Best Programming Language for Freelancing in 2022

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   December 19, 2022   Update on : December 19, 2022

Programming Language

If you have decided to earn a living through programming, you need to learn the best in-demand programming languages that will get you surprisingly high monetary benefits.

You might be familiar with standard programming languages, such as Python, JavaScript, etc. but knowing about Ruby, Golang, and other not-so-common programming languages will also go a long way in getting you high packages in the freelancing realm.

Here we have listed 7 most in-demand programming languages in 2022 that promise a good salary as well as satisfy your professional interests.

7 Best Programming Languages:

Programming offers an astonishing future with a high salary, global recognition, and stability. Being a programmer, you can enjoy the financial and professional benefits of a developer’s paradigm if you learn in-demand programming languages. Moreover, network encryption is imperative to attain customers’ trust, so you must integrate languages that offer robust encryption for your system with multilayered security to protect your data.

1. Python:

Python is a high-purpose and robust programming language. This coding language is used by more than 80% of web developers. According to a report, the python services have an average hourly rate of $55-60. Freelance developers can use this language for any data processing job and can build custom software that programs their daily life tasks.

It contains an extensive library and framework that facilitates various tasks, from simple web applications and scripting to artificial intelligence. Moreover, it can run on MAC, Windows, and Linux because of being a platform-independent programming language. It makes use of inbuilt GUI frameworks to support a plethora of cross-platform solutions.

2. Java

Java is another robust scripting language that runs on Apache Tomcat. It is the most reliable language for writing web applications. Java development service has approximately an average hourly rate of $48 in the US. So freelancers can make huge money using this programming language.

With high concurrent users and fast page execution times, Java provides freelancers with tools to build web apps, games, and even complex enterprise solutions, such as java websites and mobile applications. It contains security features that help create temper-free solutions

3. Golang:

Golang (Go) is a compiled programming language that has a powerful standard library and open-source packages. The most impressive feature of Go is its fast speed that can even beat python and Java. This is also considered the highest-paying skill for freelancers having an average hourly rate of nearly $55.

With enhanced testing support, effective garbage cleaning, this programming language, and superior memory performance, Go can develop fast and scalable web apps. Moreover, it also facilitates artificial processes and Data Science. Freelancers should learn this in-demand programming language as it will surely make a huge part of their career progression.

4. C++

C++ is an object-oriented programming language quite familiar to freelance programmers and engineers. Many enterprises use this high-level competitive programming language because of its high efficiency as compared to other interpreter-based languages. C++ programmers in the US have an hourly rate of $29-34.

It can be used for many applications, such as browser development, software development, game development, financial applications, and so on. It is quite feasible to allocate spaces when using this language due to vigorous memory utilization. Furthermore, enhanced features allow better readability, troubleshooting, and code clarity.

5. HTML:

HTML is a prominent marking language that helps build web structures. Novice freelance developers should go for this programming language as it is relatively easy to learn and execute. This is a lightweight setup with enhanced cache features. The average hourly rate of HTML developers in the US is $29.

HTML can be integrated with other programming languages, such as CSS, and JavaScript. It offers a template that makes web page designing easy and fast. Moreover, it has loose syntax and is widely used for data storage.

6. CSS:

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is another programming language that is used to style web pages. It describes how HTML elements should be displayed on the screen or any other media. Freelancer developers with knowledge of HTML and CSS find themselves promptly and easily employed.

The average hourly rate of CSS developers is $43.24. It is an accurate and trustworthy programming language having flexible layout options for designing webpages.

7. Ruby:

Another programming language focusing on simplicity and elegant syntax is Ruby. It supports diverse programming paradigms, such as procedural, object-oriented, and functional. The average hourly rate of Ruby is $50.

It is effective for building data-processing services, desktop applications, automation tools, and many more. It is equipped with powerful tools that offer feasibility in testing and optimization. Moreover, it reduces the development time up to 25-50%.


Freelancer developers can make huge profits in this passionate job market. However, this market is quite competitive, and developers must learn which programming language is currently in demand. So these are 7 of the best and highest paying programming languages that will positively contribute to your freelancing career.



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