What are The Best Haircuts and Hairstyles at 60?

Time Of Info By Bhupati Barman   February 25, 2024   Update on : February 25, 2024

60 year old hairstyles

The best haircuts and hairstyles for women at 60 make them appear younger. It might be done considering your hair’s natural texture and complement your facial features. Keep in mind that the goal of your new haircut should be to make sure it complements your own personality, skin tone, facial shape, and hair type and texture.

Women in 60’s hairstyles come in a variety of complex colors, voluminous cuts, and even lengths. It can effectively make your strands appear thicker and healthier.

Short asymmetrical bob

short asymmetrical bob haircuts

It is one of the best haircuts and hairstyles at 60. For women at sixty, a short, asymmetrical bob is the perfect hairstyle. There is a highly graded cut on the back of the hair that gets shorter on one side and longer on the other. The reason for the asymmetry is the more side-splitting. With the longer side styled loosely, tuck the shorter side behind your ear.

Sleek blonde short bob

An angled bob with layers is a beautiful short haircut for women at sixty. Because of the angle, your hair will appear longer, and the layers will add more life to your naturally thinning hair. The tiny side bangs also give off a very modern vibe.

Choppy bob with choppy bangs

Choppy bob with choppy bangs haircut

A choppy bob with choppy bangs is a great haircut for women at sixty. It provides volume and hides wrinkles on the forehead. Blunt front bangs provide maximum density. Cutting your hair to fall precisely at your jawline will quickly make you look younger.

The long shaggy bob

A timeless hairstyle that never goes out of style is the long, disheveled bob. Bangs and a wispy face framing are the two things that make 60-year-olds’ shag haircuts appealing. For women at 60, front bangs are a great choice since they naturally provide the look of younger skin by hiding wrinkles on the forehead.

Wonderful wedge haircut

Wonderful wedge haircut
Image by Orna from Pixabay

Wedges are the perfect hairstyle for a woman in her sixties searching for a low-maintenance beauty routine. Talk about this wedge with your hairstylist if you want to cut your hair.

Jaw-length bob with edgy lowlights

A jaw-length bob with edgy lowlights is a fun, attractive cut, and style for women at sixty. Lavender lowlights provide a subtle and engaging touch to every cut. A jaw-length bang draws attention to your cheekbones.

Textured and spiky

A textured, spikey pixie cut looks great on mature ladies at sixty who want to add a little edge. The layers are extremely sharply cut and have a fragmentary quality. Spiky layers make fine hair appear bigger and broader.

The bold quiff

bold quiff hairstyle

Strong quiff hairstyles are eye-catching looks that are guaranteed to grab attention. This haircut features short, adorable sides and a long, sassy top. Silver hair color looks fantastic with this powerful haircut.

Jaw-length stacked pixie bob

Women with thick hair look great in a jaw-length stacked pixie bob. The graduation is extremely steep, rising above the occipital bone. It is trimmed quite short at the rear, just below the hairline. Your sassy new bob is finished off with many short, choppy layers and a long, soft bang swept to one side.

Edgier short bob with lots of layering

An edgy short bob cut with lots of layering is a creative take on the classic bob hairstyle. The thin layers give the haircut movement and edge.

Slimming cut with a round face

This gorgeous bob hairstyle is ideal for older people who wish to try something different.

Short curly bob with fringe

short bob with fringe curly hair

A short curly bob with fringe is the perfect face-framing haircut for ladies at sixty. The layered cut allows the curls to have a lot of bounce and volume. It has fairly little maintenance, making it perfect for washing and going.

Messy choppy lixie shag

Choppy and messy pixie shag hairstyles create a bold fashion statement. The messy punk rock look encourages movement and physicality. The shaggy layers generate around your face.

Edgy shaggy mullet

Fine-textured hair looks great in an edgy, scruffy mullet. Shaggy layers give your fine hair body and volume, making it look and feel much thicker. Shags are a very popular style trend.

Wavy medium-length shag

Shag is one of the best medium-length hairstyles for women in their 60s. Not only can a medium-length haircut make you look 10 years younger, but it also looks fantastic with bangs. This chop also looks amazing on curly hair.

Choppy gray pixie crop

Choppy gray pixie crop

A textured crop hairstyle on an older woman looks great with choppy layers. This choppy cut is one of the hottest hairstyles right now for women at 60 who wish to seem younger.

Asymmetrical pixie cut

You can decide on an asymmetrical pixie cut for your hairstyle. If you’re at 60, you can choose a short hairstyle that appears lively and fresh and takes less upkeep. An asymmetrical short pixie cut with accents of brown beige is a game-changer for women in their sixties!

Shoulder-length long bob with bangs

For women at 60, shoulder-length shags are a common medium hairstyle. Shoulder-length hairstyles can give you a ten-year younger appearance. It is like this modern shaggy long bob with bangs. They’re also a great technique to highlight your youth and detract from forehead creases. Then, use a brunette balayage to color your hair for an extremely striking lob.

