Fire Blasted At South Africa Parliament Complex

Time Of Info By TOI Desk Report   January 2, 2022   Update on : January 2, 2022

South Africa Parliament Fire

On Sunday, a massive fire blasted through South Africa’s Parliament complex, destroying offices and collapsing several ceilings in the building that houses the national assembly.

According to officials, the fire was started on the third-floor offices and swiftly extended to the National Assembly chamber.

A heavy column of smoke and flames surged high into the air over the southern metropolis of Cape Town as firefighters battled the incident.

After a large fire raced throughout South Africa’s parliament complex, destroying offices and forcing several ceilings in the building that houses the national legislature to fall, one individual has been held for questioning.

Around 70 firemen were still combating the fire and over seven hours after that began in the early morning, according to Jermaine Carelse, a spokeswoman for Cape Town’s Fire brigade.

Several of them have been hoisted on an elevator to throw water from above on the blaze. There were no reported casualties, and parliament was closed for the holidays.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa stated during a visit to the scene that a suspect was “being held and has been questioned” by police in association with the fire.

The roof above the ancient assembly hall was “totally gone,” according to a member of the Cape Town mayoral committee for safety and security, and further damage within the old chamber had not yet been assessed. You can also read more about Betty White Died at 99.

According to P Smith, the official in charge of security and safety in Cape Town, at least one floor of the parliamentary office complex had already been “gutted,” and the roof had collapsed. He stated that the firefighters were now focusing their attention on defending the National Assembly building that houses South Africa’s parliament.

Ramaphosa and numerous prominent South African MPs were in Cape Town on Saturday for retired Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s funeral service, which took place at the city’s St George’s Cathedral, just a block away from the parliament area.


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