Was this the last season of ‘The Good Doctor’?

Time Of Info By TOI Desk Report   May 23, 2024   Update on : May 23, 2024

The Good Doctor, Dr Shaun Murphy, San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital
The photo was taken from The Good Doctor’ official Facebook page.

After seven seasons, “The Good Doctor” came to a heart-rending end, leaving the fans emotionally devastated who signed on to bid farewell to Dr Shaun Murphy and the rest of the cast and crew at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital.

Variety interviewed the series star Freddie Highmore (Dr Shaun Murphy) about saying so long to the creators and actors with whom he shared laborious science monologues and anxiety-inducing surgical scenes for seven years.

When asked what was his very last scene as Dr Shaun Murphy, Highmore said it was the one where, ultimately, Leah sits down next to Shaun and then talks him into going to becoming aware of the situation facing both Claire and Dr Glassman.

This motivates Shaun in the short run to speak to Claire (Antonia Thomas) and then come to terms with the fact that Glassman won’t be with them much longer.

This felt like the perfect last theme to the film, said Highmore.

When questioned how it felt when they said that’s a wrap on Freddie, Highmore said it was hard to describe.

He termed the experience was akin to a graduation. One is nostalgic because you’re aware of how special the last few years have been with the set of people, and one can’t help but think that they are never going to replicate that ever again.

It was moving and emotional, but at the same time, just like graduation, one is excited to look forward to other things and move on, he said.

The Good Doctor series finale was exclusively aired on ABC on May 21, at 10pm ET. One can stream it on Hulu.


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