What to Do During Heat Waves

Time Of Info By Imran Ali   April 14, 2023   Update on : April 14, 2023

What to Do During Heat Waves

Hot weather is a part of the natural ecological process of the world. People get tired very soon due to the scorching heat. The sun bakes people, animals, and trees during the hot weather. Heat stroke, excessive sweating, high blood pressure, and so on are very common in heat waves. Many people get sick due to the extremely hot weather. Trees die as they don’t get enough water. Animals in the forests suffer due to the hot weather. Moreover, human beings also suffer during heat waves. You must know what to do and what not to do during such weather. You can stay well if you follow some tips during the heat waves. They are:

Stay hydrated:

You need to drink plenty of water during the excessive heat to stay hydrated. You should carry a water bottle with you all the time. You should consume juice, fluids, and water to stay well in the heat waves. You should avoid drinking warm water.

Avoid alcohol and hot drinks:

Drinking alcohol is not a wise thing in hot weather. Your blood pressure will be high if you drink liquor on a hot day. You should avoid all kinds of alcohol to stay well during heat waves. Moreover, hot drinks such as tea, coffee, etc. also should be avoided on a hot day. Cold drinks or water will give you relief from the excessive heat while hot drinks will do just the opposite.

Never leave someone in cars:

On a sunny day, parked cars can get hot very quickly. You should not leave your kids or any pet animals locked in the car in hot weather. The hot temperature can be very dangerous for them. Moreover, you should try to park your car under a shade or a tree.

Go out in the coolest part of the day:

You need to make a schedule according to the favorable weather. You should plan to go out in the coolest part of the day. Don’t make a schedule when it is too hot. You will lose your energy soon after you go out during the heat waves. Avoid outdoor activities unless it is very urgent.

Keep yourself cool:

You should keep yourself as cooler as you can. Try to stay in an air-conditioned room. You must keep your fan switched on. You should take cool showers even more than once if it is needed. You can wear a hat, sunglasses, light-colored dresses, and loose clothing to keep you comfortable during hot weather.

Use curtains:

If you want shelter from the direct sun, you should use curtains. The heat of the sun or sun rays won’t come directly to your room once you do that. You can use the exhaust fan in your kitchen or bathroom. You must keep your living place cool and livable during heat waves. Using curtains is very useful for temperature reduction.

Cook in the morning:

Cooking in the mid of the day during heat waves is pathetic. You can cook your meal in the morning as the temperature in that part of the day remains low. Oven heat can make your house warmer at the noon. So, you can try this to avoid excessive heat.

Eat light meals:

You should avoid junk foods and oily foods in hot weather. You can eat light meals to live a healthy and comfortable life during the hot weather. You should not overeat as it will make you full and you won’t be able to move from one place to another frequently. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is mostly recommended during the heat waves.


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