The Evolution of Coffee Packaging

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Evolution of Coffee Packaging

Coffee has been a standard morning routine for people all over the world for years. As time passed, the demand for coffee increased, and so has the need to package coffee in more efficient ways. From simple paper bags to more modern, versatile and eco friendly pouches, coffee packaging evolved immensely. Let’s dive deeper into the topic of evolution of coffee packaging, and explain how stand up pouches became the leading coffee packaging method.

Early Coffee Packaging and 1900s

When coffee was gaining popularity over the globe, coffee packaging began with simple paper bags. They were used to store and transport coffee too. So it was not just shelf packaging. Yet, this type of packaging was not effective. As it did not preserve the coffee and its aroma. Because of its porous nature, paper bags allowed air, moisture and other factors to affect the coffee’s freshness and aroma.

Then, in the early 1900s, coffee packaging evolved into tin cans. These types of tin cans were airtight. So they did a good job of protecting the coffee they contained. Yet, they were heavy, and it was a very difficult process to transport and store them, as they also took loads of space. Furthermore, they cost a lot of money to produce and distribute, so it wasn’t a really slow process when tin can coffee packaging was outdated.

Flexible Packaging and 1960s

Packaging of coffee in plastic bags emerged in the 1960s. Because they were more affordable and took up less space then their predecessors. These bags and pouches were lightweight. So they were easy to store and transport. Yet, they still lacked the ability to maintain the coffee’s freshness and aroma.

This is when the introduction of revolutionary degassing valves happened. These types of degassing valves enabled the excess carbon dioxide to be released from the bags. But they kept air and moisture out. This technology was a big step forward in coffee packaging, as it helped to keep the coffee fresh and extended its shelf life.

Stand Up Pouches and 2000s

In the mid-2000s, we were introduced to stand up pouches. They are a modern, versatile and eco-friendly type of coffee packaging. And they offer protection from sunlight, moisture and air. Owing to multilayered nature, they were also resistant to wear and tear. The pouches are highly customizable with degassing valves and zippers. Which made them the number one choice for coffee producers.  To this day, resealable stand up pouches are the go-to choice for coffee producers. They offer the best type of protection from things that may spoil or damage coffee. Moreover, they are lightweight. So storing and transporting them are a breeze. Their customizable features make them a very good choice for both customers and producers of coffee.

All in all, the evolution of coffee packaging is a fascinating journey, and it has developed in a modern, effective and versatile way that we know today as stand-up pouches. It looks like that resealable stand up pouches may be the best type of coffee packaging available, as they have little to no downsides and many, many advantages.

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