10 Qualities A Good Speaker Must Have?

Time Of Info By TOI Desk Report   September 6, 2022   Update on : September 6, 2022

Good Speaker

A good speaker is a person who can draw the attention of the target audience with the magic of his/her speech. The audience won’t listen to a person if he/she does not have some qualities. People often complain about the fact that they are not being able to be good speakers. There is nothing wrong with the audience here, rather than the speaker’s less efficiency.

Let’s have a look at what qualities a good speaker should have.

1. Clarity:

A good speaker must express his/her views to the audience clearly. Anything vague would not draw the attention of the audience. A clear sense to the people is always welcomed rather than a hazy idea about a particular topic.

2. Conciseness:

A good speaker doesn’t spend a lot of time cracking the main idea of his/her speech. Your audience will lose eagerness if you can make your speech very specific or to the point. You should always speak to the audience concisely.

3. Interesting:

A speaker’s main quality is being interesting. A boring speech is quite unusual and people don’t like it at all. You can speak to your target people interestingly.

4. Body language:

The body language of a person is very important while he/she is delivering a speech. A person should not offer a statue-like posture to his/her audience. The body language of a person expresses the seriousness of a speaker.

5. Sense of humor:

A good speaker should crack a joke during his/her speech. A person who has a good sense of humor is loved by all people. It also relieves the anxiety among the audience. A good speaker should have a good sense of humor.

6. Preparation:

A good speaker should be well prepared before delivering his/her speech. You should know your audience, do research, rehearsal, and do the groundwork on the topic you are going to discuss. Your speech needs to be informative for being considered a good speech.

7. Slow and steady:

A good speaker never rushes to finish his/her speech. Although people speak very quickly to draw attention to the listeners, it is tough to achieve something without being stable. A slow and steady informative and productive speech is much more desired than a quick speech which is full of errors. Don’t forget the proverb- ‘Slow and steady wins the race.’

8. Enthusiasm:

An exuberant speaker takes the driving seat and attracts his/her audience with the charismatic energy he/she has. A boring or stubborn person is disliked by the audience in a presentation or seminar. The audience is compelled to listen to a speaker due to his/her enthusiasm.

9. Storytelling skills:

A good speaker must be a good storyteller. When a speaker shares his personal experience, views, and comment on a particular topic audience becomes more attentive to listening to him/her. People often get bored listening to formal details.

10. Confidence:

A good speaker should be self-confident before he/she stands in front of the audience to tell something. Lack of confidence can ruin the whole speech even if it has been prepared with a lot of groundwork and information. The ability to make the listeners understand the topic comfortably is the key to effective speaking which can only be gained if the speaker is confident enough.

A good speaker, therefore, nurtures and retains the mentioned qualities and incredible personality that set him/her apart from an intro-level speaker. Keep reading about Career Coach: How is Your Job Search Strategy? 5 Useful Tips.


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