Why Versatile Fragrances Are a Must for Men

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   June 11, 2023   Update on : June 11, 2023

Versatile Fragrances

When it comes to choosing the right aftershave for men, it can be very difficult to find a scent that lasts well, suits any occasion, and can be used as a signature scent. A lot of the options on the market prioritise either extremely strong, bold scent combinations or those that are inherently soapy, so it can be difficult to find a more subtle cologne that has the ability to be worn from the office, to the gym, to a night out with friends. With this in mind, we are going to take a look at what you should keep in mind if you’re a man looking for a more versatile scent.

The top versatile fragrance for men

Before we go into why versatile fragrances are a must, let’s take a quick look at our top pick L Immensite Louis Vuitton. One of the freshest scents to come out of the Louis Vuitton perfumery in recent years, you’ll be met with a bold burst of fresh ginger that is supported by bergamot and grapefruit for a juicy, sharp profile that really stands out. To keep things light and fresh, there is a salty hit that is brought through by the addition of marine notes – and as it wears through, you can expect sage, rosemary, amber, and an element of Ciste Labdanum that lends to classic Chypre undertones.

This scent is long-lasting and packs a punch, without being too overpowering – but you certainly will get noticed. If the price point is a little on the high side for your tastes, you could always stop by premium replica brand Dossier, where they offer Aromatic Ginger, a note-for-note inspired, sparkling, refreshing scent that will bridge the gap. All ingredients are cruelty-free and vegan, ethically sourced and crafted by expert perfumers, so you’ll be getting a designer name at a fraction of the price.

Why versatile fragrances are a must for men

One of the biggest reasons you should be looking for a versatile fragrance is that you won’t want to have to worry about switching your scent up throughout the day. Nobody wants to have to carry additional bottles on the commute to the office knowing that they are going to the gym straight from work, or have thoughts of potential breakages or spillage as they go about their daily routines. Selecting one aftershave to wear for every occasion can be one less stressor, so you really want to opt for something that has the ability to transition from situation to situation.

What makes an aftershave versatile?

First of all, a factor to look out for is how the notes function as it wears off. Different scents have different molecular structures and therefore weights, so some will evaporate faster, giving off the scent as they do and making way for others to take the lead when it’s their time. The way a scent moves should factor into your decision for your chosen fragrance, as you may like the overtones and dislike the mid or undertones as the day progresses. Versatile aftershave will smell great from the moment you spray it until it wears off.

The next thing to keep in mind is that perfumes and aftershaves actually react with the natural oils on your skin, so each one will smell slightly different on you than it will on others. A versatile scent will have a well-rounded profile that will suit a host of wearers with little change and those in the Chypre fragrance family tend to interact well and release their profiles in a more subtle manner. Lastly, it can be worthwhile to pay attention to the feedback you receive as you go about your day. While ultimately, your opinion of the scent should be paramount, we often wear perfumes and aftershaves as a compliment to a style or to leave a lasting impression on those we come into contact with. If you test out a scent in a host of settings and you only get compliments when you go out to dinner for example, then it may be better suited to evening wear. You may be lucky enough to have that one friend who will tell you what you’re wearing isn’t appropriate for the situation (i.e. maybe you’ve chosen something more fruity that doesn’t fit well in the office), and this can be something to work from. 

The good news is that Aromatic Ginger has all of the elements of an everyday wear aftershave and should see you well throughout your day. When buying from Dossier, you will be supporting an ethical brand while saving a significant chunk of cash – and many users state that it actually lasts longer than its counterpart L’Immensite, too.

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