinese dramas and movies but can’t understand the language to enjoy their favourite shows. It is also one of the reasons for its widespread popularity because anyone who understands English can enjoy a massive collection of Chinese content here. Keep reading about Y2mate.

5) High Video Quality

High Video Quality is one of the foundations of IFVOD TV, aside from its huge content volume and variety. All videos, whether a film, drama, or documentary, are in HD at the least, while many of them are in 4K.You can watch your favourite shows in their best possible video quality as long as your internet allows it.

You can watch your favourite shows here seamlessly as long as your internet connection has reasonable speed. But even if your internet connection has a lower speed, do worry; you don’t have to watch the video in lower quality. You can just download the video in your desired quality and watch it offline.

6) No Subscription is required

As discussed before, IFVOD TV is completely free. You don’t need to pay a single cent as a subscription fee. To watch your favourite films and series, all you have to do is download and install the app on your smartphone. After that, you just need to create an account and watch whatever you want. You can also watch more movies from GoMovies.

7) An efficient and helpful customer support team

Aside from great content and being free, IFVOD TV also provides excellent customer support. Their customer support team is there 24/7, so you can contact them no matter when or where you encounter a problem you can’t solve. They are efficient and helpful with an excellent attitude towards their customers. They respond quickly and try their best to help you solve your problems. Watch more movies and TV shows from 1Movieshd.

How to download and install IFVOD TV on your Android smartphone?

You can’t find it on Playstore, but you can find it easily from various apk websites on the internet. You can download it easily through the following steps:

  1. Open a browser on your smartphone and search “IFVOD TV apk.”
  2. You will find a few websites with the app’s apk file; choose one of the top three in the search results.
  3. Download the apk file from the selected website.
  4. Before installing, you need to allow “apps from unknown sources.”
  5. Now you can install IFVODTV on your android smartphone.

How to download and install IFVOD TV on iPhone?

As with Playstore, you can’t find IFVOD TV on apple’s App Store. You need to download it from other apk websites on the internet. 

  1. After downloading IFVOD TV in IPA (apple app format), you need to jailbreak your iPhone.
  2. Jailbreaking is the only way to install an app from an unknown source on an iPhone. Apple is very strict about applications and only allows apps from its own app store to be installed on iPhone. That is why there are no built-in controls for allowing unknown apps.
  3. Although we don’t recommend you do this if you jailbreak your iPhone, you can install the IFVOD TV app and enjoy your favourite show and movies. Read also more about aFilmywap.

IFVOD TV: Is it legal?

It is very difficult to determine the legality of IFVOD TV as different countries have different laws and regulations. Although from a certain point of view, it should be considered illegal. Because it shows premium content to its users for free and that’s against the law. That indirectly explains that they didn’t obtain permission from the content owners to use their content.

This behavior can’t be called legal from any perspective. But aside from premium content, the vast majority of content available on IFVOD TV is from Chinese TV channels. That is not illegal, at least in some countries, so check before using this platform. If there are no legal issues, congratulations; you can enjoy your favourite shows without worry. If there are legal issues, then either don’t use it or take precautions while using it. See more Bollywood and Hollywood movies source from 123Mkv.

How to stay safe while using IFVOD TV?

There aren’t many dangers when it comes to IFVOD TV. Following are some dangers that you may encounter.

  1. If IFVOD TV is illegal in your country or region due to copyright issues. In that case, if you get caught using it, you can suffer some consequences. Getting in trouble due to visiting a pirated website or app is incredibly rare. For example, pirated websites are illegal worldwide, at least in 1st and 2nd world countries. We all know many millions, if not billions, of people visit pirated websites regularly. Yet, people caught for using pirated websites are just a few. But there is no guarantee that you won’t be one of those unlucky few and get caught. So we recommend using a VPN of your choice when you watch dramas on IFVODTV. This way, your identity will stay hidden to the maximum extent.
  2. Although very rare, there is a chance of malware infection when using this app. After all, nothing on the internet is 100% safe; IFVOD TV is the same. At least the chance of getting a virus here is higher than you being arrested for using a pirated app. So, we recommend you install a reasonably trustworthy anti-virus on your smartphone and keep it updated. It can keep you safe from most viruses and malware that may come either from this platform or anywhere on the internet.

