What is Mangago? Is it safe? You Should Know Everything

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If you are a manga lover, you already know how much it costs to read it. The cost of a manga book if you live outside of Japan, Korea, or China: 10 dollars for every new volume of a manga book. Cost can fluctuate up and down depending on where you live and what manga you want to buy. If you are reading 2-3 or more manga simultaneously, you can imagine how much it would cost to keep up with them all. Buying manga doesn’t just cost money.

You also have to go to a store and buy them one at a time. When you buy manga, you have to put in a lot of time and effort to do it. And it can have an impact on your monthly budget. So, do I have a better choice? One doesn’t take a lot of time or money. Mangago is the answer to your question.

What is Mangago?

Mangago is a website dedicated to manga. It has over 80,000 manga available for reading. It is completely free; there is no subscription fee or other cost of any kind. Simply going to Mangago will allow you to read your favorite manga.

You don’t have to go through boring steps to read your favorite manga on Mangago. Simply go to Mangago, find your manga of choice, and read it online; it’s that simple.

Although it is possible to create an account on Manga go, it is not required. You can still read manga without creating an account. Mangago does not require any personal information from you and can be used anonymously.

Where does Mangago get its manga from?

Mangago is a platform where you can read tens of thousands of manga for free. After knowing this, you may ask a question. How does Mangago do that? How can they provide us with free manga?

As discussed before, it costs a significant sum of money to buy a manga volume. And Mangago has tens of thousands of manga for anyone who visits them for free. How can this be done?

After all, legally speaking, Manga Go has to purchase a license from a manga publisher or author to use a manga on their website. And the license for a single manga is much money, not to mention tens of thousands of manga licenses. If Manga Go pays expensive license fees, it doesn’t make sense to make them free to read for anyone who may visit their website. After all, Mangago is not a charity; they are also there to make money. You can also read more about CrackStream.

So, the only possible way they can provide free manga for everyone is that they don’t pay any license fees. They just scan the manga books and upload them on their website. 

Mangago App features

  • It has a huge Manga collection.
  • The user interface is both innovative and engaging.
  • Over 50,000 manga and comic books are available for free.
  • Several manga sources have just been updated.
  • To add your favorite websites to the app, enter their URLs.

Download Mangago App on Android

  • To begin, go to an apk store like apkpure.
  • Enter Mangago in the search box.
  • Choose the Search Now option.
  • Then, open the Mangago Apk file.
  • By selecting the Download Now option, you can save the apk file to your phone.
  • Now, from the Download Folder, open the file.
  • Allow your phone system to install unknown apps to install it.
  • Start the app and sign in using your Facebook or Google account.
  • Now you can read as much manga as you want on your android smartphone.

Download and use the Mangago app on iPhone

  • Open the AppStore on your iPhone or iPad
  • Write Mangago in the search box and press the search button
  • Select Mangago app from the search result
  • Download Manga Go app
  • Wait for it to download and then install it.
  • Now you can use the Mangago app to read your favorite manga.

User Interface of Mangago

Mangago’s website has a simple and elegant user interface. A simple user interface is very helpful to first-time users as they can easily find what they want with little effort.

Mangago website is very easy to navigate. Despite tens of thousands of manga available on the Manga Go website, you can easily find the manga you like.

Let’s discuss the User Interface of Manga Go

  1. Top bar

The top bar is very simple, with only five elements.

  1. Mangago Logo: It takes you to the home page if you click on it.
  2. History icon: It stores your history 
  3. Sign up: You can create a Mangago account if you like.
  4. Sign in: You can sign in here if you already have a Manga Go account.
  1. Header

Mangago header has many elements, so all its elements don’t fit on one line. Mangago header has a home icon and lines filled with elements after it.

Home icon: it takes you to the home page.

First Row

There are five elements in the first row.

