FlixHQ Watch Movies Free – Is It Safe And Legal to Use?

Time Of Info By TOI Team   September 3, 2022   Update on : November 4, 2022


If you want to find a movie platform with both the latest hits and old classics, FlixHQ is the ideal choice. It has thousands of movies, TV serials, and web series. 

Why use FlixHQ?

Movies and dramas have gained tremendous popularity recently. Almost everyone from the younger generation watches them regularly. This creates a huge demand for movies and dramas in the market.

In response to this enormous demand, hundreds of movie websites have sprung up on the internet. They all provide movies and dramas that you can watch or download. So, the question is, why choose FlixHQ instead of other similar websites?

The answer to this question is that you don’t have to. There is no need to give up an entire forest for a single tree. FlixHQ and other movie websites are not mutually exclusive. Instead, they complement each other, as different websites have different movies. You can use Flix HQ and other movie websites at the same time. 

Following are some advantageous features of the FlixHQ platform.

  1. Fast speed: It is among the fastest movie websites in terms of streaming and downloading speed.
  2. A lot of Options: It has more than ten thousand movies and shows, so you have many options when choosing movies.
  3. High Quality: Most of its video content is in HD and 4K. Very few movies and dramas are in lower video resolution.
  4. Cross Platform: You can access this website from any device with an internet connection. It supports all screen sizes so you can use it on a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.
  5. Free: This platform is entirely free. You can watch or download anything you want for free, with no subscription fee. 
  6. No requirements: This website doesn’t demand anything; you can access all its features without strings attached. You don’t even need to make an account if you don’t want to.
  7. Few ads: This is the feature that distinguishes FlixHQ from its peers. It has very few ads compared to its peers, and none of its ads are annoying or intrusive. If you have been to other free movie websites, you would know how numerous and annoying ads can be. But you must bear with them to watch your favorite movies or dramas for free. On this website, you don’t have to go through any annoying experiences.

How to access FlixHQ?

The current web address of this platform is “Flixhq.pro.” If you can access the website through this address, then congratulations. But if you can’t find it, then don’t worry. FlixHQ and its peers are notorious for changing their domain addresses after random periods of time. 

So how to access a website when you don’t know its domain address? Well, we do so in an old-fashioned way:

  1. Open your favorite browser.
  2. Search “FlixHQ” on Google search.
  3. Now check all the results on the first page; hopefully, you will find the website. If you can’t find the website, go to the second page and check all websites there. 
  4. If you still can’t find it on the second page, something went wrong with the website. In this case, give up for now and find another movie website to watch movies.

Should I register an account?

That’s entirely up to you, the website doesn’t demand you to have an account, but you can register one if you want to. If you can’t decide, don’t worry, we will help you to register an account. Following are the benefits of registering a FlixHQ account.

  1. You can rate movies and dramas.
  2. Add movies and dramas to your watchlist. A watch list is helpful when you encounter multiple movies worth watching while browsing the website. But you only have time to watch only one of them. In this case, you can save them in your watch list to watch them when you revisit the website. It saves you the trouble of finding those movies all over again.
  3. You can comment on movies or TV serials.

Register an account if you feel the above three features are useful or appealing. If you don’t find them helpful, continue without a user account.

How to register a FlixHQ account?

Here is how you do it for those who want to register an account.

  1. Click on the ‘Login/Register’ button on the top-right corner of the website.
  2. Now you have a ‘Sign In’ form with username and password fields. You don’t have an account yet, so click ‘Register’ at the bottom of the form.
  3. Create an account with a username, email address, and password, and confirm the password. Fill out all the input fields on the form.
  4. If your form has a captcha, fill it out, then click the ‘Register’ button. Process complete; now you have a FlixHQ account.

User Interface of FlixHQ

FlixHQ has a clean and elegant user interface; it’s both pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate. The benefit of simplicity is that even a new user can easily find the movie or drama they want. Following are some essential UI features that make navigation easier.

  1. Search Bar

The search bar is responsible for searching movies. You can write a keyword in it and press the search button. It browses the entire website and finds all the movies that match the keyword. The keyword can be a movie name, a partial movie name, an actor or actress’s name, or a director’s name.

You will get the most relevant results no matter what you search in the search bar. Depending on the screen size, you can find it beside the login/register button or just below the header.

  1. Genre

Genres on FlixHQ are a way of categorizing movies and dramas depending on their story. A movie can have one or more genres depending on its story. This platform has the following genres:

  1. Action
  2. Adventure
  3. Animation
  4. Biography
  5. Costume
  6. Comedy
  7. Crime
  8. Documentary
  9. Drama
  10. Family
  11. Fantasy
  12. Game0show
  13. History 
  14. Horror
  15. Kungfu
  16. Music
  17. Mystery
  18. Reality-TV
  19. Romance
  20. Sci-Fi
  21. Sport
  22. Thriller
  23. TV show
  24. War
  25. Western

Depending on the screen size, you can find the Genre sub-menu in the header. A genre can be instrumental when you want to watch a specific type of movie or drama. For example, what would you do if you wanted to watch ‘Adventure’ movies?

  1. Go to the header and hover over ‘Genre.’
  2. You will get the list of all genres mentioned above. Find ‘Adventure’ from the list and click it.
  3. You will get all movies and dramas of the adventure genre.

