Save Energy for A Safe World

Time Of Info By TOI Desk Report   August 31, 2022   Update on : August 31, 2022

Save Energy

We mainly get energy from fossil fuels, gas, and electricity. The power and energy we use have limited resources. We should be very careful while using them. If we can save energy, we will be able to keep the planet safe from excessive heat, air pollution, climate change, the greenhouse effect, and so on. Wasting energy creates more demand for new energy.

As a result, we need to burn fossil fuels which will lead to more carbon emissions on the earth. If we can save energy, we will be able to save our money as well as the world. We should adopt a sustainable way to protect the environment. We need to make the planet more livable for a better future. Raising awareness among the people about this significant issue is very important. We all should come forward to building a safe world to live in. Increasing energy efficiency means a pathway to sustainable energy policy. You need to start the journey from your home.

Energy can be saved in many ways including appropriate use of it at factories, transportation, homes, offices, and other places. Climate change and its effects are burning issues that have become a concern for world leaders to solve. Energy saving can be an easy remedy to this jeopardy. Let’s see some common efforts which can be adopted to save energy for a sustainable world for us and our future generations.

Use renewable energy:

Renewable energy is obtained from natural sources and costs less than other sources of energy. Moreover, the sources of such energy are not limited. For example, if we use solar energy from the sun, we will be able to have more energy at an affordable cost. Geothermal energy, wind energy, and hydropower from water are some common sources of renewable energy. Renewable energy has hardly any bad impact on the environment. Using renewable energy should get prioritized to save the world and for the betterment of human beings and other animals on mother earth.

Utilize the sunlight:

Many of us depend on electric bulbs to illuminate our homes even in the daytime. We often forget that sunlight can give us far better light and also save the electricity bill during the daytime. We can use the sun to dry wet clothes, heat water, power car, and so on.

Turn off your switches:

Don’t forget to turn off the switches of the TV, AC, fan, light, etc. when you are out of your home. Wasting energy can cost you now and in long run as well. You should not turn on your heater for hours when it is not needed. You can put on extra clothing to warm you instead of turning on the heater. Turning off the electric device when you are out of your home is the easiest way to save energy. You can start your effort to save energy with just this easy step.


Recycling is another way to save energy and money. People are very reluctant to do this as they are fond of new stuff. The materials made of aluminum, glass, plastic, etc. are reusable. Recycling causes less production, and as a result, less energy is lost. Recycling goods not only saves energy but also helps cut costs.

Be savvy before buying electronic goods:

You need to understand energy efficiency before buying any electronic goods. You can buy an energy-saving LED bulb instead of a traditional high-voltage bulb. Moreover, energy-saving AC, washing machine, fan, refrigerator, blender, and other goods should get priority in your list. You can save your money and the planet by following this easy step. Be calculative and act smartly. You can also read more about the causes of global warming.

Stop wasting energy:

Many people are reluctant to switch off the stove after cooking. Leaving home with most of your electric connection on is nothing but carelessness. We have got limited sources of energy and we should be careful while using them. Wasting water during taking a bath is the most common bad habit among people. Such negligence leads the world to hazardous circumstances. You should turn the water tap off while shaving or brushing your teeth. Wasting energy brings nothing but high costs and suffering.

Ride a bicycle or walk:

You can ride a bicycle or take a walk for a short distance. If you use a car for a short distance, you will use more fuel or other energy. It will put a serious impact on the environment. Riding a bicycle or walking can also help you lead a healthy life. Use public transportation instead of personal vehicles. A passenger bus can carry around 50 passengers while a private car can carry around 4 to 5 people.

Following the mentioned tips you can save energy which will help save the world. Small efforts can create a huge difference in society as well as the environment.


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