Is GoMovies Legit? Watch Desired Movies and TV Shows Free

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GoMovies is a free web source where you can watch online movies and TV shows. Let’s see the details about GoMovies.

Movies are a popular source of enjoyment in our modern life. Most of us have watched at least one movie, while a significant portion of us are loyal movie fans. According to Statista, a market leader in providing business and consumer data and statistics, about 19% of adults in the United States claim to watch a movie daily, while 26% claim to watch two or more movies per week.

While watching a movie in the cinema hall is most enjoyable, most people can’t go there daily due to their busy schedules. Another shortcoming of cinemas is that they can only play a few movies simultaneously because of their limited number of screens. Moreover, most movies played there are the latest movies. That’s why you can only select a film from a limited collection currently aired by the cinema hall.

Most movie fans who watch at least one movie daily do so through cable TV or the internet. Over time, cable TV is becoming obsolete, with fewer and fewer people paying for its connection. In contrast, the internet is on the rise, with most houses in developed or developing countries having internet connections.

The rise of the internet and the demand for movies has given birth to movie streaming websites. Some video streaming websites allow you to watch movies for free, while others require payment before watching movies. Which website would you choose? Of course, the free one will be chosen. We humans like free things by nature.

But the truth is, there is no free lunch in this world. There is always a catch. The same applies here; most video streaming websites providing free movies are illegal because their content is pirated.

What is pirated content? All content used by a third party without license and consent of the original owner or producer is considered pirated content.

One such website called GoMovies has gained the attention of millions of movie fans as their website of choice. Because of its extensive collection of movies and dramas from most major countries, many visit it regularly to get their daily dose of a movie, without caring about its legality.

What is GoMovies?

GoMovies is a video streaming website with thousands of vintage and modern movies and drama series. It has movies related to a dozen genres and from dozens of countries. GoMovies is popular among millions of internet users because of three main reasons:

  • Wide range of choices: Thousands of movies for you to choose from.
  • Quick update: As soon as a film is played in a cinema hall for the first time, you will find it on GoMovies soon after.
  • Quality: Most movies here are in HD; you can stream them online or download them to watch later.

In addition, GoMovies offers excellent performance as a video streaming website. With its high-speed servers, you can easily watch a movie online without delay. It doesn’t require you to give your personal information or create an account. Go to the website and search for a movie; if it’s there, you can watch it for free. Here is another source of movies HDhub4u.

How to access GoMovies?

It will be how to access GoMovies.

GoMovies has been on the blacklist of authorities for a few years. The only way it is still running is by changing web addresses and hosting services. So, its web address might change at any time. So, the best way to access this website is to search for any of the two keywords on Google. 

How to find a movie on GoMovies?

GoMovies has thousands of movies so finding one you want from this many of them is like finding a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, many features here make finding movies a lot easier. See also more movies from DramaCool.

  1. Search

If you already know the movie name, whether it’s full or just a part, then finding it is easy. Put the name in the search bar at the website’s top right corner. You will get some movies with related names as a result. If the film is on GoMovies, you will surely find it here.

  1. Genre

If you aren’t hunting for a specific movie and just looking for one that meets your eye. Genres are very helpful in this situation. GoMovies has the following Genres:

  • Action
  • Action and Adventure
  • Adventure
  • Animation
  • Comedy
  • Crime
  • Documentary
  • Drama
  • Family
  • Fantasy
  • History
  • Horror
  • Music
  • Mystery
  • Romance
  • Sci-fi and Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Thriller
  • TV Movie
  • War
  • Western

Pick one according to your choice, and you will get all the movies and TV serials in that category. There is a sort function in which you can sort the results according to your needs.

  1. Country

GoMovies has movies from more than seventy countries. It’s useful if you are interested in movies from a certain country. Select your desired country from the title bar and get all films made in that country.

  1. Filter

The filter is the most advanced navigation method on GoMovies. It has check boxes representing all Genres and Countries. There are even check boxes representing years. You just need to select the appropriate Genres, Country, and year, then press filter. After that, you will get the movies and TV serials that meet your needs. 

No, it’s illegal. Why? Because GoMovies is a website with all its content obtained through illicit sources. It uses movies and TV series without the consent of content creators. This website is stealing someone’s ‘fruits of an effort’ and benefiting from it. That’s why it is deemed illegal and is constantly being hunted by authorities. 

Although it’s not likely that cops would raid your house while you are streaming videos on GoMovies, it’s still an illegal activity. After all, there is no guarantee that you won’t be unlucky enough to get caught in the act? It’s best if you watch movies from legal sources. Although you need to pay some money, at least your safety is guaranteed. keep watching movies from 1Movieshd.

