Is Blue Wave Loans Legit?

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Blue Wave Loans

Let’s review how certified platforms like scam-detector rate blue wave loans. According to the algorithm of this scam detection server, scores 58.2 out of 100. There are several reasons to explain this rating. In our comprehensive analysis, we answered all the questions like Is Blue Wave Loans Legit? Moreover, the tips to avoid fraud services have also been stated.

According to the company profile, its domain creation date is 03-05-2021. And till date, there is visible domain blacklist status on any privacy website. Additionally, its HTTPS connection is also valid. Its proximity to suspicious websites is about 28%. The application process is easy, but the customer reviews are mixed.

What is Blue Wave Loans?

It provides you with short and long-term loans up to $10,000. You can visit their official website for more relevant information. You can request funds from anywhere, anytime, and with any device. According to the service providers, there will be a quick approval decision. They require your personal and banking info before getting started. According to some experts, it is an efficient lending referral platform. They aim to connect the lenders with the borrowers.

Blue Wave Loans is not a broker or lender. Instead, it allows the users to submit their fund requests to a network of lenders online. It is more of a referral program than a service itself. There are no products or services fee. There is a vast range of 100-10,000 dollars in funds. These fall in the personal debt category. Based on the applicants’ information, it forwards our request to the potential lenders.

Blue Wave Loans Interest Rates, Eligibility, and Requirements:

The interest rates are not fixed. It varies based on the credit worth. The rates can also change over time. So, before final approval, it is essential to read all the terms carefully. It can help make an informed decision. Some lenders release the funds without taking credit history. However, some require statements and other bank data before lending.

There are also some general requirements to qualify for the facility.

  • Working Bank Account
  • Legal Age
  • Contact Information
  • Employment Data
  • Residency
  • Steady Income Source
  • Minimum Wage Requirements
  • These are asked in the Jobs & Pay section.

What can Reject Your Loan Application?

  • Bankruptcies
  • Late Payment Patterns
  • Overdue Accounts
  • Unmanageable Debt

You must state the purpose of the loan and your zip code. Additionally, the site requires you to put your rating score. After that, you have to give your physical address, driver’s license, and best contact time; it is mandatory to provide your social security and bank account number.

Don’t sign up for future emails to stay out of trouble. After filling out the form, they direct you to the lender’s group if there is an offer. The interest rates are sometimes crazy. It is because of the involvement of debt settlement companies.

Is the Website Legit?

The website serves as an organization’s digital business card. There are many areas in which critical improvement is needed. The scam-detector algorithm ranks it at 58%. That gives us a satisfactory answer. It suggests that the website is medium risk but it is active. It is a mediocre business. If we check the website, its back end needs improvement. Some elements are missing in the metadata, so its online existence is suspicious.

The website design is not up to the mark and is ranked lower. Hence, the quality of the website is questionable. Additionally, you can verify the contact information of the reviewers to check their credibility. Before providing personal information, one must do thorough research. Engagement with a website whose legitimacy is questionable is dangerous. For a deeper insight, let’s check the reviews about it.

We must consider many vital details before labeling it legit. These include Public Feedback, Domain Authority, and Customer Service. Moreover, the details of Alexa Rank, SSL Certification, and IP Address are essential. As for reviews, there are all types present online. In a nutshell, there are both positive and negative reviews. One must exercise caution before applying for a loan.

How to Apply for Blue Wave Loans?

The procedure to apply is straightforward. It is a seamless process completed through an online application. Firstly, you’re asked to fill out the quick application form. To expedite the process, you have to provide valid bank information. Note: They require personal information.

After the submission, you wait for the decision on approval. The site moderators match it to the suitable lenders’ list. Most of the time, this step requires a few minutes. Upon approval, funds are disbursed to the bank account you provided. It is the standard procedure on working days. Before loan acceptance, thoroughly read the statements given to you. You must know the applicable interest rates, repayment period, and the exact amount provided.

Factors to Check the Legitimacy of a Website

For more profound knowledge, let’s dive into the company details. One of the significant factors about this type of service is their Phishing Profile. Details like HTTPS Connection, Domain Creation Date, and Domain Blacklist Status also matter. Some components like Threat Profile, Malware/Spam Score, and proximity to suspicious sites are also crucial. The examination is the best way to conduct risk evaluation.

These parameters reveal potential vulnerabilities associated with Sometimes, deceptive advertisements and spam emails can ruin your day. The Malware and Spam Score of the site is around 30. That means it is a medium-risk active site. Evaluating the security of the HTTPS connection is necessary to prevent fraud. You must guard your personal information by careful sharing. Avoid unauthorized transactions on suspicious sites.

Problems With Blue Wave Loans Service

  • Firstly, it asks for too much personal information. It includes private details like social security numbers. It also asks for bank account information and address.
  • After submitting the request, you have to wait for approval. If it is made, you are directed to a separate group of people interested in giving you an offer.
  • Sometimes, the interest rates are very high. It results in sudden disappointment for the applicants.
  • On certified scam detection websites, its score is less than 60%. That makes it a medium to low-risk website. You must get a deeper insight before making a decision.
  • Sometimes, the request is approved, but the funds are not granted to the account. It leads to a very negative impact on the users.
  • The site’s customer service is poor. They occasionally respond to the selected queries.


Blue Wave Loans is legit, but its operator is not a lender. It is a productive platform that links borrowers and lenders. It enables users to send an online fund request to a network of lenders. It is not so much a service as it is a referral program. There are no fees for goods. The range of the fund is $100–$10,000. Based on the applicants ‘ data, it forwards our request to the possible lenders.

There is no set interest rate. It varies according to creditworthiness. Over time, the rates may also fluctuate. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully read all of the terms before granting final approval. Making an informed choice may be aided by this. Specific lenders disburse money without obtaining credit history. However, before lending, some demand bank statements and other information.

Additionally, some general prerequisites to using the facility include an operational bank account, age, and contact details. Moreover, employment and residency data are also needed. You must reveal a consistent income source to proceed further.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Will You Spot a Fake Website in 2024?

Due to advancements in the e-business field, thousands of websites are created daily. There are various crucial steps to access fake websites. The phishing profile and https connection security evaluation are two fundamental factors. Moreover, its proximity to suspicious online servers is also a prime indicator. If the domain is blacklisted on a privacy checker platform, avoid it.

How to Report Loan Scams?

You can contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to report your issue. It is an authentic and official way to write a loan scam. You can contact reputable asset recovery companies for quick action if you have lost your money. Recovery of the lost money is a complex procedure. But for the sake of satisfaction, you must give it a go.

Are Blue Wave Loans a Scam?

We can not label it as a scam, but there is a risk associated with it. However, if you face any problem dealing with the loan providers, you can report it on the official platforms. Always verify the reviews of the customers about a business service.

What are Blue Wave Loans Alternatives?

Many similar websites offer such services. Many of them are hassle-free, but we don’t endorse mentioning a particular loan service. You must do your research on this. If you come across a good service, check the credibility of scam detection systems before diving in.

How to Block Malicious Sites?

It depends on various factors. You can prevent your access to dangerous platforms by using high-security measures. You can browse safely using protective extensions. Moreover, using a VPN can also provide a safe connection. You must modify your default browser settings to surf safely. Nowadays, there are many credible software for online loan scam detection. ​​​​​​


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