Top 10 Qualities of A Good Teacher

Time Of Info By MD Imran Ali   September 25, 2022   Update on : September 25, 2022

Top 10 Qualities of A Good Teacher

A good teacher must have some basic good skills and qualities to be a successful and worthy one to the students. A teacher is considered as the architect for a nation. Good teaching skills will help you to become popular and loved one to your students and their parents. You can try several methods of teaching as every learner is different. Teaching is a very challenging and important profession. A teacher has many responsibilities to his/her students as well as the society.

Let’s see the top 10 qualities a teacher must have.

1. Better communication:

A teacher should have a better understanding of communication than others as he/she needs to do it with the students regularly. Also, a teacher having good communication with his/her students help him/her to deliver the lectures to the students and get a better feedback from them. A teacher needs to be responsive to any questions from the students. He/she needs to talk to the parents as well about the progress and other issues of students.

2. Friendliness:

A good teacher teaches his/her students in a friendly way so that the students can ask him/her any query easily. There shouldn’t be any hindrance between a teacher and a student. Learning becomes easy when the learners feel free to talk to the teacher about the course or lessons.

3. Patience:

A teacher must have patience as learners may ask many relevant and even irrelevant questions in the classroom. He/she needs to handle the situation smartly with the maximum patience. Sometimes learners don’t understand the lesson after many attempts but the teachers need to stay calm and try to teach them again and again following different ways.

4. Use technology in the classroom:

A good teacher tries many ways to make the lesson easier and more effective to his/her students. Using technology in the classroom is one of the few methods a good teacher apply for the development of the students. It can be very interesting to the students.

5. Listening to the students:

Learning new things effectively can’t be done in one way. A good teacher must listen to his/her students. Teaching should not be teacher-centered. Good teachers give enough room to the students to interact with the teachers more to enhance their skills and knowledge.

6. Be updated:

A good teacher must be updated to cope with the new theory and research regarding the course he/she is teaching. He/she must enhance the skills and techniques according to the trends of the present world. Old-fashioned and monotonous teaching styles are discouraged in almost all the institutions.

7. Motivation:

A good teacher always motivates the students to boost their confidence level and bring the best out of them. Appreciation and motivation from teachers help the students to be more involved in their study. Students feel confident about their abilities and the tasks they perform in the classroom when they are motivated by their teachers.

8. Assessments:

Assessments can play a vital role in improving the skills of the students. A teacher should find out the progress and lacking of the students through assessment. A good teacher always practice it to know the strengths and weakness of his/her students.

9. Think outside the box:

Thinking outside the box is a huge potential for the good teachers. A qualified teacher adopts many teaching techniques to help the students. Bringing something new in the classroom or taking the students out of the classroom are very common efforts by the teachers. It is a unique quality of a good teacher.

10. Enthusiasm:

A good teacher must be very enthusiastic and passionate about his/her profession. Students should get the positive energy and dedication from a teacher. It is one of the main good qualities a teacher must have to become a good teacher.


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