How do GoMovies generate income?

If GoMovies is plural then ok unless it will be how does

There is usually only one way for an illegal website to make money, through advertisements. Reputable ad networks like, Amazon Native Shopping Ads, and Google AdSense have always been against pirated websites.

So they can only work with low-end ad networks that use Pop-up ads. GoStream also uses popup ads to generate income. However, it also has an ad-free version, but it’s no longer free. You need to pay a subscription fee to access it. Here is an alternative source of the latest movies M4uHD.

What are pop-up ads, and are they dangerous?

They are widespread on pirated or illegal websites. Whenever you click on a link, especially a ‘download link,’ a new window suddenly opens, showing content that has nothing to do with the link you just clicked. These new windows popping up uncontrollably are popup ads. They are the primary source of income for websites using pirated content. Now the main question is, are they dangerous? Well, not all popup ads are dangerous, but some of them are. They have two types. All you need to know about JalshaMoviez.

  1. Normal Popup ads

Different companies use these to attract your attention to their website. They are mainly there to sell you something; if you don’t buy, they at least try to steal your contact information from you. After getting your contact information, they keep sending you advertisement messages. They will fill your inbox with ads and annoy the hell out of you.

Although these popups are mainly harmless, it’s not a pleasant experience being annoyed with meaningless messages. So, avoid giving your contact information to any company unless necessary.

  1. Malicious Popup ads

All popups are not for advertising purposes; some of them are dangerous. They may have a program that downloads malware to your computer as soon as you click them. Malware can be the adware that annoys you by constantly showing ads.

  •  It can be a keystroke logger hunting for your account credentials and credit information. 
  • Maybe it’s ransomware trying to hold your computer for ransom. 

Although popups are divided into two types, you can’t guess which type it is. So, the best course of action is to avoid them altogether. Be extremely cautious in handling popups, avoid clicking them, and close the window as soon as possible.

Why should you avoid using GoMovies?

Although watching movies for free is exciting, doing so definitely has drawbacks. See also more of the latest movies from M4ufree.

  1. Dangerous

GoMovies is dangerous; if you don’t use it cautiously, you may suffer a significant loss. Movies and dramas here are infected with malware. As long as you download something, viruses will come along with it. Even if you have a premium antivirus, it can’t provide you with 100% safety. An entirely new virus can effectively bypass your antivirus and infect your computer. Then it is free to do whatever it wants, For example, installing a backdoor for a hacker, spying on your passwords, or holding your computer hostage. So, don’t get overconfident thinking an antivirus can keep you safe. 

  1. No Guarantee

As mentioned earlier, GoMovies also has a premium version without popups. Although this costs a subscription fee, it significantly removes the annoyance caused by ads and lowers the overall danger. But the main problem here is that GoMovies is an illegal website, and internet authorities are constantly searching for it. No one knows when it gets shut down. If it does get shut down, you won’t get your money back. So, if you are spending money to watch movies, don’t do so on Go Movies. Buying a subscription from a legal website is a better option.

  1. Supporting Criminals

Owners and staff of GoMovies are all thieves and pirates, as they profit from pirated content. No good citizen would steal someone’s property and profit from it. Criminals run illegal and pirated websites, and by using such websites, you are supporting and encouraging them.

  1. Harming the Movie Industry

Making a movie is a very labor-intensive job. All the actors and crew put their heart and soul into it. When someone puts this much effort into something, they expect to be rewarded and recognized. But watching movies on GoMovies and other similar sites robs them of their reward and recognition. 

Watching a movie in a cinema hall doesn’t cost much, about 10-12$ for one. But when we don’t even pay this tiny amount, we are saying that this movie is trash, not even worth 12$. This behavior directly lowers the production crew’s motivation. If the behavior of watching pirated movies is not discouraged, new interesting films we love so much might go extinct. Follow Moviespapa to watch online movies.

How to watch movies on Kodi?

Still, you will need to install the GoMovies Kodi addon, If you’re a Kodi addict who wants to watch Go Movies online.
The Kodi addon was available on the Mucky Ducks repository, still, that depository has ago been removed.

So now install new Kodi addons, like the GoMovies addon. It’s very simple to go to the Kodi and install it ( for both Kodi Krypton 17.6 and Kodi Jarvis 16).
Now enjoy your all desired movies online. Keep watching movies from 123Mkv.

