GoMovies App: What is It, And is It Safe to Use?

How to Watch Movies on GoMovies App?

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   February 4, 2023   Update on : November 25, 2023

GoMovies App

Movies and drama series are irreplaceable sources of entertainment nowadays. They have been popular for decades, and their popularity is still increasing yearly; thousands of new movies and dramas are produced and released every year.

The most common way to watch movies is through TV, Cinema Hall, and online websites; among these, the last option is the most popular. The advantage of online movie websites is that you can watch any available film anytime from the comfort of your home.

Gomovies is a movie streaming app that allowed users to watch movies and TV shows for free on their devices. The app was popular among people who wanted to watch movies and TV shows without paying for a subscription service, but it was also notorious for facilitating copyright infringement by providing unauthorized access to copyrighted content.

Due to the illegal nature of the app, it has been shut down by authorities in many countries. Additionally, downloading or using such apps can pose a security risk to your device, as they often contain malware or other harmful software.

It is recommended to use legitimate and legal means of accessing movies and TV shows, such as through a paid streaming service or purchasing physical media. This helps to support the creators and rights holders of the content and ensures that you are not at risk of breaking the law or putting your device in harm’s way.

In this article, we will discuss the GoMovies app, an online app that allows you to watch films and drama series for free.

What is the GoMovies app?

GoMovies app is a mobile application that allows you to access the GoMovies website without a browser. Its main features are as follows:

Movies and Dramas

One of the main advantages of the Go Movies app is the quantity of its content. It has thousands of movies and dramas from most of the famous movie studios all over the world. It has most of the top movies, from vintage to modern, in its collection. And its collection is not stagnated; it is constantly increasing, with new movies being added every once in a while.

High Quality

GoMovies app pays special attention to the video quality of its movies and dramas. Most of the videos in its content are HD or 4k quality, while the remaining few are in 320P or 480P.

High Speed

Another advantage of the Go Movies app is its download and upload speed. It has dedicated servers worldwide, ensuring you get maximum speed while streaming movies regardless of your physical location.


The main advantage of this app is that it’s free; you don’t have to pay a penny to watch your favorite movies or drama series.

How to download and install the GoMovies app?

You can easily download this app by following the following steps:

  1. Open a browser on your android mobile or tablet.
  2. Search “GoMovies” on the Google Search engine.
  3. Check the top three search results one by one; usually, you will find the website there; if not, check the other results on the page.
  4. Once you are on the website’s homepage, click the “Android App” option in the header.
  5. You will get an app description page with a download link at the bottom; click the download link.
  6. Now, wait patiently for the app to download; usually, it will be over in seconds as the apk file is less than 20 megabytes.
  7. Or follow this link https://gomovies.sx/android-movies-apk for GoMovies Android Movies Apk.

How to install the GoMovies app on your Smartphone?

First, make sure your mobile is an android Smartphone because this app can only be installed on android devices. Next, you need to change the app setting on your Smartphone because most mobiles only install apps from trusted sources for security reasons. You can change security settings on your device by following the following steps.

  1. Find the ‘settings’ app and click it.
  2. You will see a list of different options, find ‘apps and notifications’ from these options and click it.
  3. Now find the three-dot menu in the upper right corner of the screen and click it.
  4. Select the ‘special access’ option from the list of available options.
  5. Finally, find the ‘install unknown apps’ option from the list and click it.

Now that you have changed your mobile’s app settings, you can install the Go Movies app with a few simple steps.

  1. Go to the ‘download’ folder on your device and find the GoMovies app apk file you previously downloaded.
  2. Once you find your target apk file, click it and select install.

How does the GoMovies app make money?

As mentioned before, GoMovies is a free movies website, and you can watch movies and dramas you want to watch for free. So, you may ask a very important question, does it make money? If it does, how does it go about doing it?

The answer to this question is that the GoMovies app does make money, and it does so by using two methods.

  1. Ads

The first method that the GoMovies app uses to make money is ads. It has a lot of ads, and you will see a few on every page. If you see an ad, the app earns money; if you click on the app, the app earns more money. And as thousands of people from around the world use this app or website to watch movies every day, it generates more than enough revenue.

  1. Premium Membership

The second method that GoMovies use to earn money is through premium membership. This app has two modes, free and premium:

  • In free mode, you can only stream movies of lower quality and have no download option. Additionally, you have to deal with all the ads you see on the website, which can be annoying for some people.
  • In premium mode, you can stream and download movies and dramas of higher quality and don’t have to deal with ads, but you need to pay a monthly subscription fee. Although this fee is much lower than Netflix and other similar platforms, it is still money. So, it is up to you to decide whether you want to go premium.

Almost all of the movies and drama series that you see on Go Movies are there without a license. The website is using them without the consent of its owners, so all of them are pirated content. As this app uses pirated content, it is technically illegal in most Countries. But to be completely sure about the website’s legality in your area, you need to understand the copyright laws of your country.

Is using GoMovies app illegal?

This also depends on your country’s laws and its policy regarding pirated content. If watching pirated content in your country is illegal, then the GoMovies app is illegal; otherwise, it might not be illegal. But in most countries, just streaming copyrighted movies is not illegal but downloading them on your device is.

But you probably don’t have to worry too much about getting in trouble for watching movies because you are not the target of law enforcement agencies; the website’s owners are. As long as you don’t distribute the movies you download from Go Movies, no one will come to trouble you specifically. Even if law enforcement notices your mischief, they will probably just give you a warning. As for find and jail, the chances of that are very low.

Is it safe to use the GoMovies app?

No! GoMovies is not safe; in fact, it can be quite dangerous if you are not careful. Most of its danger comes from ads and content. Ads here can spread viruses and malware to your device because they are from substandard ad networks. Downloading movies or drama episodes can also spread viruses to your device because they come from varied sources and have a high chance of being infected with malware.

To stay safe while using GoMovies app, don’t touch any ads because this can download viruses to your device. Also, don’t download movies from this app; stream them instead because it is a safer approach. Install an up-to-date antivirus from one of the top companies on your device; it can save you from any viruses that come your way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to access the GoMovies app if I am using an iPhone?

GoMovies don’t have an official iOS app; even if there was, installing apps from unknown sources on iPhones is much harder than installing apps from Android phones. You should use your browser and directly access the Go Movies website; both the app and the website have the same content.

How to download movies or dramas from the GoMovies app?

You only have a download option if you purchase a premium GoMovies account. If you want to download movies on the free version, you have to use a third-party downloader.

What should I do if I can’t use GoMovies app in my country?

If you can’t access GoMovies, it might be because it is blocked in your country; you can easily unblock it by using a VPN.


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