  1. Manga Directory: Click it, and it will give you all the manga on Mangago. The result is displayed on multiple pages depending on the number of manga stored on Manga Go.
  2. Completed Manga: Click it, and it will give you all the completed manga currently present on Mangago. Note that it only completed manga as a result, and no ongoing manga will be displayed.
  3. Last Updates: Click it, and it will give you all the recently uploaded manga and manga volumes as a result. The result will be on multiple pages, and you can navigate and access all the pages through the page number option at the end of the page.
  4. All Genres: Click it, and it will take you to a page with all the manga genres listed in order. Suppose you want to read manga of a specific genre. In that case, you can select it from the list, and it will give you all the manga with your selected genre available on Mangago.
  5. Search Bar: Write an author name or manga name and press enter. The search bar will give you all the manga on Manga Go related to your search query on a separate page.

Second Row

The second row has 9 items.

  1. New Manga: Click it, and it will take you to a page with the newest manga uploaded on Mangago. 
  2. Yaoi: Click it, and it will give you all the manga with Yaoi genre present on Mangago.
  3. Doujinshi: Click it, and it will give you all the manga with the Doujinshi genre present on Mangago.
  4. Shounen Ai: Click it, and it will give you all the manga with the Shounen Ai genre present on Manga Go.
  5. Yuri: Click it, and it will give you all the manga with the Yuri genre present on Mangago.
  6. Shoujo: Click it, and it will give you all the manga with the Shoujo genre present on Mangago.
  7. Fantasy: Click it, and it will give you all the Fantasy manga present on Mangago.
  8. Romance: Click it, and it will give you all the Romance manga stored on Manga Go.
  9. School Life: Click it, and it will give you all the manga with the School Life genre present on Mangago. If you are interested then read more about F95Zone.

3. Main Section

Homepage, Search result page, and all other pages on Mangago that display a collection of manga together have the main section. All the manga thumbnails are displayed in the main section of the page. 

The main section of Mangago holds a total of 44 manga at once, with four manga in a row and 11 rows on a page. If a search result has more manga than 44, then extra manga will be displayed on the main section of the next page.

You can navigate between pages through the page navigation system below the main section.

  1. Sidebar

The sidebar on Mangago is further divided into two sections.

  1. Browse by Genre: This section has all the genres supported by Mangago listed in a line. If you click on any list items, it will give you all the manga with the selected genre on a separate page.
  2. Most Popular Manga: This section comes after the Browse by Genre section. It has the 19 most popular manga listed in a line.

How many genres does Mangago support?

Mangago supports 37 genres, all listed below, along with the number of related manga on Mangago.

  1. Yaoi: A total of 10276 manga.
  2. Doujinshi: A total of 5917 manga.
  3. Shounen Ai: A total of 4023 manga.
  4. Shoujo: A total of 10229 manga. 
  5. Yuri: A total of 2218 manga.
  6. Romance: A total of 20034 manga.
  7. Fantasy: A total of 9893 manga.
  8. Comedy: A total of 16116 manga.
  9. Smut: A total of 3938 manga.
  10. Adult: A total of 1492 manga.
  11. School Life: A total of 8425 manga.
  12. Mystery: A total of 2428 manga.
  13. One-Shot: A total of 5122 manga.
  14. Ecchi: A total of 3402 manga.
  15. Shounen: A total of 5411 manga.
  16. Martial Arts: A total of 1412 manga.
  17. Shoujo Ai: A total of 2071 manga.
  18. Supernatural: A total of 5843 manga.
  19. Drama: A total of 12667 manga.
  20. Action: A total of 8269 manga.
  21. Adventure: A total of 4873 manga.
  22. Harem: A total of 1354 manga.
  23. Historical: A total of 2950 manga.
  24. Horror: A total of 1884 manga.
  25. Josei: A total of 4105 manga.
  26. Mature: A total of 2100 manga.
  27. Mecha: A total of 478 manga.
  28. Psychological: A total of 2293 manga.
  29. Sci-fi: A total of 1911 manga.
  30. Seinen: A total of 4708 manga.
  31. Slice Of Life: A total of 7330 manga.
  32. Sports: A total of 942 manga.
  33. Gender Bender: A total of 1042 manga.
  34. Tragedy: A total of 1831 manga.
  35. Bara: A total of 91 manga.
  36. Shotacon: A total of 257 manga.
  37. Webtoons: A total of 7310 manga.

