No shooting on Las Vegas Strip after panic breaks out: Police

Time Of Info By TOI Desk Report   July 17, 2022   Update on : July 17, 2022

No shooting on Las Vegas

Police said there was no shooting on the Las Vegas Strip overnight, despite people racing across casino floors and outside hotels in panic at what they thought was gunshots.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department stated that reports of a gunshot near the MGM Hotel on Saturday night were false. Initial reports indicate that a glass door cracked, generating a loud boom that scared folks in the valet area, according to the department.

Security was stationed at the MGM’s front valet entry, according to photos shared on social media. A smashed door and numerous huge pebbles on the ground could be observed.

Crowds were seen fleeing over casino floors and onto the street in other footage uploaded online. As people rushed in the opposite direction, cops with their pistols drawn ran for the New York, New York sign outside.

According to KSNV, Las Vegas police Capt. Brandon Clarkson told reporters on the scene that the individual suspected of breaking the glass door was held on suspicion of property destruction. According to authorities, one person got minor injuries after falling during the first panic.

For further information, Fox News Digital contacted the Las Vegas Police Department. Unsubstantiated social media allegations alleging the event was a premeditated joke or attack were refuted by a police watch commander.

He said that the event occurred just at the MGM, but that fear extended to neighboring casinos. MGM Grand Hotel subsequently tweeted that MGM Grand and other Strip properties were operating normally.

The World Series of Poker account tweeted, “Rumors of shots fired at Bally’s/Paris/WSOP are incorrect.” “We ask social media users to be responsible and not disseminate misinformation that cause fear.”


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