What is IYF TV? Is It Safe to Use?

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Asian movies and dramas, especially those from China, Korea, and Japan, are gaining popularity around the world. Millions of people like them because of their unique and exotic feelings and touching stories. In Europe and America, there are very few sources where you can watch Chinese, Korean, and Japanese movies and dramas. Among the few websites that Asian movie websites, fewer of them have adequate quantity and quality. 

Most Asian movie websites on the internet rarely have the latest dramas and movies, which is a bummer if you are like a new Chinese drama. In this article, we will discuss IYF TV, a website with a massive number of movies, dramas, and documentaries from Asian countries.

What is IYF TV?

IYF TV is an Asian video streaming website with a huge number of movies, dramas, documentaries, variety shows, and other videos. Although it is a new website, it is no lower than others in terms of quality and quantity of its content. The website has 10,000+ movies, 10,000+ TV dramas, 1800+ variety shows, 3000+ cartoons, and 1300+ Documentaries. This website is among the top when it comes to the quantity of content among Asian movie websites. Keep reading about IFVOD TV.

The IYF TV has two modes, free and premium; both have advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Free mode


In free mode, you can watch all the movies and dramas on IYF TV free of cost. It is the default mode of the website. If you want to use this mode, you don’t have to register an account and provide personal or financial information.


But the free mode is add-supported, so you have to deal with annoying ads that pop up occasionally. Another disadvantage of free mode is video quality. In free mode, you can’t download anything from the website and can only watch movies and dramas in 480P or lower quality.

  1. Premium mode


The Premium mode of IYF TV is free of annoying ads. It allows you to watch your favourite movie in ultrahigh quality, like 2k and 4k. You can download any movie or series you want in 4k to watch offline. Premium mode allows you to request movies, dramas, and variety shows not currently available on the website. So, if you have a drama or movie you like but it’s not available on IYFTV, you can request it in premium mode, and the website will get it for you.


To access the premium mode, you have to pay a subscription fee according to your chosen package. You have to register an account and provide your financial information. IYF TV provides the following premium packages

  1. Gold VIP: 30-day package for 15 euros.
  2. Gold VIP: 180-day package for 69 euros.
  3. Extreme VIP: One-year package for 119 euros.

How to find movies, dramas and documentaries on IYF TV?

IYF TV is a website with an incredibly detailed navigation system. Its video library has movies, TV dramas, variety shows, cartoons, physical education videos, documentary videos, game videos, news, everyday life videos, music videos, Fashion videos, and Technology videos. 

All of the above are main categories, each with genres or subcategories. Each main category has different genres; it gives you an excellent method to swiftly find exactly what you want. Following is the list of genres that each main category has.

  1. Movie: It has Comedy, love, action, crime, science fiction, fantasy, adventure, disaster, fear, thriller, plot, war, singing and dancing, classic, suspense, animation, homosexuality, and an online movie as genres and subcategories.
  2. TV Dramas: This main category has Idol, love, Romance, ancient costume, history, fantasy, spy war, adventure, city, science fiction, military, Comedy, martial arts, rivers, and lakes, crime, youth, family war, suspense, pass through, palace, myth, Trade war, gangster, action, thriller, plot homosexual, fantasy, and skits as genres.
  3. Variety show: This main category has reality-show, drafts, Network synthesis, talk shows, funny, sports, emotions, interviews, concerts, parties, and others as subcategories.
  4. Cartoon: It has blood, fighting, aircraft warfare, girl, sports, science fiction, magic, hilarious reasoning, adventure, love, campus, cure, instant noodles, pass through, supernatural, danmei, theatrical version, and other genres.
  5. Physical education: This main category has Olympics, comprehensive, basketball, and football subcategories.
  6. Documentary: It has culture, exploration, military, decrypt, Technology, history, figure, nature, and others as subcategories.
  7. Game: This main category is about gaming videos, and it has Gaming, online games, stand-alone, host, and mobile games as subcategories.
  8. News: This category is about news videos; it includes international news, China News, Chinese information, finance, and military as subcategories.
  9. Life: This category encompasses videos about everyday Life; its subcategories are funny, daily, food, animals, wonderful flowers, travel, knowledge, constellations, marriage, and catching the sea.
  10. Music: This category represents all music videos on www IYF TV. Its subcategories are music information, MV, self-made, dance, song, and on-site.
  11. Fashion: This category represents all videos about fashion on IYFTV. Its subcategories include makeup, fitness, show, photo, and outfit.
  12. Technology: This main category represents technology videos; its subcategories are digital, car, computer, cell phone, and arms. Watch also more movies from M4ufree.

Aside from main and subcategories, IYF TV provides other methods of navigation. They are as follows.

1. Region (origin): Region represents where a movie, TV series, or Documentary was made. Every movie or drama on this website has its origin attached to it. If you want to watch movies, dramas, or documentaries from a specific region or country, select that region and get all the videos from there. IYF TV has content from the following regions.

    1. mainland (China)
    2. Hong Kong
    3. Taiwan
    4. Japan
    5. South Korea
    6. Europe and America
    7. U.K
    8. Thailand
    9. Other

2. Language: Language is a critical aspect when it comes to movies and dramas. If you can’t understand the movie’s language, it is tasteless to you, no matter how good it may be. IYF TV allows you to navigate based on language. All you have to do is select the language you understand, and you will only get movies and dramas in that language. This website has the following language categories:

  1. Mandarin
    1. Cantonese
    2. English
    3. Korean
    4. Japanese
    5. Spanish
    6. French
    7. Italian
    8. Thai Language
    9. other

3. Year: It categorizes all movies, dramas, and documentaries based on their release date. It is particularly important when you are interested in movies or dramas released in a certain year or time period. IYF TV has the following time categories:

  1. This year
    1. Last year
    2. earlier
    3. the 90s
    4. the 80s

4. Quality: It represents video quality. All movies, dramas, and videos don’t have the same quality; some have higher quality, while others have lower quality. You can use this feature if you want to watch movies only with a specific video quality. IYF TV has the following video quality:

    1. 4K
    2. 2K
    3. 1080P
    4. 720P

5. Status: It represents the current status of a TV series or drama. There are only two options for status representing completed and ongoing dramas, respectively:

    1. Complete Works
    2. Loading

How to watch movies online on IYF TV?