Voluminous cut with fine hair

A delicate hairstyle can have more volume and character by adding layers and highlights. These are short hairstyles, known as pixies with textured hair that can be pulled off. While hiding thinning or hair loss, this stunning head of curly hair, along with a few colorful strands, looks lovely.

Salt and peppered short stacked bob

A short, layered bob is one of the more conventional hairstyles for women at sixty. The triangle geometric design was harmoniously created by employing the occipital to work the graduation in line with the cranial structure.

Gorgeous long hairstyle with long bangs

gorgeous long hairstyle with long bangs

A long haircut with bangs might help you hide wrinkles on your forehead and look younger. The answer to the question of whether having long hair makes you look older is yes if you have fine, thin hair.

Face-framing short haircut with bangs and glasses

This is the perfect short hairdo for any sixty-something woman who wears glasses. This gray hairstyle is fun and stylish and one of the best haircuts and hairstyles at 60.

Pixie cut for women with glasses

If you are sixty, go for a stunning yet timeless pixie cut. Eyeglasses set along with the edginess of the textured pixies will instantly be youthful and fashionable for any older woman.

Graduated haircut for fine hair

A graduated hairstyle is a great method to provide the impression and feel of larger strands for fine hair. Another easy bob hairstyle for women with straight hair is this one. Gradient cuts cut the hair at a 45-degree angle, stacking it to generate the most weight.

A short graduated bob

short graduated bob haircut

The ideal hairstyle for women with fine to medium hair density who want more volume is a short graduated bob with a soft side fringe. A few delicate layers cut by your cutter will offer a lot of body and movement to your classic short-grad bob.

The swing bob

The swing bob is an edgy hairstyle. It looks fantastic on ladies with thick, coarse hair. An undercut is a great approach to reduce bulk, texturize, and add tiny layers. The way the front is chopped and left a little longer to highlight how the hair swings forward toward the face is referred to as a ‘swing bob’.

Shaggy cut with fringe on long hair

A long hair scruffy cut with fringe is one of the best haircuts for women at 60 with fine to medium hair types and a hint of natural structure. The length of the fringe determines which layers are the shortest, and multiple fragmentary layers frame the face.

The A-line bob with graduation

The A-line bob with graduation is a timeless hairstyle. It works well on thick, medium, and fine hair types. It might generate greater sound. Greater volume is correlated with more graduation.

Layered face-framing cut with bangs

Layered face-framing cut with bangs

This layered face-framing design with bangs is one of the most sophisticated and timeless medium-length hairstyles for women at sixty. It is great for middle-aged ladies with fine to medium-density hair who want to add more volume, structure, and body without spending a lot of time styling.

Stunning long wavy hair

Beautiful long, wavy hair goes well with any color. To enhance the waves and appreciate the natural greys and texture, you can add long, delicate layers.

Angled bob with bangs

An angled bob with bangs is one of the more beautiful short haircuts for women at 60. The women with thick hair who want to keep some length but still have a light, manageable cut. Before committing, estimate how much more time it will take to style your hair in a ponytail.

Neck-length cut with a side-part

A neck-length cut with a side part is a fashionable and in-demand haircut since it works well on all hair types. Some pliable layers are added for volume and texture. The front pieces are cut somewhat shorter to mimic an adult fringe.

Modern shaggy bowl cut

Modern shaggy bowl haircut
Photo by Jill Burrow from Pexels.

The popular shaggy bowl cut is a great undone look. It can be produced with mousse and a diffuser with the least amount of products. A styling wax might help bring the piece even more attention when your hair has dried.

Long shaggy hair with long bangs

Shaggy hairs with long bangs are a sassy option to go longer on a maturing woman. Smooth or tousled textures can be worn with this style. It can be air-dried or polished with heated tools.

Sassy pixie mullet for thick hair

A sassy pixie mullet for thick hair is a short pixie cut with longer hair left on the sideburns and back hairline. It is a simple cut that requires little shaping and grows beautifully in a lovely form.

Ear-length crop with side bangs

Ear-length crop with side bangs

Women at 60 are drawn to an attractive haircut that mixes side bangs with an ear-length crop. The sides progressively join to the very short-shaven back and are ear-length longer.

The short-to-medium inverted bob

With its highly graded back and multiple stacked layers, the short-to-medium inverted bob is one of the hottest hairstyles. The medium-length sides extend to the collarbone, where the short graduation ends abruptly.

A jaw-length French bob

There is a little rear bevel or graduation on a jaw-length French bob. Because the cut offers beautiful movement and volume, these over-60 haircuts are perfect for people with finer hair. A soft brow-level fringe would look fantastic with this classic haircut.

Edgy silver pixie cut for thin hair

Edgy silver pixie cut for thin hair

If you have naturally gray hair, choose a silver pixie cut for women that is understated yet stylish. To hide your white hair, ask your hairstylist to add some dimension and a few foils of black lowlights. The upkeep of this cut will require careful consideration.

A very short-layered bob has longer sides, top, and front that cover the ears, occipital bone, and forehead than a short graduated cut that is slightly grown out. This one is one of the greatest short haircuts for thick-haired ladies at 60.

