Workforce Software Monday: What Is It, and How Can It Help You?

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   March 30, 2023   Update on : March 30, 2023

Workforce Software Monday

Any individual, team, organization, or enterprise needs to remain active and productive to maximize their income. The best way to achieve maximum productivity is to manage all available resources so that none of them is wasted. This state of management is possible if you are a team of few people working together.

But efficient management becomes increasingly difficult as your team grows; eventually, when your team increases beyond a certain limit, it becomes almost impossible. That’s why big organizations with thousands of employees tend to use some sort of management tool. These tools allow them to put aside tedious paperwork and replace it with digital documents stored on servers or clouds.

This allows them to efficiently track the projects of all of their employees, assign tasks to the individual employee and check the overall progress of various projects. In this article, we will discuss Workforce Software Monday, its features, advantages, and pricing.

What is Workforce Software Monday?

Workforce Software Monday is a cloud-based Human Resource Management System suitable for both large enterprises and small teams. The basic functions of this software lie in management and connectivity.

You can have thousands of employees working on dozens of different projects at different locations and manage them effortlessly by using this platform. It is highly customizable, and you can change it to suit your organization’s needs no matter what industry you are in. Also, it provides a lot of different tools to make management simpler. And it lets you track your employee’s progress, working hours, and contributions.

Following are some major features of Workforce Software Monday.

  1. Adding Team Members makes it very easy to add anyone to your team; all you need is their email address. This feature is used to add all your employees or team members to the platform so everyone can be on the same page.

After adding a team member, you can further assign different permissions to them, corresponding to their status in the organization. After all, Upper management, middle management, and lower members need different levels of authority and permissions.

Some members can have the ability to add, remove and update tasks, while some may only have the power to view them.

  1. Boards

A board is one of the basic components of this platform; it is also a component that everyone can use, from small teams to big enterprises. A board is mostly used to represent a project or a project component, and you can make as many boards as you like. In a board, you can add groups, and in groups, you can add pulses or tasks.

It is a hierarchy where a board can have one or many groups, and a group can have one or many tasks. You can create any number of groups and name them as you want to suit your needs. The same is true of tasks; you can create any number of tasks as and when you need them according to the real-life situation.

You can also set different columns for your groups according to your needs; the most common ones are description, person, timeline, status, and priority.

  1. The description column stores a brief description of the task at hand.
  2. The person column represents the name or photo of the person who needs to do the task. When you create a task, you can set the person who needs to complete that task so that your team knows who needs to do what task.
  3. The timeline column represents the time range in which this task needs to be completed. You can set this value according to the real-life need when you create a task so that the employee who needs to do this task knows when to complete the task.
  4. The status column is the most versatile in a group; it represents a specific task state. It can be something like a working status such as pending, in progress, stuck, and done, etc., or it can be something like a high, medium, and low priority. You can set as many status columns as you want and change their names to how you want them to be. You can also set different options and colors according to to suit your working needs.

If these columns are not enough, you can visit the Workforce Software Monday’s column center. It has dozens of columns that people commonly use worldwide; you check them out to find what you need.

Now let’s move back to boards; there are three types of boards in this platform.

  1. Public boards: These are the boards that anyone in your team or organization can see. They are great for transparency; through them, anyone can see which task is going on and how much it has progressed.
  2. Shareable boards: These boards are specifically for guest members of your team. These guests are not full-time employees or permanent team members; they are the people you temporarily hire to provide some services. You can add guest members to your team and set which shareable boards they can see; they can only see and change those boards. They can’t edit or see public or private boards.
  3. Private boards: These boards are not visible to all members of the organization; only those who have the relevant permission can access them. They are great for top-secret tasks that the upper management doesn’t want irrelevant people to know.
  1. Automations and integrations

Automation and integrations are two types of automatic actions that are performed at a fixed time or in response to an event.

