Apne TV 2023: Download and Watch Hindi Serials Online for Free

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Apne TV

If you are someone who wants to watch your favorite Hindi, Tamil, and Pakistani dramas, and movies for free of cost, then we have mentioned a perfect place that meets all your conditions. A trendy website named Apne TV.

What is Apne TV?

Apne TV is a website where you can access and watch your favorite Indian, Tamil, Punjabi, and Pakistani movies and dramas without paying anything. Many websites provide visitors with movies and dramas to download and watch online but they usually require you to pay a subscription fee, depending on the type of services they provide and the quality of their services.

So, if you are a fan of Indian and Pakistani movies and dramas and don’t want to spend extra money to watch those, then Apnetv is a good choice.

There are a lot of Hindi movies, TV serials, TV shows, Dramas, Big Boss 10, and the latest Hollywood, and Bollywood Movies on Apne TV.

How to access Apne TV?

Apne TV Hindi is a famous movie website for followers of India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Bengali. If you are one of those fans who want to visit the website but don’t know how to do it, don’t worry. You can access it very easily by following the steps given below:

  • Open a web browser of your choice, but be careful; it must be able to ensure your security on the internet.
  • Search Apnetv on Google search.
  • It is usually ranked 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in Google SERP.

Is Apne TV safe?

Apne TV website is not 100% safe and is illegal as well. The reason is that it violates the terms and conditions of the movie industry and such websites are banned by all countries.

What are the most notable sources of danger on Apne TV?

ApneTV.me is a pirated website that is inherently hazardous to careless users. Although there are numerous sources of danger on Apne TV Co, the most notable ones are as follows:

  1. Download

The movies and dramas are uploaded on Apnetv from various sources. Not all the movies and serials are uploaded by the website staff some movies and TV serials are uploaded by anonymous users. 

Many users upload virus-infected movies and dramas on ApneTV.me. The users who frequent here are likely to visit other similar websites and get their computers infected by viruses.

These viruses can quickly infect other files stored in their computers. This makes it highly possible that movies and dramas uploaded from such a computer are infected. This way, Apnetv, and other illegal sites can spread viruses to their users, even if no one intentionally tries to spread malware to the users, it still happens unintentionally.

Apart from the user unintentionally uploading virus-infected files on Apne TV Hindi, some users actively upload viruses here with malicious code. They could be a hacker, script kiddie, or someone who thinks it’s funny to upload viruses on the internet.

  1. Ads

Ads on this website are the primary source of income because it doesn’t charge any subscription fee to its users.

Although ads on most legal websites are not very dangerous, ads on Apne TV are different. No legitimate and well-known Ad Company is willing to work with them.

So, they can only get ads from suspicious ad companies. These ad companies who work with pirated sites are mainly in the gray area of the internet. Ads provided by them are usually very dangerous and are prone to spreading viruses.

Following are the ways ads can be dangerous.

  • They can automatically download viruses to your computer if you click them.
  • And they can take you to suspicious websites trying to scam you of your money.


When you visit Apne TV and click a button or a movie thumbnail, it opens an unknown website in a new tab. Unknown sites are inherently dangerous because most of them are either illegal sites or scam websites.

All such websites usually seek to harm you in some way. Either spread viruses to your computer, try to scam your personal information or sell you some strange things.

No, it is illegal to use Apne TV to watch movies and dramas. The reasons are listed below:

  • Because it provides movies and dramas for free. Fans of Indian, Tamil, and Punjabi films can go to Apne TV Co and download those movies or watch them online. When you get a movie for free, you wouldn’t want to spend money to watch it from legal sources. This practice directly lowers the income of the movie industry.
  • Apnetv provides movies, TV Shows, and dramas free of cost, but they do so without the consent of movie producers and other stakeholders. They steal the work that someone completed with time, effort, and money, and distribute it for free. This behavior is morally wrong in any industry, not just in the movie industry.
  • The business model of Apne TV Hindi directly harms the movie industry, so any country that wants its movie industry to develop would want to limit such behavior. So Apnetv and other similar websites are illegal in most developed countries.

The United States has a very strict policy about piracy and copyright, so Apne TV is illegal there.

How to stay safe while using Apne TV?

Apne TV is a pirated website with many dangers, but it doesn’t mean that there is no way to use it safely. There are some guidelines for using this website while keeping the possible threat to a minimum.