Razor-cut lob with long side-swept bangs

A razor-cut lob with long, side-swept bangs and plenty of jagged layers is a sassy, carefree-looking hairstyle. It suits most facial shapes for people with medium to thick hair densities. Razored cuts grow out very softly and are incredibly easy to style. Naturally, the hair flips out and lightly brushes against the shoulder.

Classy mid-length cut with a side part

One of the most popular and the best haircuts and hairstyles at 60 is a chic mid-length cut with a side part. It has a great degree of style adaptability because of its length, which falls just below the shoulders. You can wear it knotted up or half down, straight or curled.

Short and stacked with an undercut

Short hair piled with an undercut is one of the most popular and the best haircuts and hairstyles at 60. Because the undercut will eliminate a lot of the thickness and the remaining hair will fall over without becoming unduly huge and voluminous. It is ideal for exceptionally thick and coarse hair.

Long curly hair

Long curly hair

A gorgeous and practical hairstyle is one of the best haircuts and hairstyles at 60 and features long, curly hair or hair pulled back in the center. It is an excellent and easy way to eliminate the curls that are falling in your eyes and add additional volume.

Short wash-and-wear cut for busy women

For women at sixty, a wash-and-wear cut is one of the easiest looks. Soft, wispy fringe, sides that reach the ears, and a relatively short, graduated back cut are characteristics of a wash-and-wear cut. Layered and textured, the cut offers realistic volume.

Collarbone-length hair with wispy bangs

Collarbone-length hair with wispy bangs

Collarbone-length hair and delicate bangs are a classic combination. The wispy bangs gently arch into the layers that surround the face as they fall below the eyebrow.

Textured shag crop

A short, graded, jagged, and extremely textured shag crop looks amazing. To keep this haircut current, add a few longer hair pieces that are two to three inches long and stand out at the base of the jaw and earlobe. It’s a playful, feminine, and bold crop.

Stacked and shaped short bob

A very short, stacked, and sculpted bob can give the appearance of having larger, plumper hair on fine hair. Even the soft, fine hair won’t turn flat because the volume is already incorporated into the cut.

The silver pixie with bangs

For the mature woman, the silver pixie with bangs is a great cut. Its beautiful length lends it an edgier appearance when worn with bangs. The varying length of the fringe can be advantageous when styled smooth or disheveled.

Mod short bob with bangs

A mod short bob with bangs is a contemporary jaw-length bob with a long fringe. It reaches the eyebrows and a gentle beveled edge. The mod bob looks great on hair with medium-to-thick textures.

Chin-length hairstyle with curly hair

chin length hairstyles for curly hair

Bangs give an illusion of increased energy. Pick a gorgeous, chin-length cut on the beach waves with silver-blonde highlights. To cover up any naturally gray hair, think about adding dark blonde highlights.

Tapered rounded bob with feathered layers

Any lovely woman at sixty who wears a basic, rounded bob hairdo looks fantastic. It is incredible how adding feathery layers can improve the volume and form of your hairstyles. Your graying hair can offer you the most natural-looking color and dimension without needing a lot of maintenance.

Modern blunt bob for straight hair

Select a modern hairstyle like a cropped, blunt bob. You can love how this style for thin hair contrasts with a few delicate texture pieces. It gives a clean, structured look and is considered as one of the best haircuts and hairstyles at 60.

Classic layered cut with balayage

medium length balayage brown hair

This stunning over-60 haircut uses a combination of blonde and brown tones to camouflage gray hair in women who have it. With this cut, you may bid adieu to helmet hair and permed hair.

Medium length hairstyle with bangs and layers

For ladies over 60 with thin or thinning hair, choppy, medium-length layers are a terrific technique to create the illusion of thicker, fuller hair. Older women with medium-length haircuts might look younger by adding bangs.

Pixie bob with straight hair

The pixie bob is one of the best haircuts and hairstyles at 60. This cut looks great on straight, thin hair. Because the goal is to make the head appear thicker than ever.

Layered bob for ladies with thick hair

Layered bob for ladies with thick hair

Because of its timeless style, a layered bob is often a great choice for ladies with thick hair. Lengthening the sides and strengthening the graduation at the back will give it a more modern appearance.

Wavy bob with loose waves

A wavy bob with loose waves suits women with round and square faces well and is one of the best haircuts and hairstyles at 60. It makes the crown taller and highlights the eyes and cheekbones. Bobs are a great style for women at sixty. With flowing waves, any age can seem elegant and sensual.

Long pixie with side-swept bangs

If you want to ace the style game and are at 60, try a long pixie with side-swept bangs. The side-swept fringe looks fantastic with a low side split and sculpts round facial shapes. Its minimalist appearance is a result of its flat, contemporary design. Straight or curly hair looks excellent with this style.

Shag with curtain bangs for long hair

shaggy curtain bangs long hair

When you’re ready to take things a step further, choose a long hairstyle such as a curtain bangs or shag. Curtain bangs soften the face and look great on long or oval face shapes.


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