All You Need to Learn About Piso Wifi Pause Time

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Piso Wifi Pause Time
Piso Wifi Pause Time

It might be challenging to achieve the ideal mix between remaining connected and being connected while you’re out and about. After all, sometimes, we must detach from the world to re-engage with who we are. Piso wifi Pause Time can help in this situation.

There will be times when you can’t access a wifi signal or hotspot in a public place. Or maybe you want to take a little break from social media and the internet. In any case, reading this article will assist you in familiarizing yourself with the advantages provided by Piso wifi Pause Time.

What is Piso wifi Pause Time?

A piece of software called Piso wifi Pause Time enables you to occasionally cut off your internet connection.

It is helpful if you have to leave your network for a short while but still require access to it when you go back. For instance, while you get ready for the day, you might want to suspend your wifi network every morning for 30 minutes. Once you’re ready to wake up the rest of your family, you can resume the network. 

It is a rental service that provides internet access through vending machines. You can use this service if you cannot afford an internet connection in the Philippines. All citizens of the nation are eligible to use the pause time services for Piso WiFi

Piso internet services are the biggest choice for somebody who is not technically savvy yet wants to utilize free internet. You can use the useful platform whenever it’s convenient for you. You can work on the time pausing to regulate the Piso bandwidth, users, and other time-related components.

The admin page of the Piso router has a useful option called wifi Halting. Using this function, you can decide whether to permit or deny a user access to your Piso wifi. You can choose one of the wifi pause choices if you don’t want your bandwidth to run out.

The user interface offers the choice to suspend a wifi network. You may access the settings by heading to “Network” > “Wifi” when you open the web interface using the IP. When the settings box appears, you should select “Control Network Access” from the list of options. 

If you halt your wifi network, a pop-up notification will appear when you click this option. You can find the “Pause” button here. You will need to specify a time limit for the pause once you choose yes.

What is the 10.0 0.1 IP address?

One of the most often used default IP addresses for wifi routers and other significant networking hardware is

It is most frequently found in company computer networks. Most routers let you enter the personal Network address to access the admin page. The IP address may be used by some router manufacturers as a gateway for your administrator access. The router settings can be controlled with this access.

Data from an external source with an Internet connection cannot be sent to this IP since this IP address does not have an explicit link to the web.

It is typically the source address if you are unclear about your router’s IP address.

You can only access private IP addresses remotely behind the router, such as You cannot access a device directly from the internet or another network.

As an alternative, it links together devices on a hidden network. When signing into the admin, take note of the exact name of the IP address. 

Many people mistakenly think the address is, but the correct address includes two 0s, not three.

For some routers, including Comcast Xfinity, you can access the admin page by entering the IP address Some router manufacturers employ the URL as a gateway to control router settings.

How to Install Piso Wifi Pause Time

Installing a program that will cause the pause to occur when the device cannot receive a data packet is necessary for using Piso wifi Pause Time. Any device that can access the internet over a wifi connection can use this application as well. 

Get Piso wifi Pause Time on your device to take advantage of everything it offers. You can use this function and continue to be connected even if your internet connection is slow.

You can halt your connection by simply going to the IP address. Visit the same site again to resume internet access after the break. You can also halt your connection to save money by using the service when necessary. 

Additionally, you may change the password whenever you want and modify the quantity of data you use or buy.

How to Use the Piso Wifi Pause Function

Pausing time with the Piso wifi is a fantastic feature you may employ since many customers desire to lower their internet usage. The easy ways to pause time on the Piso wifi are listed below;

  • Go to the Piso wifi web page first: Visit the website at to accomplish this.
  • A login page with username and password boxes will show up on the screen.
  • By entering the default username and password, log into your account.
  • It will now display the dashboard to you.
  • Next, take note of the upper left corner’s three horizontal lines.
  • Pick “portal” by tapping on the horizontal lines.
  • Afterward, select “wifi options” from the menu and click when the page opens.
  • Enable the pause function before filling in the other choices shown below.
  • Finally, select “save.”
  • That’s it. You have finished setting up the Piso wifi pause time.

How to check if I Have Paused Time

Check your connection on the online portal to see if you’ve paused time on Piso wifi if you’re unsure. You can modify both the gateway address and the password. Enter your service-created password next, and then adhere to the directions. Restart any linked Piso wifi devices after entering the new login information.

Log into your account to check if you’ve taken a break from using Piso wifi. You don’t need to buy an internet subscription only to browse the internet because Piso wifi is extremely economical and simple. The Piso wifi interface has superb customer service, helpful hints, and tutorials.

Benefits of Piso wifi Pause Time

Everyone has free access to the internet thanks to Piso wifi. The project was successful in giving a large number of people access to the internet where they would not otherwise have had one. It also assisted in bridging the digital gap in the Philippines. 

The hotspots are open to anyone who needs them in public areas like parks and libraries. offers free internet access in addition. By providing you with training and support, Piso wifi additionally aids in promoting online learning. It also helps build computer skills.

Its other benefits include; 

  • You may connect to the internet very securely because it guards and encrypts your data against hackers.
  • It also has financial advantages because it caters to people who cannot afford it.
  • You can make many uses of its precious and significant IP address.
  • With its assistance, you may manage your data transmission capacity for your business.
  • Without developing a detailed plan, you can use it whenever you choose. It means installing it is relatively straightforward.
  • You have the option to purchase portable, temporary internet, thanks to it.
  • The network is easy to use and quick. When viewing the web, you don’t have to be concerned about a slow network connection.

What is the default 10.0 0.1 username and password?

Admin is the default username and password. For, the admin user name and password have default settings. Additionally, you may modify these options under the System Settings > Users and Groups > Edit User Account section of the settings menu. 

The username and password have configurations. Every user has default access to the “Administrator” position in the system. Users need administrator access to control system objects when they first log in.

The system’s greatest degree of permission is the Administrator role. It gives the user complete access to all of the class’s objects.


For low-speed connections, like those used by mobile devices, the Piso wifi pause function is excellent. You can suspend your internet connection using Piso Wifi Pause Time and resume it whenever you want, if necessary. 

Also, you can decide to pause your connection when you are away and pick it back up when you return. You may also use the Piso wifi pause feature to save money when traveling.

Also, you can enjoy surfing, working, or studying at home with the aid of Piso Wifi Pause Time. You can use this function to keep your device linked to the internet when you are away from home if you don’t want harassment while on vacation. When you leave, you can suspend your connection and come back online.


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