  1. Automation is a fixed program that performs at a fixed time or in response to some changes in the tasks. For example.
    1. When a task is completed, send a notification to the team leader alongside its name, group name, and board name.
    2. When a task is completed, change, pick it up from its current group, and send it to a specific group.
    3. When a task is not complete, even when the deadline passes, send a notification to the manager or team leader.
    4. Every day at 9 am, generate a specific task and assign it to a specific person to complete.
  2. Integration is an integration of different third-party applications that you use for work, with This third-party software can be email, mail chimp, Facebook, Shopify, GitHub, Jira, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more. In principle, the integrations are the same as automation; they are the automatic tasks that are performed at a specific time or in response to a set event. But in integrations, the actions happen to the third application you chose instead of the workforce software Monday platform. For Example

When a task is completed, email a specific person, such as a team leader or manager.

  1. Dashboards

A Dashboard is a tool for the upper management to keep an eye on the big picture. It has many widgets that can show data in different formats, such as charts, numbers, etc. These widgets can be connected with boards and represent their data, such as the overall progress of a task, total expenditure, total working hours or a team etc.

How much does the Workforce Software Monday cost?

Workforce Software Monday has 5 different packages suitable for different people, from single users to huge enterprises. These packages are as follows.

Monday com pricing

  1. Individual

This is a free package that can only be used for up to two people. The advantage of this package is that it is free forever, so you don’t have to worry about paying for the next month or year. It has the following features:

  1. Only a maximum of 3 boards
  2. You can create and share as many documents as you like.
  3. With more than 200 board templates that are suitable for many popular industries, you can further customize them to fit your needs.
  4. More than 20 different columns for your tasks and groups.
  5. Apps for both Android and iOS, you can use them to access from your Smartphone.
  6. You can’t create a Dashboard in this package.
  1. Basic

The basic package comes at the cost of 8 USD per month per team member. You can add as many team members as you like, but you have to pay an additional 8$ for every person. This package has the following features:

  1. All the features of the individual package.
  2. Unlimited boards, groups, and pulses; you can add as many as you need, and the only limit is the maximum storage.
  3. This package has a maximum storage capacity of 5 GB; all your data, including boards, dashboards, groups, and tasks, must not exceed this limit.
  4. You can have 24/7 customer support; you can contact them if you run into any problem on the platform.
  5. This package allows you to create a Dashboard with a maximum of one board.
  1. Standard

The standard package is the most widely used package on Workforce Software Monday. It costs 10 USD per month per person, and its features are as follows.

  1. All the features of the Basic package.
  2. You can use timelines and Gant views in your boards to have a bigger picture of your tasks.
  3. This package also provides a Calendar view through which you can manage your upcoming tasks.
  4. This package also allows you to add guest team members; they will only be able to view the boards that they have permission to view.
  5. This package allows you to use automation and integration features, but within a limit, you can only use up to 250 actions per month.
  6. This package allows you to create a dashboard with a maximum of 5 boards.
  1. Pro

This is one of the higher-end packages and is suitable for organizations. It costs 16 USD per person per month; its features are as follows.

  1. All the features of the Standard Package.
  2. You can have private boards and documents that only the member who has permission can view and use.
  3. You can use chart view to visualize the data on boards in different visual formats.
  4. This system can help you track, monitor and record the time spend on every single task on every single board.
  5. You can have an additional formula column that you can add to your tasks. In this column, you can use data from other columns, apply a formula to them and display an answer.
  6. Another type of column that you can use is a dependency column; these columns are dependent on other values of other columns.
  7. In this package, the upper limit of automation and integration actions is increased to 25,000 per month.
  8. The upper limit of the dashboard is increased to 10 boards.
  1. Enterprise

This is the Ultimate Package of Workforce Software Monday. If you want to subscribe to this package, then you have to contact; they will quote the price for you according to your organization and no of employees. Its features are as follows:

  1. All the features of the Pro package.
  2. The limit of automation and integration is increased to 250,000 per month.
  3. Top-tier enterprise security features and management tools.
  4. You can enjoy an additional enterprise-grade analytics and reporting system.
  5. This package allows you to set comprehensive multi-level permissions for all the members of your organization. Every member can have the exact authority they need, neither more nor less.
  6. This package also comes with a training program where will help train your employees and help them get used to the platform.
  7. The upper limit of the dashboard increases up to 50 boards.