How to Create an account on Mangago?

Mangago doesn’t require you to create an account. You can read your favorite manga as you like, even without an account. 

If you are only interested in reading manga, you don’t need an account. If you want to use interesting features of Mangago like voting, comment, etc., you need an active account.

Suppose you want to be a contributing member of Manga Go and create a Manga Go account. You can do so through the following steps.

  1. Open a web browser and proceed to Mangago me.
  2. Choose “Sign Up” in the upper right corner of the screen, next to the profile icon. 
  3. Enter your email address, username, and password, confirm the captcha, accept their terms and services, and click “Sign Up.”
  4. Choose your Country on the following screen. To hide your Country from other users, select “Don’t show it to others.”
  5. Click the “Upload” button to upload your profile image.
  6. Click the “Save” button to get all account information.

How to use Mangago?

 There is no comprehensive user guide for using Mangago to read manga. It is entirely dependent on your ingenuity and ability to navigate the internet. We will, however, lead you through the process of reading your first manga on Mangago.

  1. On an internet-enabled smartphone or computer, Visit the Mangago website at Mangago me.
  2. If you have a Mangago account, sign in to your Manga Go account to like comments, write comments, and express your reactions to your favorite manga.
  3. Browse the Manga categories to locate your favorite manga, or use the search box to find the manga you’re looking for.
  4. Choose “Start Reading” to begin reading the manga, or add it to the list to read it later.

How to comment on your favorite manga using Mangago?

Suppose you’re really happy about the manga. In that case, you can leave a comment for others to know, or if you’re having trouble reading any pages or chapters of the manga, you can leave a comment to help the Mangago team fix it.

  1. Sign in to your Mangago account with your email address/username and password.
  2. Find and select the manga to which you wish to write a review.
  3. Scroll down to the comment section and click the “Add a comment” button.
  4. Go to the comment section, type your comment, and click the “Submit” button. If you want the comment to go viral, include some of the most popular tags above it.
  5. The remark will be published and added to the manga. However, if you want to keep the remark private, tick the box next to “only accessible to myself.”

How to delete your account on Mangago?

Suppose you are done with Mangago and don’t want to use it again to watch manga. It is best practice to delete your activity log and Mangago account. You can delete your Manga Go account by following the step-by-step method.

  1. Sign in to your Mangago account.
  2. Click on “profile picture” from the dropdown select “Settings.”
  3. Find and select “delete” from the list of options.
  4. You will get a warning message saying, “Your Manga Go account will be permanently removed; you won’t be able to recover it.” Wait 10 seconds on the same page and select “Confirm Delete.”

Now your Mangago account is permanently deleted.

Is it legal to read manga from Mangago?

There is no “Legal” or “illegal” answer to this. Whether it’s legal or illegal depends on the Country you are from. 

But it’s not illegal in most areas of the world if you are reading manga and not distributing. It means that it’s legal if you use Mangago just to read or download manga for personal use. While in some countries, downloading is illegal, and reading online is fine. 

Most of the time, if you are only using Manga Go as an individual for reading manga and not distributing the manga, you download from Mangago to profit. You won’t get into trouble for the illegal use of licensed material.

Is Mangago a legal or an illegal website?

The answer to this is: “it depends from country to country.” Mangago distributes licensed manga without purchasing public use rights. In this situation, it seems illegal. 

But Mangago doesn’t charge its visitors money and allows them to read manga for free. So, they can make an argument that they don’t profit from distributing licensed material.

