What is Joel Osteen’s Net Worth? Everything You Should Know

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Joel Osteen Net Worth

Joel Osteen is an American author, preacher and televangelist. His net worth is estimated around $110 million as of June 2022. Joel Osteen is the most renowned person for being the preacher of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. He has turned somewhat into a controversial figure due to his secret wealth and common promotion of the prosperity gospel.

His messages have come under criticism for being too concentrated on personal prosperity, enrichment, and betterment. His mega-church located in Houston is around 6, 00,000 square feet while the former sports stadium has a total of 17,000 seating capacity.

Joel Osteen has not received a wage from his church since 2005. His revenue, wealth, and property have come from book royalties, book advances, speaking fees, calendars, and other merchandise. His lecture has been greeted with approval by people across the world. He is also a popular and famous novelist and also the author of many best-selling books in the US. His annual income reaches $5 million as of 2022. Read more about Dwayne Johnson’s net worth.

Joel Osteen’s net worth trend

Joel Osteen’s Net Worth in 2018 $80 million
2019 $86 million
2020 $90 million
2021 $98 million
2022 $110 million

Joel Osteen’s primary sources of income

The main source of his earnings is by being a famous pastor who delivers sermons in various churches and his own Lakewood Church. His church’s annual income is $70 million. The Tv program of his church gets millions of views globally which also helps Joel Osteen emerge as a millionaire. Keep reading about Nichelle Nichols’s net worth.

How does Joel Osteen spend his income?

Joel prefers to spend his earnings in maintaining a luxury lifestyle. He drives a Ferrari car and lives in a mansion worth $10.5 million located in River Oaks. He has many other properties across Houston and River Oaks, according to him.

When Joel Osteen says anything about himself, the key thing he focuses on is his attempts to bring his followers to religion.

Nevertheless, since Joel Osteen uses television to gain his message across the masses, he surely can be called a TV star.

Like all other TV stars, Osteen desires to present himself in a specific way for the masses to take him acutely and network executives to hold him on the air.

As a result, Osteen is always seen wearing well-tailored suits and his clothes must cost a lot of money, to say the very least. His clothes budget has to be massive. Read also about Michael Oher’s net worth.

Joel Osteen’s biography

Joel Scott Osteen is eminently known as Joel Osteen. He was born in Texas, the USA to John Osteen and Dolores Pilgrim on March 5, 1963. He is one of the six children of his parents John Osteen and Dolores Pilgrim. One of the six was a half-brother of Joel from his father’s previous marriage. Joel has grown up along with his five siblings.

Joel Osteen went to Humble High School, a public high school from where he completed his graduation in 1981. In 1982, he went to earn a bachelor’s degree from the Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma where he studied radio and television communications.

Joel’s father John Osteen was a pastor and established the Lakewood Church. He died unfortunately from a heart attack in 1999. After his death, Joel took charge of the Lakewood church as a senior pastor.

Joel Osteen has recently been implicated in a dispute as a plumber found cash of around $600 k that was piled on the walls at Joel Osteen’s place. Real also about Chumlee’s net worth.

Joel Osteen’s marital status

He got married to Victoria Osteen in 1987. The couple has two children. Born in Huntsville, Alabama, Victoria Osteen has grown up in Houston, Texas, in a conservative Christian family. Following the footsteps of her husband, she has emerged as an author and co-pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas.

It is one of the biggest congregations in the country with an average of 52,000 attendants per week plus an estimated seven million television viewers.

Victoria attended the University of Houston to study psychology but she did not graduate. The Lakewood Church Women’s Ministry was established by her in 2003. It is a usual feature on the Houston radio station 89.3 KSBJ. Keep reading about Harold Varner III’s net worth.

Who are Joel and Victoria Osteen’s children?

Over the course of their wedding, the couple has received two children and one is Jonathan and another one is Alexandra. Born in Houston on April 20, 1995, Jonathan, a 26-year –old youth earned a degree in screenwriting from the University of Texas and he completed his graduation there in 2017. Later, he indulged in his family business of delivering sermons to youth members at the Lakewood Church.

Besides, Alexandra who was born on November 9, 1998, completed his graduation from the Texas University at Austin in 2020 where she was made a member of Zeta Tau Alpha. The siblings are now members of LYA, a band that stages programmes at the church. They jointly released an EP titled In the Name, Vol. 1 and it has around 14,000 monthly listeners. Read more about Katy Perry’s net worth.

Career of Joel Osteen

Joel has inheritably taken charge of the Lakewood Church and its television ministry from his father. His father John Osteen was a Southern Baptist priest. John Osteen established Lakewood’s television program and generated his father’s TV sermons for 17 years. In January 1999, Joel Osteen’s father John died of a heart attack, and two weeks after the death, he took the charge as a preacher and televangelist, despite having not enough formal religious training.

In 2003, Lakewood purchased the Compaq Center that was the home of the NBA Houston Rockets basketball team previously. The refurbishment took one year and three months and cost around $105 million. Their grand inauguration was marked by the participation of over 56,000 people and included famous guests like Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and the Governor of Texas, Rick Perry.