1. Use a VPN and access Apne TV anonymously. VPN makes your IP address and identity information extremely stealthy and difficult to find on the internet.

The benefits of this are:

  • You are less vulnerable to hacker attacks because hackers can’t find you if they don’t know your actual IP address.
  • Suppose you access this website anonymously while using a VPN. In that case, it is harder for your Internet Service Providers (ISP) and government agencies to monitor your online activities to discover it. You can’t be held accountable if you don’t get caught visiting here even if your country has strict laws against the use of pirated websites.

2. Use a trusted and licensed-based antivirus. Viruses are the most common danger on Apne TV me and other similar sites.

An antivirus can:

  • Detect and remove virus from your computer.
  • It can scan the movies and dramas you downloaded for viruses. This method minimizes the threat of viruses sneaking into your computer while downloading movies.
  • An antivirus usually provides real-time protection, so if a hidden virus tries to act up, it will be caught, reported, and eliminated, immediately.

3. Don’t click on ads if possible. But in case if you already did it by accident and you are redirected to an unknown website, close the tab and get out of there without clicking on anything.

4. If you are redirected to an unknown site, close the tab immediately. Don’t provide email, personal identification, or financial information if a website shows a pop-up and demands to provide these details. Don’t buy anything, no matter how good you think it is, because it’s likely to be a scam.

Apne TV user interface

Apne TV has a clean and elegant user interface that is user-friendly for landing users. It has a well-organized structure; anyone with little navigation ability can find the movies or dramas they want. Following are the User Interface elements of Apne TV me.

  1. Header

The Apne TV header has a row of buttons or sub-menus positioned left to right. On the right side, it has a search bar.

  1. Home: This button takes you to the homepage of Apne TV. You are automatically sent to the homepage when you first visit this website. If you are on another part of the website ‘Home’ button can instantly take you back to the homepage.
  2. Serials: This button takes you to a page containing all the drama serials on Apne TV. The Drama Serials are organized based on their respective channels.

The TV channels are as follows:

    1. SONY-TV: You can see a list of popular drama serials from Sony TV. For example, Crime Patrol 2.0, Kaamna, The Kapil Sharma Show, etc.
    2. Starplus: By clicking on this toggle button, you will get all the famous dramas owned and aired by Starplus. For example, Anupama Namaste America, Banni Chow Home Delivery, Image, etc.
    3. COLORS: By clicking on this toggle button, you can get famous dramas on the COLOURS TV channel, all listed nicely. Some of the top Colors TV dramas are Fana Ishq Mein Marjawan, Naagin 6, Spy Bahu, etc.
    4. SAB-TV: Clicking on this toggle button gives you a list of all dramas on SAB-TV. For Example, Dharma Yoddha Garud, Goodnight India, Sab Satrangi, etc.
    5. MTV-HINDI: Click this button, and you will get all the MTV-Hindi dramas on the Apne TV website. For example, MTV Roadies Journey in South Africa.
    6. STAR-BHARAT: Click this button, and you will get all STAR-BHARAT dramas on Apne TV co listed in a top-down list. For example, Who Toh Hai Albela, Radha Krishn, Gud S Mitha Ishq, etc.
    7. ZEE-TV: This toggle button gives you all the dramas of ZEE-TV present on this website displayed in a nice list. Some of the serials on ZEE-TV are Bhagya Lakshmi, DID Little Masters Season 5, Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan, etc.
    8. ANDTV: The toggle button gives you a list of all the drama series of ANDTV on Apne TV. For example, Aur Bahi Kya Chal Raha Hai, Bhabi Ji Char Par hai, Happu Ki Ultan Paltan etc.
    9. PAKISTANI-DRAMAS: This toggle button displays a list of all Pakistani dramas on Apne TV.
  1. Channels: This is a dropdown list; the list elements are:
    1. Sony-TV: Click on this, and you will get all the Sony-TV dramas available on Apne TV me, displayed on a separate page.
    2. StarPlus: When you click on this, you will get all Star Plus dramas stored on the website displayed on a separate page.
    3. Colors: This button represents all the colors of TV dramas on Apne TV. You will get all the dramas on Color TV on a separate page, nicely organized.
    4. Sab-TV: This button represents all the Sab-TV dramas stored on this website. All the dramas of Sab-TV are arranged nicely on a dedicated page.
    5. MTV-Hindi: Click on this, and you will get all the MTV-Hindi dramas stored on the website, displayed on a dedicated page.
    6. Star-Baharat: This button represents all the Star-Baharat TV dramas on this website. You will get all the dramas of Star-Baharat TV on a separate page, nicely organized.
    7. Zee-TV: This button represents all the Zee TV dramas stored on this website. You will get all the dramas of Zee TV arranged nicely on a dedicated page.
    8. Andrew: Click this button if you want to watch AndTV dramas. You will find all the AndTV serials on this website, displayed on a dedicated page.
    9. Pakistani-Dramas: If you are a fan of Pakistani dramas, click this button. Apne TV co will display all the Pakistani dramas it has before you.
  2. News: Apne TV has new articles about the latest situation regarding the movie industry. The news articles on Apne TV are updated regularly. Click the 'News' button to read all hot news topics on the website.
  3. Web Series: The button in the header represents all the web series. The web series are present on the dedicated page organized according to Famous web series channels like Alt Balaji, ErosNow, HotStar, etc. There is a separate section for the latest web series, which displays 14 latest web series thumbnails.
  4. Movies: This button represents all the movies on Apne TV Hindi. All the movies are visible on the movie page in an organized way. The first section of the page shows the latest movies. After this is a section where you can find films arranged by alphabet.
  5. Pakistani Dramas: This button represents all the Pakistani dramas on the website. If you are a fan of Pakistani dramas, click on this button, and you will find all the old and new Pakistani dramas on the Pakistani drama page.


