Why You Should Visit Bhutan

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Why You Should Visit Bhutan

There are only some places where you can plan a dream holiday alone or with your near and dear ones. Bhutan is a place where you can find peace. The country is well-known for its tradition and culture. People in Bhutan are very calm and friendly. You can see the magnificent temples around you in the country. Bhutan can amaze you with its natural beauty and inexpensive lifestyle. You can get rid of the hustle of daily life and enjoy your holiday in a less-crowded place. The last Himalayan kingdom also has mountains, forests, and many other tourist attractions. Let’s see some special reasons why you should visit Bhutan to spend your holidays.

Natural beauty:

Bhutan is a country of pure natural beauty. The country is concerned with its environmental and ecological nature. Two third of the country is covered with green trees and forests. As a tourist, you will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of the country. You must visit Thimphu, Punakha, Wangdue Phodrang, and Paro to enjoy the charm of nature. You can also see many animals and beautiful plants in the parks of the country.

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Do you know that Bhutan is the only country, which has an official ministry of happiness? The authorities concerned in the country are very careful about the matter. In Bhutan, people live a happy and fulfilling life. You will find peace and happiness in the country. If you want to get rid of hustle, you should visit Bhutan for your next holiday. The people of the country are very simple and polite. They hardly fight with each other. As a tourist, you will find peace and happiness in Bhutan.

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Land of Culture & Heritage:

Bhutan is renowned for its traditional culture and happiness. You will see people wearing traditional dresses. The traditional Bhutanese attire will express their love for the culture and heritage of their own. Moreover, there are hundreds of temples and statues in Bhutan consisting of cultural and religious values. Bhutanese people have also expertise in arts and crafts such as textiles, paintings, sculptures, paper making, wood carving, sword making, bamboo crafts, jewelry making, etc. The cultural diversity of the country is often reflected in the many colorful festivals.

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Bhutan is also famous for the mountains it has. Mount Jhomolhari, Jitchu Drake, etc. are among those mountains, which are among the highest unclimbed mountains in the world. The country has around 45 named mountains. However, tourists will be able to see the beauty of the Great Himalaya, the Lower Himalayan Range (or Inner Himalaya), and the Sub-Himalayan Range. Do you also know What Are The Top 10 Tourist Attractions in The World?


The traditional dishes of Bhutan will draw your attention. The famous Bhutanese food is Ema Datshi, which is made of cheese and chilies, which are very famous among tourists. You may also try some delicious street food of Bhutan such as Momos, Thukpa, Suja, Shamu Datshi, Ema Datshi, etc. You will love the delicious foods of Bhutan. Moreover, you should not miss the beverages including butter tea, beers from cereal grains, and rice wine.

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