Understanding Junior ISAs and Their Benefits

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   June 19, 2023   Update on : June 19, 2023

Junior ISA

If you’re looking for ways to secure your child’s financial future, there are many things to consider and various options to explore.

That being said, there’s one highly effective way to build your child’s wealth – opening a Junior Individual Savings Account (Junior ISAs/JISA account).

In this article, we’ll take you through how Junior ISAs work and what benefits they can bring to your child’s finances.

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How do Junior ISAs work?

Junior ISAs are unique investment accounts that let you grow savings for your child, and most importantly, shelter this money from tax.

If you have, or understand how adult ISAs work, Junior ISAs operate in a similar manner.

Every tax year, you can contribute a certain amount of money into your child’s Junior ISA, and this money will be exempt from tax charges. On top of that, when your child chooses to access their money after they turn 18, this money can be withdrawn tax-free.

The maximum amount you can put in a Junior ISA every tax year is established by the current Junior ISA allowance. For the tax year 2023/2024, the allowance is £9,000.

Money invested in the Junior ISA cannot be accessed before the child turns 18, wherein the account will automatically become a standard adult ISA.

You must be a parent or guardian to open a Junior ISA, but anyone can contribute money to the account each tax year.

What are the benefits of investing in a Junior ISA?

Investing in a Junior ISA can provide a wide range of benefits for your child’s finances, including:

  • Protecting your child’s future

A core benefit of investing in a Junior ISA for your child is that you can begin securing their future from an early age.

There are many financial goals you might have for your child, whether that’s building funds for their education or helping them to save for a property.

With Junior ISAs, you can begin laying the foundations for these goals, and helping increase the chances of a successful outcome for your child’s finances.

If you make the most of the Junior ISA allowance each year, this can amount to a large sum of money when your child chooses to access the savings after they turn 18.

  • Tax-efficient growth on investments

Junior ISAs also allow you to grow your child’s wealth tax-efficiently, with successful investments.

The Junior stocks and shares ISA offered by providers can help you invest your child’s savings into various securities, and potentially increase it with profitable returns.

Any returns from these investments will not be charged with Capital Gains Tax or income tax.

This means, on top of standard Junior cash ISAs, you can also increase your child’s savings past the standard allowance each tax year.

  • The money is secure and long-term

Another main benefit of using a Junior ISA for your child is that the money is locked in and preserved for when your child becomes an adult.

No one is allowed to withdraw funds from this account until the child turns 18, so there is no possibility of dipping into the savings early.

This helps ensure your child’s finances are being grown long-term, and are set towards more effective financial goals and ambitions for the future.

Even when the child turns 16, they can take control of their Junior ISA, but still can’t access the funds until they turn 18.

Junior ISAs are a great way to begin securing your child’s financial future, so be sure to contact your modern wealth management service to find the best approach for you and your family.

Please note, the value of your investments can go down as well as up.

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