6 Outdoor Fun Games for Kids that Promotes Growth & Development

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   July 26, 2023   Update on : July 26, 2023

Outdoor Fun Games for Kids

Games are not only meant for entertainment purposes, but it also helps kids in growing and learning new things regularly. According to experts, outdoor games promote imagination & creativity, boost social skills, and encourage physical exercise, which is good for a kid at their growing stage.

Playing multiple games outside the house makes the kid more active and social. But also remember that whatever game you choose for your kid, it should be fun and keep your child engaged and away from digital distractions. So, without wasting any further time, let’s discuss 6 outdoor games your kids will enjoy playing.    

1. Family Games

We all remember playing family games in the house’s backyard as kids. I also remember making small houses with clothes and pillows. One used to play the role of dad, one as a child, and one mother, nostalgic! Modern kids still play this game but on tree houses and cubby houses.

However, few parents think that tree houses could be risky at times. So, the best option is a backyard cubby house for the kids. There are varieties of cubby houses available in the market that you can opt for according to your kid’s age. Cubby houses are safe and comfortable and help the kids develop physically and mentally. Just buy cubby houses online and watch your kid go crazy and excited about outdoor gaming. 

2. Obstacle Course

If you want your kids to keep moving and want to challenge their physical abilities, then just go with an obstacle course. You can make the playing environment of the backyard more fun and adventurous by adding some obstacles to it, like jump ropes, cones, and hula hoops around the area. This will make the area all jumping, crawling, roping, and balancing type, which your kids will love.

You can add other fun games, like racing against each other in minimum time. This outdoor game will give your kid endless entertainment and contribute to their overall enhancement in coordination, motor skills, and endurance.

3. Scavenger Hunt

If your kids love hunting and some adventure, then a scavenger hunt is perfect for them. All you need to do is create a list of clues and items for your kids and their friends to find. Just create a map or drop hints until it reaches the designated area.

Just add some fun gifts around the corner to make this game more interesting. Hide the treasure in the garden area and let the best one win. To add more fun, just divide the kids into teams or let them search individually. This game will let your little one use their brains, and it will also help them in building leadership skills & critical thinking. Just try this outdoor game idea and enjoy watching your kids play.

4. Kick the Can

If your kids are bored of playing the same hide-and-seek, you can introduce them to the twisted version of it, known as ‘kick the can.’ This is a game between a guard and some players that hide. Guard’s eyes are covered with a cloth, and whoever he catches goes directly to jail. However, all jailed players are released if another player comes in between and kicks the can.

This game is super interesting for kids as it increases excitement and fun. This game also helps kids develop problem-solving, strategic, and teamwork skills. In your free time, you can also join your kids in this game and create many happy and cheerful memories.

5. Simon Says

If you want to promote concentration and listening ability in your kids, just go with this classic game called ‘Simon Says.’ Just start with stone, paper, and scissors. The winner of this game will become Simon and deliver orders like turn around, touch your nose, etc. The other players will have to follow it. The one who fails to follow the commands will be eliminated, and the last player will become the next Simon.

This is a super fun game, and your kids will get busy playing this game all the time in the backyard. The catch of this game is that it will make your kid active and a pro listener.   

6. Trampoline

If your kids are little Tarzans and love jumping here and there, just gift them a trampoline, as it is one of the finest games. Set a safe and fun trampoline in the backyard and let your kids jump, dance, and roll in it. Trampolines help children learn the art of a balanced body, and their jumping area promotes overall physical development.

You can either buy a king-size trampoline or a small one as per your requirement, but if you also want to enjoy the trampoline time with your kids, just go with a king-size one with all the necessary safety and precautions. Enjoy the fun trampoline ride with your kids and let them grow.

Whether running, jumping, exploring, or hunting, the above-mentioned points have everything a parent needs for their children. Games and fun are very important in the life of growing up children. So, keep your children away from the digital world by introducing them to these amazing tips on outdoor game ideas that promote growth and development in kids.

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