What Care Should be Taken During Pregnancy?

Time Of Info By MD Imran Ali   September 30, 2022   Update on : September 30, 2022

pregnancy care

Pregnancy is the toughest but sweetest feeling for a woman in her life. A woman needs to take care of her and the upcoming baby. A healthy mother can give birth to a healthy child. Many women face many difficulties and health issues during pregnancy. Some extra care is very much needed for a woman when she is expecting a baby.

A healthy lifestyle and regular doctor’s check-up is a must during your pregnancy. Follow the doctor/doctors’ instructions and suggestions once you get to know that you are expecting a baby.

Let’s see what general care should be taken during one’s pregnancy.

Follow your doctor’s instructions:

You must visit a doctor immediately after discovering that you are pregnant. The doctor will give you the necessary instruction about your lifestyle including food habits, rest, medicines, and so on. The doctor may do some tests and ask about your medical history. You must follow the doctor’s suggestion.

Eat healthy and nutritious foods:

You must eat healthy and nutritious foods when you are pregnant. Your baby will get nutrition and grow strong if you eat well. Never miss breakfast. Give up eating junk foods and eat plenty of fruits and healthy foods. You should have foods containing a good amount of multivitamins, minerals, iron, zinc, calcium, and so on. However, you can urge your doctor for a healthy diet chart and follow it.

Stay hydrated:

A pregnant woman should have more water than others as her body needs more water during the pregnancy. You must be hydrated for living well when you are pregnant. You can have fresh juice if you find water very tasteless. Avoid too much sugar in your juice as it may cause harm to you and your child.

Don’t smoke, drink alcohol:

We all know that smoking or drinking alcohol is injurious to health. Such bad habits are even more harmful during one’s pregnancy. Drinking alcohol and smoking can increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), premature birth, miscarriage, and other poor outcomes. This is the high time you should quit smoking and drinking if you are pregnant.

Get ample rest and sleep:

You must sleep well and take enough rest when you are pregnant. Doctors suggest a sound sleep for around 8 hours during pregnancy. It is very important for your and your baby’s health. Don’t take a lot of workload instead of having proper rest during your pregnancy.

Do regular exercise:

You can do regular physical exercise unless you are having any difficulties when you are pregnant. However, you must talk to your doctor before starting physical exercise. You should do the exercise suggested by your doctors. Don’t put a lot of pressure on the sake of exercise. You must listen to your body instead of overdoing the exercise or any other household chores.

Cut stress from your life:

Stress and anxiety are very harmful during your pregnancy. You must avoid stressful situations as much as you can. You should do whatever makes you happy and stress-free. Cutting stress from your life will help you lead a happy life which is very important for your baby.

Don’t lift too much weight:

You must avoid lifting too much weight during your pregnancy. You need to be very careful about weight lifting, working long shifts, moving fast, and so on. You can lift some weight according to your doctor’s recommendation.

Never be alone:

It is very important to stay with your partner or other family members of your family when you are pregnant. Staying alone can make you bored. Moreover, there must be someone to take care of you and take necessary steps during an emergency. You should talk to them and share your problems if you face any.

Take vaccines:

You should take the vaccines timely as prescribed by your doctor. Don’t miss any shots as the jabs will increase the immunity you need to fight against the diseases. You should not take any vaccine or medicine without talking to your doctor.

Check the movement of your baby:

You will always feel that you are carrying someone inside your womb. However, you should check the movement of the baby after a certain period of your pregnancy. You will be able to feel the movement by rubbing your hands gently on your belly.

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