Apne TV’s new web address list


Apne TV alternatives

  1. FreeInterTV
  2. Haurawatch
  3. Videovor
  4. Hotstar
  5. Yupp TV
  6. 123 Movies
  7. Desitvbox
  8. Yo Movies
  9. CouchTuner
  10. 123MKV Movies

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Is there an app for Apne TV?

Yes, the Apne TV website has its app; however, you can’t find it on Playstore. If you want to download it, you have it on the internet from APK websites like Apkpure.

Is it safe to use Apne TV App?

Apne TV App is not safe because this app is developed by the Apnetv website. This website is untrustworthy in terms of safety, so naturally, an app developed by it is also not worthy of trust. It’s crucial to only install apps on your mobile from trustable sources because an app with sufficient permissions granted can easily steal your information.

What is Apne TV’s web address?

Apnetv has no fixed web address. As Apne TV Hindi is pirated, search engines exclude it from their search list as soon as they notice it. That’s why the website changes its address from time to time. Once one address is blocked, they use another one.

Why Apne TV is blocked?

Apnetv website is blocked because they upload all content without permission and deal with the authority. So, due to the copyright issue, Apne TV is blocked. But you can easily watch and download Apne TV movies, Hindi serials, Dramas, and many more by using VPN.

What should I do if I can’t access Apne TV on the Internet?

If you can’t find access to Apne TV, it may be that your country has imposed a ban on it. If you want to bypass the ban imposed by your government, then use a VPN. A VPN can mask your IP address and location, effectively hiding you from prying eyes. If they can’t find you, they can’t block you.

Would the law punish me if I get caught using Apne TV?

Although accessing this website is illegal, usually, there is no punishment for using it to watch movies and Apne TV serials Hindi dramas. In most countries, the law only focuses on owners of illicit websites because they are the ones violating the copyright and illegally using others’ property for their own benefit.
You won’t get punished if you only watch movies yourself, as long as you don’t start selling them to other people. This is not the case everywhere in the world. In India, laws regarding the piracy of movies are stringent because movies are an essential source of income for the country. If you are found using Apne TV in India, you can get a fine of up to 1 million Rs and a jail sentence of up to 3 years, depending on the situation.

Can I find old Hindi serials online?

Yes, all old Hindi serials are available on Apnetv. You can watch Hindi serials online for free on Apne TV.


Apne TV is an excellent choice if you are a fan of Indian and Pakistani dramas and movies. Its advantage is that it has a lot of movies and dramas that you can watch without a subscription.

But the disadvantages of this website are also evident. It is a pirated website that is notorious for being unsafe and illegal.

We do not encourage utilizing this website since you might get into trouble if you are not careful.

But if you have made up your mind to use it, be sure to be as cautious as possible. Try to watch movies online, don’t download them to your computer. Try to follow the safety precautions necessary for using pirated websites.

Disclaimer: This content is made only for educational purposes. We never encourage any pirated or illicit material. We are opposed to piracy. Please notify us through our email if you have any queries about this content.

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