As said before, nothing can give you 100% safety, even with the top antivirus. So the best way is to remain cautious and observant. If you find anything unusual on your smartphone, For example, find an unknown app you didn’t download slower than usual. Scan your smartphone for viruses through the anti-virus, uninstall the extra apps, and hope for the best. You shouldn’t miss to watch movies from Bolly4u.

How does IFVOD TV make money?

IFVOD TV has two versions, a free one and a paid one. The free one alone has a huge variety of content that is enough for most people. But for some, it’s not enough; for such people, there is a premium version. The Premium version includes various premium features, including numerous top premium channels and other exciting features.

This platform mainly earns money through premium subscriptions. Although the premium version charges a subscription fee, it is small compared to other similar sites. Its number of movies, series, documentaries, and music videos vastly outnumber its competitors.

Why do so many people around the globe use IFVOD TV?

Chinese dramas and movies have gained incredible popularity around the globe. Although not many people outside China understand Chinese, that doesn’t decrease the popularity of Chinese dramas and films because most of them have dubbed versions in various languages.

Although many websites and platforms provide Chinese dramas, IFVOD TV is by far the most popular one among them. Here are the reasons why it’s so popular. See another movie source from HDhub4u.


This platform has been in business since 2014 and is still growing in popularity and user volume. Until now, there have been no major mistakes in their operation. There are reports about fraud, viruses, and information theft. It provides greater security to its users, whether free users or premium users. There are no ads here, which lower the possibility of malware infection, scams, and spam.

High User Satisfaction

As mentioned before, IFVOD TV has a huge number of movies and dramas in its content library. All films, shows, and documentaries are of top quality and are liked by users. You can watch a huge amount of premium content on the free version for free. While on the premium version, you can watch absolute top-quality premium content at a much lower price than other places.

IFVODTV enjoys exceptionally high user satisfaction because of the enormous volume and high quality of its content, as well as its affordable price. Keep reading about Moviespapa.

Positive reviews

Another reason for the popularity of IFVOD TV is related to the above two reasons. Due to its high credibility and user satisfaction, its users give positive reviews about it on various websites.

Most of us first read reviews about a new website, app, or service we are about to try out. Then based on those reviews, we decide whether to use it or find an alternative. 

As it has a lot of positive reviews, new potential users try it out and stick to it because they are satisfied with it. In this way, it has become a virtuous circle contributing to the app’s growing popularity. Watch more movies from MoviesFlix.


How much does the premium version of IFVOD TV cost?

Its Premium version costs only $19.99 per month, which is tiny compared to the top-class content they provide. Remember, it has premium content from over 900+ Chinese channels. keep reading about DramaCool.

Premium IFVOD TV is it worth it?

It’s worth it as it gives you more than what you paid. But it might appear unnecessary for some, and we agree with this. The free version alone provides a lot of premium content for which you would have paid a subscription fee elsewhere. That alone can meet most people’s needs, so if you think that’s enough, there is no need to pay for a premium version.

Can I install it on Amazon Fire Stick?

IFVOD TV supports many different devices, and the amazon fire stick is one of them. You can easily find a version of it that supports the amazon fire stick. After finding it, you just have to download it and install it on amazon fire stick. Watch more movies from M4uHD.

What should I do if IFVOD TV is geo-blocked in my country?

This app was initially intended for use in China and Taiwan; that’s why it’s geo-blocked in many countries till now. If it’s geo-blocked in your country, you can remove the ban by using a VPN. Read also about FFMovies.

Should I jailbreak my iPhone to install IFVOD TV?

As mentioned before, jailbreaking the iPhone is the only way to install unknown apps on it. That’s why installing IFVOD TV on your iPhone also requires jailbreaking. But the question is should you do it, and what are the consequences of doing it?

Jailbreaking is essentially cracking the Operating System of your iPhone. If you do this, any remaining warranty of your phone is void. You can’t get any updates from apple from that day on. So, we don’t recommend you do it just to install this app. But if you have already done it, be sure to install this app and enjoy its perks. See also M4ufree Movies.


If you are a fan of Chinese dramas and movies, then IFVOD TV is your best choice. You won’t find a better app in terms of content volume, quality, or convenience. You can virtually find all of China’s best films and series here. 


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