Now you can browse through all the available movies and choose the one you like.

  1. Country

Country in FlixHQ represents the nationality of a movie. A movie’s nationality isn’t determined by where you shoot it. But by the nationality of its director or the movie company. This platform has films from the following countries:

  1. Argentina
  2. Australia
  3. Austria
  4. Belgium
  5. Brazil
  6. Canada
  7. China
  8. Czech Republic
  9. Denmark
  10. Finland
  11. France
  12. Germany
  13. Hong Kong
  14. Hungary
  15. India
  16. International
  17. Ireland
  18. Israel
  19. Italy
  20. Japan
  21. Mexico
  22. Netherlands
  23. New Zealand
  24. Norway
  25. Philippines
  26. Poland
  27. Romania
  28. Russia
  29. South Africa
  30. South Korea
  31. Spain
  32. Sweden
  33. Switzerland
  34. United Kingdom
  35. United States

You can find the ‘Country’ submenu in the header or the burger menu beside ‘Genre.’ It is useful when you want to watch a movie from a specific country.

For example, what should you do if you want to watch a Spanish movie on FlixHQ?

  1. Go to the header and hover over ‘Country.’
  2. You will get a drop-down list showing all the available countries; select ‘Spain’ from the list.
  3. You will get all movies from Spain. 

How to stream a movie?

Streaming movies on FlixHQ is very easy; here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go to the website, and find a movie you want to watch.
  2. Click the movie. You will get a movie page with an online video player, a list of media servers, and movie info.
  3. Click on the video player to start the video. 
  4. If the movie starts streaming, then enjoy. Select a different media server from available servers if it doesn’t start streaming. You can find all available servers right below the video player.

How to download a movie?

FlixHQ doesn’t provide a download link for movies and dramas. So, downloading movies or dramas from it is not as simple as other movie websites. But don’t worry, it is not that hard either; you can do so through the following steps. 

  1. Download and install Internet Download Manager, and then enable the IDM extension in your favorite browser.
  2. Now go to the website and start streaming the movie you want to download. The IDM will automatically grab the movie’s download link.
  3. Find a floating bar saying “Download this video” at the top or the bottom of the video player and click it.
  4. The IDM will give you a list of available download options that allow you to download the movie in different resolutions. Please select one and click it.
  5. Now you get a dialogue box where you can set the download destination. The default destination is your downloads folder; you can change it. Finally, click download, and your download will start immediately.

Note: This method might not work with some movies on FlixHQ.

Is FlixHQ legal?

All the movies and dramas on FlixHQ are pirated, so it can be considered a pirated website. But we can’t give you a clear-cut answer to whether it is illegal or not. That’s because it doesn’t host a single pirated movie or drama. All the movies and dramas you see are hosted on third-party websites. It just combines and organizes all of them so that it is easy for you to find and watch them. 

That’s why some countries consider it illegal while others don’t. Now let’s move on to the main question, how does it affect you? Although the legality of Flix HQ is uncertain, the content it shows is undoubtedly pirated. In most countries, streaming pirated content is legal, while downloading or distributing it is illegal. 

So, if you only watch movies or dramas online, you are not doing anything illegal and thus have nothing to fear. But if you are downloading a movie or drama from flixHQ, you better be careful because you can get in serious trouble if you are unlucky.

Is it dangerous?

Yes! It is dangerous if you are not careful. The following are the main sources of danger on FlixHQ.

  1. Ads: Ads are usually the primary source of danger in pirated movie websites; fortunately, this website has few of them. But don’t underestimate them because of their small numbers. A single mistake in handling them can lead to difficult situations.
  2. Content: As mentioned, none of the movies and dramas you see on this website are hosted. All of them are sourced from different third-party websites. The disadvantage of this approach is that even the website itself can’t guarantee the quality of the content. They could potentially be infected with dozens of viruses. You don’t have to worry if you only stream movies and dramas on the website. But if you download them to watch offline, be careful, as you could get into serious trouble. If the file you downloaded is infected with a deadly virus, it could destroy your computer.

How to stay safe while using FlixHQ?

You can ensure your safety to the greatest extent through the following methods.

  1. Please don’t click on ads, as they can sometimes be hazardous. Although FlixHQ has a small number of ads, don’t underestimate them. You should never click an ad on pirated or illegal websites. As doing so can download viruses to your computer with your knowledge. 
  2. Don’t download movies, if possible, as doing so is illegal and dangerous. But if you have to download it for some reason, install an antivirus on your computer to protect it from viruses. At the same time, use a VPN or Tor network when accessing FlixHQ. They can keep your identity hidden, so anyone interested won’t know that you are downloading pirated content.

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Does this website have a customer support service?

No! Like most free movie websites, FlixHQ doesn’t offer a customer support service.

What should if do if FlixHQ is banned in my country?

Use a VPN to bypass the ban.

What should I do if I can’t download a movie?

If you can’t download what you want even after using IDM or similar software, there is nothing you can do. You probably won’t be able to download that movie on FlixHQ, so don’t waste your time. You can try your luck at other movie websites.


FlixHQ is an ideal website for those who want to watch free movies, as it has a vast content library and few ads. We recommend streaming videos instead of downloading them. But if you must download movies for some reason, then be careful and follow safety guidelines.


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