Online Poker Advancements We Want in the Future

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   July 11, 2023   Update on : July 11, 2023

Online Poker

Online real money poker has come a long way in its history and evolution. From endlessly clicking on bad graphics to the current VR offerings where players can be in a room without leaving the comfort of their own homes. Here are some more advancements we want in the near future.

Uniform Poker-Exclusive Crypto

The ties between online poker and crypto are becoming very interesting and intertwined in 2023. Multiple online poker sites now give the functionality to bank, withdraw and even gamble with various cryptocurrencies. While allowing these currency types is already very good, it does pose the thought that what if online gambling or exclusively online poker vendors operated their own cryptocurrency?

This would allow users the ability to take their funds seamlessly between different sites as well as also being able to gauge accurately which sites are offering the best odds, value, and games all by using the same virtual wallet. Of course, it would also have the distinction of being only available to trade in this industry making it less susceptible to unsavoury activity or market volatility.

Advanced Matchmaking, Poker Passport?

One of the elements of online poker that is particularly hazy is the introduction or use of player matchmaking. In other sports, the Boxing World Heavyweight Champion simply does not contend with the scrawny amateur fighter… however online poker players are seldom offered the same protection. Even land games give players the option of swerving a table if they see it is not to their tastes.

Instead, players who use the real money poker sites found here may end up on tables with veterans of the game who have multiple years of experience on them making for real mismatches. While some real money poker apps offer up the details of other players when on the table, players don’t really want to have to load this up and then log out.

The introduction of an online poker passport would allow all players’ progress to be tracked, and the software can place players in amicable settings where they aren’t dwarfed. Of course, this might not resemble the real-world version where anyone can walk up to a table, but it doesn’t have to be a like-for-like experience.

Tailor-made Poker Coaching

Given how much data we omit every day, it would be nice to see a return on everything we share with the machines and AI systems. Given that our devices and the poker software will be able to spot trends in our poker play, wouldn’t it be nice if they were able to dissect our mistakes and how to get better? Whether it’s calling out players for being too aggressive or folding too much, having the algorithm objectively say: You do this too much, you could have won if you didn’t on many occasions. Would serve as a real wake-up call for players.

Poker apps could offer bespoke training situations for a fee too. I.e. having the software play out certain situations to help you overcome the weaknesses in your games. Players could even benefit from notifications mid-game to remind them not to fold if that’s their particular weak point.

VR and AR Poker Rooms

Ok, these already exist. Sort of. Pokerstars VR already exists on multiple gaming platforms and offers players the chance to step into virtual poker rooms while not actually leaving their own space. This form is only set for major development in the next few years as companies like Meta are pushing their experience-led software.

Augmented reality (AR) isn’t as popular as VR but online poker could lend itself to this. Not everyone wants to be in a fantastical land or totally fabricated setting when they play poker moreover. AR could offer the ability to add poker elements to your living room, I.e. an animated dealer now appears in your room and your coffee table is now the poker table. Which could be more appealing to serious poker players who don’t want to mix with avatars and overbearing digital worlds. In theory, this could also allow players to participate in land-based games when not physically in the same location. Of course, there are some who want to jump right into their new universe. Which, VR could offer a near-infinite amount of developments. Given that VR can put you anywhere, why be contained to a digital casino? You could play in space, the cards could be as big as A4 pieces of paper, and there are almost no rules as to what VR could do.

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