Is Workforce Software Monday the best management Software?

Although is one of the best management Software, it is by no means the best. There are many other tools that can rival it, and each of them has its own positive and negative points.

Following are some alternatives of Workforce Software Monday:

  1. Asana

Asana is also one of the top Workforce Software, and it is just a little below in terms of popularity. It has all the features that a top management software should have, and some of its features are even a little better than Its user interface is simple and easy to get used to, while its features are well-organized and easy to understand.


  1. Clean, elegant, and user-friendly interface
  2. An extensive library of helpful business tools
  3. Best suited for large organizations


  1. It can be costly as it comes at the price of 10$ per person per month.
  1. Bloo

Bloo is a comparatively new management software, and although it is quite popular, it doesn’t have particularly outstanding features. The main reason why we mentioned it here is that Bloo gives a fixed-price subscription package. You only need to pay 50$ per month or 500$ per year, regardless of how many team members you have. If you have 5 team members, then it costs 10$ per person, which is expensive for the features it provides. But if you have 50 team members, it costs 1$ per person, and so on. The more team members you have, the more you benefit from it. 

And although Bloo is not particularly outstanding in terms of features, it has all the necessary features that an organization might need.


  1. Fixed price


  1. It doesn’t have a free plan; even if you are one person, you have to pay 50$ per month.
  2. It’s still not finished yet; some of its functionalities are incomplete.
  1. Freedcamp

Freedcamp is another solid management software with all the necessary features that an Enterprise can need. Although it has no advantage in terms of features compared to its peers, it is one advantage that very few management software have. Like most software of its kind, it has a free version, but unlike others, it allows an unlimited number of team members in this mode. Although features in the free mode are limited, it is still a good choice for teams with many people but low management needs.


  1. Allows Unlimited users on the free version


  1. Sometimes the interface becomes sluggish, perhaps because of a large number of users.
  2. It has fewer features in some places than its peers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should we buy a monthly or annual subscription on Workforce Software Monday?

This depends on your situation, but we recommend the annual subscription because you can get an 18% discount. But if you are unwilling to pay that much money at one time, then monthly subscriptions are also a good choice.

Can I cancel my Workforce Software Monday subscription and get my money back?

If you are using a monthly subscription, then you can’t get your money back. But if you are using an annual subscription plan and you change your mind in the first 30 days, then you can get a large part of your money back. Workforce Software Monday will charge the money according to the time you used it and refund the remaining money.

Can I change my subscription plan?

You can downgrade or upgrade your plan within the 30-day trial period, but after that, you can only upgrade the plan and not downgrade it. The platform with calculate the money according to the plan you choose and charge you accordingly.

What payment methods does Workforce Software Monday accept?

This platform accepts payments through most of the major credit cards such as Visa, Master, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, Carte Bleue, Union Pay, etc.

Does Workforce Software Monday offer any discount on its packages?

You get an 18% discount when you pay for an annual subscription; aside from that, there are no other discount plans.

How to get apps?

Workforce Software Monday has its own Android and iOS app, allowing you to access the platform’s full functionality through your mobile; you can get them from the Apple store or Google play store.

Is my data safe with

Workforce Software Monday pays serious attention to its security and integrity because clients trust them with their important organizational data. Losing this data can cause huge losses to their respective companies, so this platform is trying its best to ensure it doesn’t happen. They use the strictest security standards to keep the data secure, well-structured, and complete. Although be said to have the best security in the world, it is definitely one of the best commercial grade security in the world. So, unless you are incredibly unlucky, your data should remain safe with their protection.


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