In 2006, Osteen made it on Barbara Walters’s list of the 10 most fascinating people in the world. By 2008, the weekly services of the church’s TV stream were being viewed in over 100 countries across the globe. Joel and his family were requested to join the Easter breakfast hosted by US President Barack Obama at the White House in 2010.

Since that time, the Lakewood Church dissemination has grown at an exponential rate and it could be seen in 100 different countries. Joel has extended both the TV ministry and the church all over the globe. The church embraces over 50,000 churchgoers every week on average. Osteen’s weekly TV lectures are seen by 7 million people per week and 20 million per month on average.

Though he does not hold any formal degree, he sharpened his preaching skills to perfection in line with his father’s guidance. As for the formulation of his sermons, Osteen remembers his speeches and later listens back to himself on tape. Osteen has commented that he tries to teach Biblical principles simply, concentrating on the power of adoration and a positive attitude. Do you know How much is Halsey’s net worth?

Joel Osteen is an author

In 2004, Joel Osteen became a famous author. He has written his first book named Your Best Life Now. It is being marketed as a positive-thinking book. It debuted at the top of the New York Times Best Seller list and remained in the position for around 200 weeks.

The reputations of the book and his lectures have allowed Joel Osteen to bring his life to its full potential on the road to sold-out sports fields around the world.

In 2005, his second book, Become A Better You, sold 4 million copies and gained around $13 million in advances and revenues.

In 2005, Osteen started on a 15-city US tour for the publicity work of his book and he lectured to a huge gathering at each spot.

John McCain once explained Osteen as his beloved inspirational honor. It is known from different sources, Joel Osteen has written 15 books throughout his career. Know about Terence Crawford’s net worth.

Personal life

Joel Osteen usually gives up preaching following controversial and political issues like gay marriage and abortion. However, he has begun to believe that the church can occasionally focus on a lone issue to the point of ignorance of other issues.

He has claimed that he does not endorse homophobia. Joel Osteen has also expressed his support for Israel. In 2011, Osteen, along with Lakewood Church, was accused of copyright violation by the band The American Dollar. A judge delivered a verdict in favor of Osteen. Read about Vince McMahon’s net worth.

Hurricane Harvey: Joel Osteen misses chance to teach Christianity

In August 2017, Joel Osteen was strongly criticized for not turning the Lakewood Church into an available emergency shelter for people in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. The building is a former basketball ground and stands on 606,000 square feet of land. Initially, posts from the church said that the building was unserviceable due to extreme flooding, though Osteen responded by saying that the church had never been closed.

On the night of August 28th, Lakewood declared that they would be open at noon the next day as an accessible shelter for victims of Hurricane Harvey and emergency personnel.  After a year, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner announced a day in honor of Osteen and Lakewood Church’s assistance in rebuilding efforts in the city. The mayor said that Lakewood Church gave assistance to over 1,150 Houston families and donated $1.1 million for rebuilding materials and putting up 2,500 volunteers from their gatherings.

It is easy to mention the duplicity of some churches, especially a church like Joel Osteen’s Lakewood which says it has the biggest regularly-used worship center in the US.  It welcomes over 38,000 weekly participants. And when reports appear of Osteen’s gathering turning away Hurricane Harvey victims in need of shelter and food, it might resemble like they deserve that censure.

On the day, when a few rain-affected Houstonians came to the doorstep of the Lakewood Church they were instructed to look elsewhere for shelter. But according to the personnel of the church, it looks like Lakewood staffers were justified in dispatching people to the government shelters.  But it doesn’t matter anymore. What matters, as is often true, is the optic. keep reading about Mike Tyson’s net worth.

Joel Osteen’s personal wealth and salary

Joel Osteen’s book sales, radio show, public lecture fees, and church collection supposedly generate over $70 million in revenue per year in total. About his income, Joel Osteen said that an individual should not feel guilty for possessing lots of wealth.  He on contrary believes that one needs to thank and praise God for the wealth he or she acquires.  Osteen claims he does not receive salaries from the church. Read more about Viktor Hovland’s net worth.

Joel Osteen’s house

Joel along with his wife Victoria Osteen and their children live in a 17,000-square-foot mansion located in the Houston suburbs. In 2010, Osteen probably paid $10.5 million for the home which is worth $14 to $16 million. They are hatching efforts continuously to own a former Houston home, which is estimated at around $3 million. Keep reading about Katie Feeney’s net worth.

Joel Osteen and FAQs

How much is Joel Osteen’s net worth?

Joel Osteen’s net worth is estimated at around $110 million as of 2022.

How much is Joel Osteen’s annual income?

His annual income as of 2022, is around $5 million.

What does Joel do for a living?

Joel is an American author, televangelist, and well-known priest. His lecture is well-received by people across the world.

How old is Joel Osteen?

Joel Osteen was born on March 5, 1963, and he is currently 58 years old.

Is Joel Osteen a millionaire?

Joel Osteen is certainly a multi-millionaire with a net worth approximately in the tens of millions.

Was Joel Osteen born rich?

No, Joel Osteen did not receive his current net worth from his father. Moreover, he followed in his father’s footsteps and was prepared for the role of priest. He is a talented communicator right now. Read also about Jim Carrey’s personal life.


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