Top 100 GoMovies alternative sites in 2022

GoMovies Alternatives
  1.  Filmy4wap
  5. 0gomovies
  6. 123movies
  7. 5 Movies
  8. 7starhd
  9. 9xmovies
  10. aFilmyWap
  11. AZMovies
  13. BestHDMovies
  14. Bmovies
  15. Bolly2Tolly
  16. Bolly4u
  17. Bollyshare
  18. Cineb 
  19. Cinemarock
  20. Cinemavoult
  21. CmoviesHD
  22. Couchtuner
  23. Ditto TV
  24. Downloadhub lol
  27. FFMovies
  28. Filmyzilla
  30. Fmovies
  31. Gomovies123
  32. Gostream
  37. HdPopCorn 
  38. HDpopcorns
  40. Hulu
  42. KananHD
  43. Khatrimaza
  44. Kuttymovies
  46. Letmewatchthis
  47. LookMovies 
  48. Madras Rockers
  49. Movie Counter
  50. Movie Mad
  51. Movie4k
  52. Movie4u
  53. Moviehoney
  54. Movierill
  55. MovieRulz
  56. MoviesDA
  57. MoviesFlix
  60. Moviesgone
  61. Moviespanda
  65. Moviewatcher
  66. Mp4moviez
  67. MX Player
  68. Nites Movies
  69. O2 Movies
  70. Onlinemoviesadda
  71. Onlinemoviescinema
  72. Pagal World
  73. Peacock Television 
  75. Prime Free TV
  76. Primewire
  77. Project Free TV
  79. Putlocker
  80. Rainierland
  81. Rainiertamayo
  82. Rdxhd
  83. RDXpromovie
  84. Snagfilms
  85. Solarmovies
  86. Sony Crackle
  87. SSR Movies
  88. Tamil Rockers
  89. TeaTv
  90. Teluguwap
  92. Todaypk
  93. Tubi 
  94. Urlgomovies
  95. Vumoo
  96. Watch Free
  97. Worldfree4u
  98. Yesmovies
  99. Yomovies
  100. Yts


What is the difference between GoMovies and Netflix?

There is not much difference between the two regarding the number of movies and video quality. Even the subscription fees of GoMovies Premium and Netflix are in the same range. The main difference is that Go Movies uses pirated content while Netflix has its content properly licensed.

How much does GoMovies premium cost?

There are four plans in total, 7$ for one month, 19$ for three months, 35$ for six months, and 65$ for one year.

Is GoMovies Premium worth it?

GoMovies premium subscription is cheap, almost half of the price compared to Netflix. In my opinion, it’s not worth it. Because, GoMovies premium removes the ads, the movies, and dramas on it are still pirated. Although safer than the free version, it’s still dangerous. Besides, paying money for pirated content is stupid. After all, the main advantage of pirated content is that it comes free. If you are paying might as well go to a legal website.

What happened to the original GoMovies?

Original GoMovies or 123Movies was one of the biggest pirated movie websites. It was closed in 2018 by the authorities.

Do GoMovies has its own app?

If GoMovies is a plural number then it will be Do GoMovies have its own app? Yes, GoMovies has/have an app for mobile phones. Search it on Google, and you can download it from any apk website.

Is the GoMovies app safe?

No, just like the GoMovies website, its app is also hazardous.

Movies leaked by GoMovies?

GoMovies is a torrent website that allows users to download TV episodes and movies online illegally. All the latest movies are leaked by Gomovies like Crimes of the Future, Harry Potter, The Secret Life of Pets 2, The Gentlemen, Birds of Prey, Bad Boys for Life, Dolittle, RRR, Maleficent 2, Aladdin, Jurassic World Dominion, Watcher, and more.

Are there any safety precautions for using GoMovies?

Yes, they are as follows:
1. Install a trustable antivirus on your computer and keep it up-to-date to provide you with better protection.
2. Don’t click on ads.
3. Use VPN to stay anonymous.

Can you be hacked for using GoMovies?

Yes, using illegal and pirated websites is a great way to be hacked. There are many reports about people being hacked and identities stolen. Many have lost their money and are in debt right now.

Final thoughts

Although watching movies free of cost is a very exciting prospect, watching movies on GoMovies is illegal, so it’s best to avoid it. Watching movies on legal websites is safer; although it costs some money, it’s not much. After all, Netflix costs only 15$ a month for a standard package. If you can’t afford this money and have to watch movies from illegal websites, please follow safety precautions. After all, your safety is the most important.

This article is described only for educational purposes. We wouldn’t encourage you to watch movies and TV shows from GoMovies or any illegal websites.


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