Texas Republican Mayra Flores Wins House Seat in Special Election

Time Of Info By TOI Desk Report   June 15, 2022   Update on : June 15, 2022

Mayra Flores

Republicans gained a seat in the House on Tuesday, with Mayra Flores expected to win a special election in Texas to fill a seat formerly held by a Democrat.

The special election on Tuesday, a Republican will represent a congressional district in south Texas. Mayra Flores’ win comes as Republicans continue to make strides among Latino voters in south Texas, defeating her Democrat opponent in a 51 percent-43 percent vote.

Gonzalez is currently a member of Congress from an adjacent congress. He is likely to defeat Flores in the election.

Flores’ triumph comes as Republicans speed their attempts to recruit Latino voters as a string of surveys and elections suggest a larger movement away from Democrats among Latino voters.

If you look at these things like Texas local government elections, New Jersey election campaigns, Nassau County election campaigns, Virginia elections, they all figure to Hispanics not just not snapping back but trying to continue to get more Republican in absolute terms than they had been before, told by David Shor, a left-wing political data analyst,

Flores did, in fact, emphasize her conservative credentials on the campaign trail. In discussing her past, she used aspects of Trump’s speech and relied extensively on law-and-order tropes.

Flores was born in Mexico and works in respiratory care. Flores claims on her website that her parents and grandparents “raised her with strong conservative beliefs and taught her to always put God and family first.”

She has said unequivocally that her immigration to the United States at the age of six was done legally and that with the support of her father. She offered her family the greatest gift, the gift about becoming a proud, registered American citizen.

In November, a general election will be held to choose who would represent the new 34th District, which favours Democrats far more than the local district.

The nominees for that contest have already been determined through the standard primary process: Flores will face Democratic Rep. Vicente Gonzalez under the new rules.


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