Watching movies on IYF TV is very easy, without twists and turns you would see on other similar sites. You can watch movies on IYFTV by following the following steps.

  1. Go to ” www.Ify.tv.”
  2. Find the movie, TV show, or Documentary you want to watch, which you can do very easily through the site’s efficient and detailed navigation system.
  3. Once you have zeroed in on your target movie, click it, and the movie will start on a separate page. Read also about HDhub4u.

How to download movies from IYF TV?

Downloading movies and drama episodes on IYF TV is as easy as streaming them online. 

Premium Mode

  1. Find the movie you want to download and click.
  2. It will start playing on a separate page. Below the video player, you will find a download button alongside thumbs up, thumbs down, share, and rate buttons. Click it, and your download will start. Watch more movies from M4uHD.

Free Mode

The free mode of IYF TV doesn’t allow you to download movies, dramas or anything. If you still want to download your favourite movie in free mode, you must do so through some downloading software. We recommend the internet download manager. 

  1. Download and install the internet download manager on your computer.
  2. Allow Internet download manager extension in settings.
  3. Now go to iyf.tv, find the movie you want to download and click it.
  4. The movie will start playing on a separate page. IDM will give you a download option floating on top of the video; click it.
  5. After that, you have to set the download destination and click ‘start download’, and your movie will start downloading. Read also about Bolly4u movies.

IYF TV: Is it legal?

IYF TV provides Asian movies for free, which is very difficult for a legal website. While some legal websites provide free movies, but they don’t have much in terms of quantity. To provide a film for free is only possible if you have bought the rights from the original owner or you are the original owner.

That is why providing movies both free and legally is only possible in small quantities. There is no way you can legally provide 20,000+ movies, dramas, and documentaries for free. The only way IYF TV can provide such a massive quantity of movies and dramas for free is by illegally copying them without the original owner’s consent. So, it is an illegal and pirated website. Know also about Apne TV.

Is it safe?

IYF TV is an illegal and pirated website, such websites are notorious for being dangerous in various ways. Following are some dangers we think you should take notice of.

  1. Ads: Free mode of this website is ad-supported, meaning there are many annoying ads you have to deal with. Ads on pirated websites are more than just annoying; they can be dangerous. IYFTV’s are provided by substandard and suspicious ad networks because prominent and safe ad networks like Google AdSense don’t cooperate with illegal websites. Ads from suspicious ad networks are notorious for spreading viruses and redirecting users to scam websites.
  2. Financial information: To activate the premium mod of IYF TV, you have to register an account and provide your credit card information. Iyf.tv is a very young website with its domain registered just over six months ago. Although there are no negative reviews or scam reports about it, complete trust is still difficult. Giving your financial information to someone on a website you can’t trust is dangerous.
  3. Legal issues: As discussed before, IYF TV is a pirated website and is banned in many countries. Although being punished for using a pirated website is very rare, it still happens occasionally. If your country has strict laws against piracy, you can get into serious trouble. You can get heavily fined or even go to jail if unlucky. Read more about GoMovies.

How to stay safe while using IYF TV?

Although IYF TV is dangerous, it hasn’t reached the point where there is no way to use it safely. As long as you take a few standard precautions, it is safe to use most of the time. Following the safety precautions, you should keep in mind.

  1. Use an ad-blocker to block the ads. An ad-blocker can remove most of the ads on the websites. Most but not all, don’t touch the remaining ads if possible. If you are redirected to an unrelated website, leave as soon as possible. Ads are pretty safe as long as you don’t touch them.
  2. Don’t use the premium mode, if possible, as you can watch all the movies online even in free mode. But if you have made up your mind to use premium mode, you should pay through a spare card that only has the minimum amount of money required to subscribe to your selected package. 
  3. Use a VPN to stay anonymous, so even if IYF TV is illegal in your country, no one will be able to catch you using it. Read also about 1Movieshd.

FAQs about IYF TV

Who is the founder of Iyf.tv?

The name of the website’s owner remains hidden. But the website claims that it was made by an overseas Chinese. Read more about JalshaMoviez.

Where do movies, dramas, and documentaries on IYF TV come from?

IYF TV allows users to upload movies, dramas, and other videos. Most of the movies, dramas, documentaries, and variety shows are uploaded to the website by users. 

Is there any age-inappropriate content on the website?

Yes, there are some videos on the website that are inappropriate for minors. The website allows users to upload videos with little to no restriction on what they upload. Read also aFilmywap.

Why can’t I open IYF TV?

If you can’t open IYF TV, there are two possible reasons. 

  1. The website is undergoing maintenance, and you should try again after 30 min.
  2. The website is geo-blocked in your area.

What should I do if IYF TV is banned in my area?

If IYF TV is banned in your area, don’t worry; you can unblock it by using VPN and an antivirus. Read more about Moviespapa.

Final Thoughts

If you are a fan of Chinese dramas and movies, then IYF TV is a good choice. We recommend only using free mode if you can, as you don’t have to give your financial information to the website. While using this website or any of its peers, follow safety precautions to stay safe.


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