It all depends on the laws of various countries. In some countries, Manga Go is considered illegal and banned from access. Mangago is not considered illegal in other countries, and you are free to access Manga Go from there.

Is it safe to use Mangago?

Mangago is a pirated website; it distributes manga for free. So, there can be legal issues depending on your Country’s law. If your Country’s laws are strict, you can get into trouble, and it can be serious trouble like a jail sentence or a heavy fine.

It is a common issue in all pirated websites. The other common issue among pirated websites is ads, popups, viruses, and security issues related to them. 

But Mangago doesn’t have ads, popups, and notifications. Without ads and popups, you are safe from viruses and malware that make their way to your computer through them. 

Mangago doesn’t redirect you to unknown web pages, so there is no risk of getting viruses from suspicious websites.

Overall, among pirated websites, Mangago is considered pretty safe. A safe pirated website is impossible to exist, so you must take precautions to be on the safe side.

How to stay safe while using Mangago?

In some countries, it’s illegal to use Mangago because it’s a pirated website. If your Country is one of those, it’s best if you put every effort into staying anonymous. The best way to anonymously access Mangago is by using a VPN or tor network.

VPN will keep your online activity hidden. No one, including your Country’s authorities, will find out when you use Manga Go. It is always best to use VPN while visiting pirated websites.

Another precaution while visiting pirated websites is to use a trusted antivirus. Although Manga Go doesn’t have common sources of viruses like ads, popups, redirects, and notifications, it’s always the best practice to remain on the safe side.

After all, Mangago is a pirated website, even if it doesn’t have ads and popups. Using an antivirus, you can completely block any viruses that may infect your computer through Mangago. You can also read more about Kik Username.

Advantages and disadvantages of Mangago


  • Simple and elegant user interface
  • No advertisement, popups, and redirects.
  • Mangas from dozens of genres
  • No bloatware.
  • Fast response time and fantastic manga loading speed.
  • Fast download speed


  • The server may go down someday.
  • Issues occur from time to time.
  • Show 18+ manga, without restriction. Which is harmful to the mental health of minors.

FAQ about Mangago

Why is Mangago banned in some countries?

Mangago distributes tens of thousands of manga free of charge. But because of this, authors make a loss. Living expenses of authors and manga creators come from selling manga, whether in a book (Hard form) or online (mild form).

Manga Go provides manga for free, precisely because of this people don’t go and pay money to buy manga; this indirectly reduces the income of authors.

Because of Mangago manga, artists and authors make losses, so they hate the website. Because of this, Mangago and similar websites are banned in most countries worldwide.

Why is Mangago not working?

There can be various reasons for Mangago not working. The number one reason is that website is blocked in your Country, so you can’t access them. So, try using VPN. It may solve the problem of geo-blocking. If you are already using a trustable VPN, try changing it, the problem may be due to your VPN. Another reason can be that the Manga Go server is down. If so, wait a while and try again; hopefully, you will access Manga Go next time.

Is it safe to download Manga for Mangago?

Mangago is an illegal and pirated website. Although it is relatively safe among pirated websites, it’s not entirely safe. It’s best to download manga from Manga Go, as it can be infected with all kinds of viruses. In short, it’s a threat to your computer security. It’s best if you read manga online to stay relatively safe. But if you must download manga from Mangago to your computer. You better have a trustable antivirus.

Why should I pay to buy manga from time to time? Because authors create manga to earn money, money supports their living expenses. So, authors usually focus on manga that gives them more money. 

If your favorite manga doesn’t earn a little money for its author, then the author might drop it and focus on another manga. Such cases have appeared before, so you should pay more attention to this issue. Buy your favorite manga from time to time to support its author.


Mangago is a pretty good website if you want to read several kinds of manga at the same place for free. It is convenient if you want to save money while enjoying your hobby of reading manga.

But although it’s free, it has legal issues that come with it. It’s better to remain cautious when using pirated websites. 


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